Cuckolding for a woman requires a little skilI I think

Cuckolding for a woman requires a little skilI I think. First off overcoming your feelings about being such a bitch and second setting up arrangements so that you can enjoy fucking with your lover whilst keeping your husband in place. Its not a furtive fuck and devil take the hindmost. Its arranging a lifestyle on your own terms. Carl had established his control over my husband John immediately (see post For months John and I had played a fantasy game) making him suck his dick before he thrust inside me. I though wanted to dominate John on a day to day basis. However much John wanted to submit to me, we still had practical arrangements to sort out in the days ahead.

Hotwives have different requirements i know, but for me three things were important. First I didn’t want John’s dick anywhere near my lovely cunny. He really did have to accept that his little dick was now redundant. But, second, I realised to my surprise that I wanted John’s devotion as well as Carl’s cock. It was a shock because after Carl had started bedding me I thought I might leave my husband. What I discovered was that I required John’s tongue, lapping where I directed. I wanted him to juice me up with his wet kisses before Carl and I fucked,and to clean up after my lover as well. Perhaps this is what defines us as hotwives. We don’t simply pander to the pathetic, submissive traits of our husbands, we need to exercise power as well. The third thing I wanted was to intermittently, subtly but publically humiliate my husband. That was the most unnerving of all-the strength of the need was amazing and so unladylike! But there it was; perhaps I was responding to some primal urge, what Carl really meant when he spoke about as ‘rutting’.

John and i talked. I let him work through his shame at such an easy capitulation and then firmly moved him on to practical matters. ‘We need to get your dick out of commission,’ I said bluntly, ‘not because you could conceivably compete with Carl’s manhood, but because I think you’ll be better behaved if I control your will say when you come.’ John was staring at my legs, staring at my impeccably polished boots over the top of them- the poor guy was mesmerised. As he hadn’t challenged me I went over and drew from my handbag the cock restraint that i had bought down at the sex shop. It was a dinky little thing, clear perspex with holes so that John could pee. It wasn’t a toy though and I told my husband that he would be made to wear it most of the time. I made him get his tool out and slotted his flaccid member into it. The padlock was snapped shut and i put the keys onto the chain i wore around my neck. John actually blushed, wearing his new constraint. ‘What if I’m involved in a RTA, what if I’m taken into casualty and they see this!’ he pleaded. I laughed, ‘well…they’ll smile. I’m sure that they could cut it off in an emergency.’

Just how effective the restraint was though needed a little field test. I wanted him to realise that it was a training device as well. So I sat face forward to him on his lap, legs akimbo with my breasts virtually against his mouth. I unbuttoned my blouse, unhooked my front loading bra and looked down at him. Dutifully he started to lap at my tits. My nipples hardened in response and he was soon suckling on them as good as gold. I have very prominent nipples when I’m aroused and they stood out like unopened mushrooms now.With every lick of his tongue I pictured Carl thrusting greedily into me,I imagined sucking his cock off and swallowing. It was a sexy way to achieve my own arousal.

John though gasped. His restraint was snug, too snug for an engorging cock. His eyes pleaded to me to take it off, so that he could relieve himself. I shook my head though, and pushed his mouth back onto my teats. ‘lick and suck, lick and suck little man…just be thankful I’m not yet making you tongue my cunt. My pheromones would finish you off down there. At least this way you’re learning obedience little by little.’ A sweat broke out on his brow but he was sticking at it, learning to please me whilst controlling his own selfish instincts.

I leaned back and my pert young breasts bobbed proud before my older husband. It was a thrill to be so in charge. I felt down and found his cock straining inside its perspex cage. Fondling his balls I whispered, ‘what do you most admire about the way Carl fucks me?’ John gulped. Apparently there was a lot to admire, but in the end he said, ‘I suppose its his ability to ride you on the edge. He can bring you near to orgasm and keep you there-he’s very powerful.’ I leaned forward and kissed him tenderly on the mouth.’That’s sweet…and you’re right. It’s something you never learned to do, did you?’