For months John and i had played fantasy games,about me going with someone else.

For months John and i had played fantasy games,about me going with someone else. But the thought of fucking with a stranger was a real turn off. Much as I was excited by the idea of some extra marital sex, I wanted it to be part of something bigger- not just a romp. John really was serious- he was ready to capitulate to a better man. I checked that out relentlessly. ‘You do realise that I will only go with someone who is better than you?’ John said that he did realise. We worked on my usual shyness-equality was a hang up at first. Then though John admitted that my breeding, I am from a very well established family, really did mean that I should expect the best.

The right guy was someone called Carl. He was one of John’s bosses at work. I drove a new BMW Z4 that John was now paying for, and it got me noticed. Carl asked me out on a couple of dates and we flirted and drank our way through a few lunchtimes. At first I couldn’t bring myself to tell Carl that John had a real inferiority thing about black guys, but it came out easily enough in the end when Carl said that he wanted to bed me on a long term basis. He said that he would send John off on some work trips so that he could fuck me and I said ‘of course’. It was what i needed, and later I would make my husband accept the fait accompli.

The first time Carl fucked me I didn’t tell John. I just came home and straddled him, waking him from his sleep to lick me out. I wanted him to feel powerless, guessing what had actually happened and just who my lover was. He was very pliable and licked Carl’s sticky spunk from off my sex very nicely indeed. When he tried to curl his tongue to siphon more from inside my cunny I slapped him though. ‘This is clean up, not competition’ I insisted. He bowed his head and apologised, so i let him finish up, before snuggling into his arms and looking teasingly up at him.’That wasn’t too bad was it…you are very well behaved’ I observed. I could see afterwards that John was itching to know who had serviced me, but i kept him in the dark. I simply inferred that it was one of his bosses at work. ‘I’m arranging for you to complete a work assignment in Scotland for a couple of weeks,’ I said haughtily, ‘so my lover can come and stay. I’ll transfer your clothes to the guest bedroom.’

It was a transformative fortnight. John rang every night begging for details of the sex and I learned that men are certainly not equal. I told him that it was Carl who was in my bed, that I was stretched and ruined for cock sex with the likes of him, and that when he got back we would agree some terms whereby I could openly date my lover. Carl wanted some symbol of John’s capitulation.We considered my having a tattoo on my peachy pale bottom with Carl’s name included, but we agreed that this would be our anniversary item-after a year together. For now, I ordered John to buy me a sleek black, Rado chronograph watch, one that matched Carl’s and which emphasized my balsy new status as a hot wife. Back John came, his face a picture of insecurity and excitement! He clipped the watch about my wrist and I told him to clean the house as I was going clubbing with Carl.

We got back around 1 a.m. and Carl decided to sleep over. He was used to being in charge at work and didn’t see why that shouldn’t be the case in our bedroom either. John was still up and brought up brandies when Carl ordered him to. He undressed me slowly, sensing my quivering skin and looking into my eyes, knowing that this changed things forever. Then he took out Carl’s huge erection from his chinos. ‘This ain’t no gay thing man,but I want to slide in and out of your missus good and hard…so suck!’ instructed Carl. It was the hottest, most exciting thing that I had seen in ages, John sucking his boss’s dick so that he could fuck me all the harder. By the time he had finished, that tool was glistening wet and it slide into me like a nuclear submarine docking. I could feel his heavy balls banging against my buttocks as we abandoned ourselves to the urges. Carl pinned my wrists to the bed, slide his tongue inside my mouth, and arch his back in this sinuous way that his thick cock shaft swept back and forth over my G spot. It was delicious, perfect, masterful sex,and I cast a glance over at John who stood there, pathetically wanking.

At other times, the orgasm would be delayed for ages and we would indulge our craziest, elitest and performance minded desires. This time though Carl said something, ‘You know babe, now that you’re mine, the seed rush will be huge. You always spunk harder in the rut!’ I couldn’t stop myself climaxing then- and bloody hard too. My body shook with the force of it- Carl’s cock pumping away inside me, spurting thick wads of spunk. If nothing else changed me into a bitch it was that. Rut sex was instinctive, and alpha women went with alpha males. I realised too that it was instinctive for John to submit as well- sex can be a very elite thing.

No one really writes about the next moments, unless cunnilingus follows. Its a hiatus moment when you wonder, what shall we do with the interloper? I decided right then that John could go and fetch the cleaning gear and get a lovely shine on my boots for the morning. I didn’t care that he would be dog tired at work- they had to be perfect. Of course…they were. H’e stayed up all night to do them and a Guards sergeant major would have been proud of his bulling. I went to work and a girlfriend said that i looked like the cat that had got the cream.

Carl and my first anniversary will be up next month. I’ve planned the tattoo and several girlfriends know that Carl does all the fucking in our house. They try to analyse it in terms of the growing financial power of women, the way men have been domesticated. Well some have-some of a certain type. That’s my view.