Showing off Wendy Part 2

After talking about David seeing her naked I told her my feelings of wanting to see her fuck someone else. She would never believe me and just say that’s what you say now. Wendy said there was no way she was ever going to do it. I would bring it up and she would get mad but then be so wet later. I would ask her why and she would just say she was horny.

One night after dinner we were watching a porno I had picked up, a rare occasion. She will not usually watch them with me. About 20 minutes in to it and some kissing and rubbing had happened the door bell rang signaling an end to my evening or so I thought.

It was my best friend David from my previous story. About six months before I had showed him the movie of her after she walked in only wearing bra and panties not knowing he was there. We had talked a lot about her and he wanted to fuck her bad. It was then that I started having the fantasy of watching. I told him she always says no and I did not think she would ever go for it. I had told her about this but she was not as mad as I thought she would be but said it would never happen.

We had had a couple of glasses of wine so we were both feeling good when he showed up. I thought my fun was over for sure. I had turned off the movie because my shy wife would never let anyone know we were watching it. He said he was just sitting around and dropped in to see what we were up to. I told him well I thought fun till you showed up and laughed. My wife gave me a dirty look. We all sat down and I gave him a drink. We turned it to a show on TV and I kind of faded of into a bored lull. He and the Wife just kept talking. He asked what we were doing before he got there and said if he was interrupting he should go.

I told him it was ok nothing was going to happen now. Wendy got mad and said you need to shut up. David said Sorry I did not mean to interrupt anything and Wendy said it was ok I was right nothing was going to happen now. I said we were watching a porno and as soon as I said it Wendy’s face got bright red. I knew she would be mad for telling him right in front of her.

David got up and looked in the dvd player and laughed and said well lets finish it. She said no we really shouldn’t. David kept on and she said I do not think we should do that. I said come on honey it is no biggie let’s see the last scene. To my surprise she said ok but just for a minute. David hit play and sat on the couch by her and I was in a chair on the other side of the room. When the screen lit up they just sat there afraid to look at each other till David leaned back and let his hand rest on her leg. She said to me later at first she did not know what to do but did not mind and thought it would turn me on to see it there. He slowly started to caress her leg and she did not stop him. It was not till his hand reached the edge of her shorts did she even think about it going any further.

She said to me later that she wanted to tell him to stop but did not really want him to. He kept rubbing higher and higher till he reached her panties. She told me later from the wine and the action on the TV she was so turned on she did not care and thought I would like to just see them play a little so she spread her legs so he could rub on the outside of her panties. David looked over at me and I motioned to go for it.

She was really starting to get into and had laid her head back and started to moan. Then all of a sudden she thought it might start getting out of hand and asked him to stop but put up no resistance. He said I will if you really want me to. Wendy looked over at me and asked why I was not telling him to stop. I just said stop doing what I think you kind of like it. She just leaned back and spread her legs further to give him better access. By the way he was moving his hand I could tell he had moved her panties over and was fingering her good.

Then all of a sudden she shut her legs and said you have to stop this. He leaned over and kissed her deep. She just moaned in his mouth. He pulled her hand to his dick and he started to play with her tits. She said David we really cannot do this but he just lifted her shirt and undid her bra. She was setting there topless with her hand on the outside of his pants. As he started to suck her nipples she looked at me and said again are you not going to stop this?

I said maybe in a minute. If you want me to? David looked over at me and just smiled and started to kiss his way down her stomach. Wendy lay down half on the on the coach half off on her back and as David reached her shorts started to pull them and her panties off. Wendy actually lifted her butt to let him pull them off. I was just amazed to watch what was going on. She had one foot on the floor and the other across the couch. David got on his knees between her legs and started kissing his way to her wet pussy.

His mouth went straight to her pussy and his hands were on her tits. She started moaning loud and was begging him to quite but was pulling his head hard into her. He took one hand off her tits and started to finger her while he was licking her. She just closed her eyes and gave in totally. I saw David’s hand go to his pants and Start undoing his belt. She was breathing hard now and he nipples were like rocks. He finally got his pants and underwear down to his knees.

I finally saw the cock between his legs He always made jokes about being average. His cock looked a lot different than mine about 7 or 8 inches long but god it was wide and thick. It looked like a coke can around. I hate to say it but I was starring at it. I could not take it anymore and took out my dick and started pumping it. Then Wendy started buck and moan louder.

David stopped licking her pussy and started kissing up her stomach. She opened her eyes looked at him and said don’t stop. He took one of her tits in his mouth and started to suck as he pushed his hips forward. Wendy raised her head and said you can not do that stop. David just pushed his hips further and I could see his dick touching just above her pussy. He looked at her and said don’t worry I will not do what you don’t want me to. Wendy looked at me and said well I guess you really are not going to stop him.

Wendy kind of sat up with her head against the back of the couch and pulled his head off her tit. David was rubbing the head of his dick against the top of her pussy. She looked him in the eyes and said do not do this. As he was saying I want he was lowering his dick down against her lips. She looked at me and said please stop him. I knew she wanted me to but didn’t all at the same time. I said nothing as he started to push forward and his big head was pushing her lips farther apart. Wendy cried out you do not even have a rubber on please do not put it in me! David put his mouth to hers and the head went in. She kind of flinched and said oh god it is too big. Then he pushed in about 2 inches and stopped.

This is when Wendy shocked me and pushed back down on him and groaned as more went in. David said you are tight but wet you feel so fucking good. David pulled back and started to push more in. Wendy put her legs around him and started to pull him in and raising her hips. At that point David knew he could do what he wanted.

David grabbed her legs put them on his shoulder and got a hard rhythm going Wendy would do a soft whimper every time he thrust forward. Then she said just do not cum in me. Then she just started to scream and hold her legs tight. He was pounding her so hard I thought she must be in pain but she was just taking that big dick like a champ.

David looked back at me and said she is a good little slut aren’t you Wendy? She shyly said yes fuck me. She started to scream she was going to cum. David just slammed her hard her and started to suck a tit. Then I could tell David was trying to pull out but she kept pulling him back in.

David started to groan and thrust in as deep as he could Wendy tensed up then I could see his cum running from around his dick. Wendy said did you cum in me David said nothing just stayed buried to his balls. Cum was flowing from all around his dick. They stayed like that for about a minute then he slowly started to pull out. When it finally fell out it made a pop sound followed by cum running out of her fresh fucked pussy. It was gapped open and I could not believe it.

I had been the only man there before this. My best friend had just fucked the shit out of my sweet little wife. She just kept her eyes closed as her breathing slowed David set down beside her and just held her stomach in his hand and said you are the best pussy I have ever had. She smiled and said wow what a dick you have. She reached her hand down to hold it .

I just could not believe what I had seen, I was in shock. My sweet Sunday school teaching wife just enjoyed the hardest fucking I had ever seen, by my best friend. Then I guess she remembered I was there and got on her hands and knees crawled over to me and looked up and said thank you, then started sucking my dick. David just got up smiled at me put on his pants and left.

I pulled Wendy up and into my lap I had to feel that fresh pussy. I do not even think she could feel it going in at first, his and her juices were the perfect lube. I came in her in about 5 seconds and she just said I guess you liked it. She then got up leaving drippings all the way down the hall.