My story of becoming a cuckold

For a few years we were actively taking part in swinger parties, but a little bit later I have become a cuckold and seems that I like to be humiliated.
All those have started after I found contact details of Paul in some magazine and could understand that he and Susan love each other so badly.
We all met in the car parking of some hotel, where Susan suggested me to get some drink in hotel bar, while they will be chatting in the car. Up until those irregular times I never missed our threesome entertainment before and I was quite disappointed to sit in the bar on that moment. After one hour had passed I decided to return back to the vehicle, and I understood that they kissing after opening the car door and seeing ruffled hairs of Susan. We discussed to meet the upcoming weekend and each of us has gone back to own homes.
At the same night when I and Susan were in the same bed, she asked to book a country cottage for getting more privacy, than we can get it in the hotel. I was thinking so much about that and tried to pull off the panties of Susan, who rejected my offer commenting that she is too tired. I was persistently continuing doing the same she stopped me and confessed that she was in silly 45 minute fucking with Paul in the car.
As soon as I left the car, she skirt was lifted on her waist and panties were pulled off, while in the same time Paul has taken out his 9 inch penis, which was the biggest cock that she ever saw.
She sucked his penis for a while, after which her seat reclined back and Paul climbed on her for fucking energetically that lasted for 45 minutes. She cum with her loads, but he managed to hold on his shots, which really impressed Susan. While she was telling me all that I was playing with my cock, and shot my cum under the bed sheet when she told me that.
On the next day I have booked the cottage and on the following Saturday Paul was driving his car until 4 pm. As soon as we entered that room, Susan wanted be to drive back home and return about 6 hours later so she can have some private time with Paul.
I did what she was asking unwillingly and returned about 10 pm and saw that the light were on in living room and bedroom.
I took a look through the glass area of the door and saw how he was leading Susan holding her hand into the living room, with totally naked body and swinging cock from side to side, and she was walking in also after him in red sexy lingerie.
When I entered the room they were sitting next to each other kissing and she was holding his cock that was hard again. I got a can beer from the fridge, have placed my ass on the armchair chatted with Paul, while Susan was sucking his cock. Without being able to stop himself from the passion, he took his penis and pushed it into her moistening vagina and I was watching how expert in satisfying pussy was fucking my wife that was best in her whole life. Her long legs were placed on his wide shoulders when large boobs were bouncing every time as he was piercing his long penis into her pussy, and bringing her perception of being in heaven of pleasure for 20 minutes as their fucking lasted for that much.
Paul invited Susan into the bedroom coming it as he wanted fuck her properly after pulling out his cock of her dripping pussy.
She said to go ahead as she will catch him a minute before giving a kiss to him. When he was gone to the bedroom she explained everything.
“After I will get into the room he will fuck for the fifth time for today. And he didn’t even cum yet, as he wanted you to see as his cumshots will be pumped into me” -she telling all that in a rush like small girl who is going to lose her lollipop.
Trying to demonstrate that I admire his offer I nodded once and watched her sexy ass walking away into the bedroom. I couldn’t stand there and wait until they will stop, pulled off my clothes and entered the bedroom. I saw Susan standing in her favorite position, which is doggy style pose, and every time she was loudly screaming from the orgasm I was a bit glad that I have booked a cottage for a better privacy in a country side. Paul was so skillful that when his massive cock was entering vagina of Susan from behind, he pushed his finger into her ass that made her gone even wilder.
By the time when he wanted to cum, Paul reached for big boobs of Susan and started fucking her even faster. She was loudly screaming asking to do it faster, to bang her pussy wilder. Suddenly both of their bodies stood tight and frozen a for while, when he started releasing his cumshots deep into her womb. Susan was also having orgasm on that moment which seemed to be lasting forever.
Their bodies have collapsed on their bed and I was surprised when I saw his cock that was still firm and rigid though he cum already.
After few minutes my wife finally has dropped her sight on me, while she was cleaning his cock with her mouth. She ordered me to join her licking and to help her to clean out that stick. And I was happy to join their activity.
Previously I had an experience with sucking cocks of my wife’s boyfriends, but I have never been fucked in my mouth with such a big cock while my wife was watching it and giggling. Susan asked Paul to stop fucking my mouth and if he wanted to come, then it’s better to do it in her than me. She suggested me to go the bedroom located behind the bathroom where my bag was, where I can take my rest.
I wake up during the night for several times, which two of them because of the excessive noise made by the Susan when she was fucked and one time when she brought Paul into the room, asking if I wanted to watch how they are fucking in the shower. I didn’t reject.
In the morning Susan has prepared a breakfast and told that we can get ready for leaving after 2 more hours. Telling that she and Paul went back to the bedroom, and later I heard her groaning while fucking. Was unable to stand there and wait for them, so I pulled out my cock and went there to play with that while watching their naked bodies.
Suddenly my wife separated from him and asked me to bring my cock and push it into her vagina, because Paul is willing to see us fucking together.
It was hard to believe that I am lucky enough, so I pulled off my jeans and ran immediately to the bed. Susan has laid on her back and spread apart her legs and I pushed my cock between of them. I was feeling it hard to feel her vagina as it was too wet and by the time when she whispered me to put my little boy into her vagina, then I cum immediately. Paul didn’t believe that I give out my charges, shaking his head unbelievably.
Feeling quite shame on myself, I put on my jeans and saw that he was trying to stand from her behind and push his cock into her pussy. My wife asked to leave outside, where I can have some walk. So instead of taking a journey I went outside and stood under their window and listed how she was groaning and asking to cum into and make a baby for her. After they finished their fucking she hardly walked into the car and since that fucking she was so calmed for a long time.
According to the words of Susan they had a sex 11 times during that weekends, and she badly wants to meet him again as soon as possible, and wanted me to arrange everything for them.
Those sexual adventures of my wife were my first experience of being main cuckold of Ireland. If you are interested in any other my stories, then just let me know.