Unintended outcomes

Old friend of mine has given me surprising call few weeks ago. Seems like Carl was in the prison for the last five years & now he is approximately to be released from there. He didn’t have any place to stay. I was quite surprised & little bit glad on his release so my wife told me that I should be watching my friend’s deeds well. She didn’t know that he wasn’t actually a friend of my, yet she didn’t want to know either. Later in a time, Carl moved to our spare room. After a while seems like my wife & he received a usual business together, which was ended visiting his room at nights by my wife & fucking him there. He owns large cock that is much bigger than mine, so I needed to stay in our bedroom & listen how they are fucking. Usually she was quite & tedious in the bed, yet Carl acts a bit rough with her, which loves so much. He even dares to fuck her anal pipe & ejaculate on her face.

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