I am a 51 year old man engaged to a 42 year old super hot blond athletic woman

I am a 51 year old man engaged to a 42 year old super hot blond athletic woman who fits the catagory of “perfect 10″….we have been together for 2 years and recently discovered she and I both have a hotwife fantasy that we have been acting upon. We have decided she can play with anyone she desires, at anytime she wishes, the only rules are that she is safe when i am nand I approve of the other man. She has had 5 or 6 lovers on the last few months, a couple i have found and a couple she has found, seems to really be working out well so far. a few weeks ago i found a 36 yr old man, gym type hottie that has fucked her a few times. Here is the issue, she has really gotten into this particular one and has had me drop her off at his home a couple of times where she spends the night, fucking all night long into the next morning and then has me return to pick her up….she makes we wear a chastity device while I spend the night at home alone and wears the key around her neck and brags to her new stud about what she does to me. Have found that she now comes home so sore from his relentless poundings that she is too sore to accommodate me so i spend all of my time performing oral on her morning noon and night until her next visit with her new stud….I know she still loves me but i feel that he now completely own her pussy and she isnt excited about fucking me anymore. She is now seeing him about twice a week and gets dripping wet whenever she knows her next night is coming up with him…..problem is i know i cant stop her now, nor him. I am well to do and provide a comfortable lifestyle for her, i dont think he even has a job…..so i doubt she would ever leave me….i am in good shape and fairly attractive for my age……I still am really turned on by this but not sure where it will all end up….starting to feel strong feeling of subspace and a tad of jealousy, which i thought was impossible for me.