Close to realization and your advice

Approximately three years ago all this happened to us. I and my wife went out at night to get quite mellow mood. We have visited one place where were drinking rum and coke. By the time when our drinking activities have ended, we decided to return back home, though it was at night, because place where we were drinking and place where we were living were not much apart from each other. As soon as we got into the car, my wife have dropped a naughty look at me, told me that she is going horny and wants some cock. Recently I was trying to explain my sexual fantasy, where my wife is being fucked by some third party while I am looking at their procedures. She told perhaps this night was that night when she can realize his fantasies, which made me stun for a moment because I wasn’t expecting anything like that. Anyways, instead of driving back home I have taken my wife to the down town in some empty and deserted area. I was little bit doubt on her seriousness, but I saw how she was pulling off her clothes while I was driving and the only things left on her is her high heel shoes. Suddenly her fingers of one hand have grabbed one of her nipples, which was pinched slowly, and fingers of second hand were playing with her cunt, which made her feel more horny. We were driving down the road where black guy was walking next to that place, when my wife told me whether I mind if it would be black man who will help to embody his fantasies, exploring her assets. As I wasn’t refusing, she asked me turn back the car, which I did immediately as I was trying to keep control over my shaking and excitement. My wife pulled down the window when we stopped next to that black guy and asked him about his destination and offered him to give a ride, but with single clause – tasting her white pussy. Unfortunately he was also high and mellow and didn’t really understand what she wanted. Without waiting a moment she raised her hand to turn on the light inside of the saloon and to demonstrate her naked boobies to him. She repeated again that she wanted to let him suck her vagina. I will never forget those words: “Do you want to eat some white pussy?” And I whispered into her ear, if in case if he says “Yes!” she won’t be offering to him anything else, for example such as riding his cock in return. But she whispered to me that she is fucking horny right now and didn’t wanted to stop only on letting him to suck her pussy, but also to she wanted to suck his cock back, as she never tried black dick before, which will be followed with sexual intercourse. He dropped his sight on her naked boobies and somewhere in between of her laps, for that my wife had widely opened her legs. But unfortunately he rejected her offer. Perhaps he went little bit confused and afraid from our whisperings, thing that something is not right. So we drove the car little bit down the street, stopped there with turn on light in the saloon and opened windows, and started having sex, hoping that he will join us. He passed a little and stopped there, looked at what we were doing and then continued again his journey. May be it would be best if will pick up somebody right in the bar, where we were drinking. If you got any ideas on how my wife can become a cuckold slut, especially with black man, then post that!