Dating for the second time

Trying to follow offers of the last week posts in Net Meeting, I & my wife decided to arrange a meeting again with Ged, who wanted to bring his female friend that was moreover bisexual & curios to figure out the life style of Ged.
Friday evening & we met in a local pub, where we received couple shots of beer & tequila for making our perception easier & after that shots we followed to our home to develop some party together.
As we arrived home, Ged’s girlfriend Jeanie asked us to start developing our party that is same like in previous weekend. My wife told me & Ged to start having pleasant orally with each, so both of the ladies can be turned on. Me & Ged were sucking & kissing up until the point of cumming, while girls moreover were enjoying each other from watching what is happening with us. As little more time passed I asked Ged to fuck my slummy ass. He took out his stick & tried to enter me, yet in the same time Jeanine has grabbed his penis & guided him to penetrate my ass. After that she knelt right in front of me & asked me to fuck her for this time, yet not my wife. Jeanine was sucking penis of Ged, while Ged was sucking my phallus. My wonderful friend wasn’t assured whether he wanted me to fuck him or not, though just several minutes ago I pleased his ass with my tongue, while girls were licking his penis. All that was lasting for several hours & we kept trading our positions up until the time as every hole was satisfied & pleased, before we could go to sleep. I woke early in the morning when I saw my wife & Jeanine placed in 69 pose & doing oral pleasing, while Ged was watching them & masturbating. That should a beginning stage for Saturday playing. It was quite cold & damp, yet we still took our journey into the local doggers’ club. In the back of van vehicle in front of the handsome guys, who exploded their sperm on all four of us, we were demonstrating the way we party. I don’t know how to realize my plans, yet I received plenty of them that will bring more striking & positive feelings to each of us, where we can moreover involve one more couple for that huge sexual festivity.
When the Sunday’s lunch time orgy has passed, Ged & Jeanie left us, leaving me & my wife alone so we can complete off our fucking competition with each other. Let us complete our desperate fucking & unquestionably I will inform you approximately our activities & deeds carried out to stay satisfied & calmed up until next weekend party.