My naughty wife

It happened between of me and my wife a few months ago and since then it was going pretty good. For a quite little time I and my wife were talking about her spending time with other guys. I was doing military service and sometimes I needed to leave for a long time, so I figured out why would she stay bored and unsatisfied without any man because I am not there and can’t bring all that to her. I told my thoughts about that to her, she was totally disagreed and rejected my offer, telling that she can’t do that because I am not there with her. After spending our time in long discussions we came to common and mutual decision together that we will let it happen if it should happen, but she won’t be looking for that… Well, before going further let me tell you how all that started.
We were visiting my friend at his house where we had something like party. That topic of discussion has come up into my mind and I suddenly told that my wife can make ejaculate any man in less than two minutes with her mouth only. When I was telling all that, my wife was hearing everything. Of course my friend didn’t believe what I was telling, and if to be honest neither did I. He accepted that bet, but my wife said that she won’t do anything because all of us were drinking and she doesn’t want to have any BS excuse for doing that. That night was filled with BUST. However next weekend all the ritual of gathering and buzzing together with my bodies have repeated. I noticed that my wife wasn’t drinking. When I asked what’s happen she told me to make that wager once again so there will be no excuses at all. My friend full of fun asked me whether that bet was still good. I had nothing to say and looked at my wife, and told that it’s all up to my wife. After several minutes have passed in a regular conversation, my wife looked at him and asked whether they going to that thing or not. Well, I and my friend got immediately exited, but he didn’t lose himself and said “Let’s do that!” We changed our location to the living room, where I sat down on a couch right in front of him, where he was sitting with separated apart legs and wife has fallen on her knees between his legs. He got his cock pulled out of his pants and made it stand still before any examination could start. When his cock was ready my wife asked whether do I mind or not, and while I was thinking about the answer, without waiting for my reply she dropped her head over his penis and started licking it. To tell you the truth his cock wasn’t’ that huge and monster penis, but it was the average one, perhaps just a little bit thicker than mine. But she managed to reach him his edge after 45 minutes and only then she finished him by swallowing all the cumshots he ejaculated. After all that she was a giggling like an amateur school girl, when he was sitting on the same place and looking at her with his glazed eyes. Since that case my wife fills better and easier to giving her head in blowjob for anyone regardless whether I am next to her or not. She still doesn’t agree for sex, but I know that there is always tomorrow when she might do that.