My wife goes slutty!

My last post about my wife was made on New Year with two friends of mind. Right now, it’s all on a new level because my wife keeps fucking on a regular basis one of my mates. I got to clean my wife up now and later if will be lucky.
Usually once a week my wife goes to Pete’s house where she spends with him the whole week until it ends. As I am writing this story, they have gone to somewhere also for this weekend, because I have received 15 photos taken by phone camera, where my wife is sucking cock of Pete and fucking with him. I haven’t got my cock sucked since all 4 years! And last three shots were depicting my wife smiling with cumshots spilled all over her cute face.
But it’s not the spot where the whole story ends! Sometimes Pete might be spending his weekends in my house. During those weekends my wife allows me to join their fucking as long as I will be satisfying him and her. There was no case when my spouse was interested in two men simultaneously, but now she just loves that! My favorite thing is suck his cock, which is quite smaller than my penis. But, damn, I like it so much when I feel Pete pumping my oral cavity. I also don’t mind when he fucks me, while my wife is busy playing with dildo and giving him orders on how to fuck me. Ordering Pete to piss on me is so damn simple for my wife, just like ABC, either ordering me to start licking asshole of Pete, while she is making deep throat blowjobs.
The only good thing about that Pete also likes to suck. So at last I got my blowjob there.
They will be t home due tomorrow and I was told to take a day off from my work place on Monday, because big plans are waiting for us tomorrow!
I will post details later. I can’t wait for that!