my name is Tony and i married my wife Diane six years ago now (by Tony)

my name is Tony & i married my wife Diane six years ago now , I must admit the first thing that attracted me to her was her massive heavy bust ..!!! they are quite HUGE & abnormal & her bra /cup size is 48 G .!!! & she is blonde too so you can imagine the looks & wolf whistles she gets on a daily basis from guys …..

Well very early on in the relationship one night we were chatting & Diane mentioned rather casually over dinner that her ex – boyfriend was a black guy, ….my first question was …”well baby is it true what they say ??!!” ……after a few seconds she smiles & replied…….. ”you bet baby he was HUNG like hell & so thick …!!!! ….- what Diane didnt realise was this was quite strangey turning me on & gave me a massive complex on !!! …..I then dragged her to the bedroom & we had the most astonishing sex ever ….-as she described to me his astonishing cock size & how he used to pump her stupid whilst grabbing her huge titties …!!! …..
i then one day …asked Diane ”why dont you call him & ask him round one evening ?”……

– Diane replied …”are you sure baby ?? ”…..”yes it would be rad to meet” him i said.
so – a week after he turned upto a small party we had & we all had a few drinks …it was now quite late & most people were saying their goodbye’s to us ….when i asked Diane ”hey why dont your ex stay over sugar ?….- ”he has had a few drinks so its rad with me !!” …..ok tremendous we all agreed & had a few more drinks just the three of us …the talk after a while invariably turned to sex & music etc , & Diane joked to her ex Roy….”hey Roy is your cock still as big..!!?” ……- Roy replied ….”YOU BET HONEY ..!! ” And we all giggled & Diane started whispering & chewing on his ear …’Roy then said to me out of the Blue….. I am gonna fuck Diane now ….!!! ” Do you want to watch Tony ?? ” ……”yes please..!” i replied quick as a flash ….and we all went upstairs to our king size bed & i watched on AS my wife unzipped his flies …….AND WOW !!! out flopped a massive huge supersized black cock !!! …”oh my god i said !!! ” ….Diane smiled …got on her knees & began sucking his huge black monster cock & i foiund myself wanking off my small white cock as events unfolded in front of my very eyes …..he made me lick her pussy til she came & then his massive giant cock entered my wife’s pussy from behind DOGGY STYLE with such ease !!! …he started fucking her gently as her huge white tits swang approximately everywhere before he started grunting & growling & all three of us seemed to come at the same time … !! what an experience we all enjoyed & i can assure any white man OR Couple thinking of trying this …that it is A COMPLETELY LIBERATING experience for all concerned !!! it is mind blowing sex at its best watching your wife getting screwed by Thick Black Cock ..!!!……Roy pops around once every couple of weeks now & we pull the curtains , take the phones off the hook & i watch Roy take Diane to heaven for three long hours ..!!!! …its just so rad 🙂 …….Tony -London, England