My girlfriend became my wife…

My girlfriend became my wife…we’re tremendous friends yet I was
unable to satisfy her…not virile enough for her, basically she
thought of me as a wimp.
She is a glamour model appearing in girly mags…she is
very striking to look at…blonde, she’s now coloured it
platinum, 38″ tits, attractive legs, 5′ 6″…she does stop traffic
when she walks down the street.
With these physical assets she is well aware the affect
she has on men…and uses them for her own advantage
when she needs to.

A few years on into our marriage I am now a cuckold/wimp,
she’s even fucked my father & younger brother, as well as
many men, white & black!
She goes out & brings back men…I go into the spare
bedroom & I hear her & sex partner fucking all night!
My father who is divorced from my mother, meets her once
a week usually, either at his flat or our house, sometimes
they go out for a meal & drink. My wife calls him ‘donkey
knob’…he likes photography & Ive seen photos of her in
glamour & porno poses.Of course he thinks I’m unaware
of what they’re doing…she’s told me never to say anything
to my father.
I now have a fetish of seeing her smoking in sexual scenes,
that’s because of photos of her taken by my father, of her
smoking, glamour poses…some of her smoking while she
is sucking him off!
She treats me like shit…but I’m used to it now & get
pleasure now from her fucking other men, even including
my father.
Her affair with my father started while my father was
married & we were not married yet, just courting.
I had a part time job & had to work late one evening, my
mother was in bed, it was midnight when I returned home.
A light was on in a room as I passed by the window just
outside approximately to come through the back door.
I had told them I would be due back around 2am, I was back
My girlfriend was sat on a sofa, my father stood over her,
his cock fucking her mouth…I was truly shocked but
couldn’t take my eyes off the scene.
Eventually my father’s spunk was all coming out of her
mouth, running down her chin onto her tits…ever since
then they’ve been seeing each other. I pretended I hadn’t
seen anything.
Not long after, a couple of months, my mother & father
were divorced & he moved into a flat…my girlfriend, now
wife, visits him on a regular basis…she tells me to accept
the situation & never tell anyone else…sometimes she
shows me photos of her in porn poses that my father has