Ineffective efforts

My wife was watching, when I was pulling off my clothes. She quietly buckled my hand wrists into the handcuffs when I put my hands on my back. Then she didn’t say anything, grabbed my cock with her hand & pulled me into the bedroom through the whole house.
Standing on her knees on the foot-edge of bed, she brought together my ankles & bandaged my hands with special leather belt that was having metal chain elements & was fixed to the bed’s metal stands. Then the next step of tying me up was revealing metal handcuffs & replacing them with leather-made ones, which were moreover connected to the top of bed. After she checked out whether properly I was bandaged, she take her brush out of her vanity & started brushing hairs.
Keeping my eyes on her, I started thinking how did obtain into this condition of particular sexual life. I & my life are married already for three years, & every day of our pleased living together, we were spending all the night hugging & discovering each other. Our sexual acts were occurring occasionally, yet I think that she is quite satisfied with that. But seems like, I was wrong.
She always was behaving calmed & acting with patience to me, always trying to express her wishes through showing or telling something, yet unfortunately my efforts weren’t fulfilling her needs. Finally I decided to tease her patience for one more time, yet she banned me from our bedroom & asked me to leave to the bedroom where usually we place our guest. I was hurt, yet still I tried to obtain some attention back from her again though my messages. She was so damn angry & insistent to sleep apart in different bedrooms.
There was a night when I was laying in the bed & wondering to glue back again our relationships, she entered the bedroom. I tried to grab her hand pull her on to the bed, yet unfortunately I was pushed away & warned that I touch her again without her permission, then she will break up our marriage. With commanding & strong voice she required me to stand up & pull of my clothes. Being afraid that I might lose her, without any argument I fulfill her order. Once all the clothes were off & my body was naked, she put my hands on my back & locked them with handcuffs. And then by pulling my cock she led me to our bedroom.
She wanted me to stand at the at foot of our bed & keep watching the way she lies on the bed & pushes vibrator into her kitty, trying to obtain some pleasure. Since several months this was first time when I had seen my wife naked again, especially moaning & writhing that was arousing me. That’s why I tried to rub my cock on the smooth & wooden bedrail, yet it wasn’t pleasing at all because there wasn’t enough friction to enjoy.
She placed her hairbrush after getting proper hair styling on the top of glass vanity, trying to attract my attention her. Surprisingly, yet I was watching how my wife is putting on makeup, because I have seen that before, which make me wonder approximately her plans for tonight.
Somehow I tried to shift my body from one foot to another; however leather belts didn’t allowed me to move much. Though these were much better & comfortable than steel handcuffs, I was kept in that position for several hours longer, than I suppose to be.
When she was putting on last elements of her makeup, I was rethinking again approximately the way she pulled me into the bedroom, the way she was lying on the bed & using her hands & toys for getting multiple orgasms, while I was rubbing my cock against the wooden bedrail. I know that she tried to tell & demonstrate me that I had the same chances & opportunities for delivering orgasms to her, yet inability of getting close to her was my own fault. I couldn’t understand whether she was enjoying my useless efforts of getting closer to her or that opportunity she was using to humiliate & disgrace me.
Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the door bell, which made her hurry to complete her makeup & rush downstairs. I had a little hope that she won’t leave for a long time, yet something was telling me that it might take a while.
When my wife came back, she was holding hands of another man whom she was leading into our bedroom. I was always suspecting that there is a probability that she is having a lover, yet since that moment I was unquestionably sure in that. I saw how that man hugged her tenderly & his hands were on her body. Suddenly their lips joined in a kiss, while their hands were running all over the bodies of each other, tenderly touching & hugging all the humps.
He dared to slowly pull of her clothes & after her body was nude, my wife dropped herself on the bed & watched him stripping. His arms took my wife & pulled her into the bed, where they were lying together in contact through sot kisses & tender hugs.
Slightly rising her body of the bed, she lovely lady stood on her all her fours right in front of me, so her warm desperate breathing was teasing my chest. Her lover knelt behind her ass & gently pushed his hardened pecker into her moistening pussy that was waiting for that. Trembling of her attractive body & satisfaction in her face expression showed me how much pleasure & joy she was getting at that moment.
Without waiting even for a second I rubbed my cock against the wooden bedrail located at the bed foot in the same time as her lover was rubbing his penis against her pussy. Though being little envious & greedy approximately happening, I was pleased to see my wife satisfied while my ineffective efforts were demonstrated in front of both of them.