“Suck her juices off my cock and put it back in her” he commanded as she spread her legs awaiting everything he had for her. “Hold my balls and don’t let me come, bitch” I reached up and held him in his taint space hoping I could accomadate his command. His cock filled her pussy-soon she was moaning again are the estasy of the moment was upon her–I could feel him starting to throb under my thumb. “Please do this right!!” I told myself. He wanted pussy for longer and I better not mess up. Thankfully, he controlled himself as much as I did. A few more times of hard pumping one hot pussy, stopping, resting a minute and starting again and there was no further control. The precum started dripping on her bush as he withdrew. Her cum again covered his black rod. “Take a picture.” I was told. “Now clean it up and put it back in her.” She again opened up-lusting for what he was giving her. This time there was no holding back–the big load he had been storing for the past few week pumped into her filling her fully with the topping dripping out over her new small bush. I’d never felt such intense throbbing-still trying to hold back a gusher that was not to remain bottled up. He laid back and held her in his arms, “Clean that up good, bitch.” I knew it would be my only chance to touch the pussy that was no longer mine-glad to be able to do my meager part in her enjoyment. “Has he got it cleaned up good”, he asked her. With her answer, he commands, “Now clean me up, bitch. And get every drop.” This time I’m happy to thank her bull by doing my part-he had pleased her like never before. This is what she deserved. “Now lick her ass and let her relax” he commands as they snuggle. Soon I can here her breathing-knowing she is falling asleep. He kicks me off the bed and they snuggle close in the rewards of their enjoyment of each other. And that is where part I started. More to cum

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