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It’s Sunday afternoon on Pensacola Beach. My wife is sleeping in the arms of her bull after he fully satisfied her and,looks like, tired her out for a while. We met him earlier today & had lunch, my treat of course. He walked with us out to the truck-his hand was under her skirt bythe time she sat on the seat as he stood in the doorway. “Get us into the room>” he told me. I called the hotel & received in early. We checked into the motel-beautiful room with king sized bed, balcony & view of the beach. I had to downstairs to take care of business. He entered the room as I left. By the time I returned, less than 10 min later,she was hot on her knees sucking his bull cock. She had been waiting all month to have it again-I know she wouldn’t wait long once they were together. “Don’t you wish you could satisfy me like his huge “n____er” cock does,” she said between licks. “On your knees” he tells me. I obey knowing this is the man my queen wants & I am to serve him if I expect to even clean my queens pussy. “Give me that ring” he commands as he points to the band on the thrid finger of my left hand. “Watch her suck a real man’s cock, bitch.” I take the ring off my finger & hand it to him-“She mine now you know-you’ll never have her sweet pussy again.” “Baby,shove that cock into his mouth so he gets a feel of what a real cock is like.” She points his cock toward a mouth I know I must open, “Suck my “n_____er”bulls cock-deep throat it-feel what a REAL MAN’S COCK feels like.’
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