oops he made a mess the mucky pup (by Jack)

I’ve been reading stories on these sites for a while and they are very arousing to me I must admit. I’m engaged to a twenty eight year old slim blonde with blue eyes and a curvy cute ass, small breasts and I love how other guys eye her up so I admit I’d fantasised about her with other men. (note fantasised). She has found in my computer history that I like these sites a while ago and was annoyed sometimes and laughed others. Anyway something has happened I am struggling to deal with recently and I’m in disbelief. My fiancĂ©e was out with her mates and I was at home one Friday night and must have fell asleep. I was woken by her noisy entrance about five in the morning and she was pretty drunk. When she’d left she had looked great in a figure hugging yellow dress and matching high heels but now she looked a bit worse for where, make up a mess and hair a little bushy with apparently no shoes on either. She was grinning at me “hey babes” she giggled as I inquired about her shoes to which she said she didn’t know were they were. Annoyed I said she must know were they were raising my voice. Now she laughed and asked if I remembered that bouncer from the club who threw me out when I fell asleep and I now really annoyed said. “never mind that were are your shoes” ? She laughed and I felt a bolt of shock shoot through me as she said. “I left them at his place”. I paused my heart totally pounding hands sweating as she suddenly pulled up her dress to show her bare shaved pussy giggling. “I left my new thong there too” I was in shock as I stared at her and she grinned as if it was normal. “Dont look so shocked it turns you on doesn’t it” I couldn’t speak but shook my head as she approached me and stood with her legs apart dress round her waist. I could now smell drink and sex and couldn’t help look at her shaven pussy the light hitting it and making clear the shiny wetness around her sticky entrance. She took my hand in hers and led it to her pussy as I felt the warmth and sticky coating. Without realising I’d slid a finger inside her sopping pussy and I felt the warm liquid start to run down my finger onto my hand. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I felt my cock grow hard and in shock removed my finger as a blob of cum dripped onto the carpet between her legs and she giggled. “oops he made a mess the mucky pup”. Then she left the mess and me in total shock as she went to bed