My first time going black

Our swinging experience lasts for 5 years already, & recently my husband started to talk approximately me having a black guy. I really wanted to feel a huge black man on me & actually couldn’t wait anymore, that’s why I made my husband talk me into it. Finding a black man I put up & ad on the Net. Going through replies together, we chose one guy. He was a truck driver & came to our town quite often. So, we decided to meet around to see each other somehow & to find out if we really want to meet. The next time he was in town we met to have some drinks & actually to set a date when to meet the next week. This black man was really hot & handsome, & I wanted him to be my first black lover just since we met him.
All the next week we spent finding out if my husband really ready for it & he wants me to do. If I do it I want my husband not to interfere, so I told him approximately it. Also I told that if this happens I want it to be without any rules & restrictions, I mean we could do all we wanted. He agreed & said that he only wants me to enjoy.
So, the night. It shortly will happen. I tell my husband to take a car & obtain that man here, to our house. I decided to do that in our bed, because I really wanted to have my first black cock there. And he didn’t mind. Also I wanted him to tell my lover that tonight I would be totally under his control & he could do anything with me, without any rules, in order to obtain total pleasure.
I was so horny waiting for them & thinking approximately tonight action & a huge black cock moving inside me, & a husband watching his wife being under the dominion of a black guy. I was ready to make such a show that he would remember it forever.
We were sitting on a sofa drinking & relaxing a little bit, when suddenly the man took me with his huge strong hands & started kissing. Soon I became so horny because of his hands running over my body & especially covering it with kisses. I wanted his cock more & more. Soon I’ve forgotten approximately my husband & put my hand into guy’s pants to feel that huge black stuff. That was really big, never felt something bigger in this case, so I couldn’t wait anymore to feel it into my pussy. Then I took his cock out & began stroking it. How huge it was, I still become horny when remember! He told me to obtain down on my knees & suck it. I was down very soon; he just hasn’t complete to tell the words. I began licking that huge thing before taking it into my mouth. He was saying “Yeah babe, suck that black dick!” I sucked it for some minutes, yet you can’t even imagine how I wanted to feel him inside my pussy! So I’ve taken his hand & led him to our bedroom. When we came upstairs, we took off all the clothes & lay on a bed. He started to push & kiss my body getting down to my pussy & making me totally wet & horny. When I felt his tongue touching my pussy I began cumming! He liked it & licked it all, licked all my juices. I said “Please fuck me, fuck me now!” He smiled & said “Do you want this black cock?” I answered “Oh yes! I want to feel it inside me right now!” He started to obtain a condom yet I stopped him & said that I want to feel it naturally, without any other things. He just laid over me; I spread my legs widely & began rubbing his cock over my wet pussy, & shortly took it inside. He started to move it in slowly & shortly I felt it totally inside me. You know, I’ve never had such a huge cock, that’s why I felt totally full. He fucked me so satisfactory making me cumming all the time long! We did it in some different positions until he was ready to cum too. He asked me “Where do you want me to cum”? I looked on my husband before answered “I want you to cum inside me, make my pussy full with your seed!” After some more complex moves in & out & I felt his cock actually exploding with hot cum inside me. Those feelings made me to reach one more orgasm. I’ve never felt something better than that! Still laying over me he asked “Did I live up your expectations?” ”Oh yeah, that was fantastic & I want more & more! I’m ready to do anything you want anytime you come here”. We had many tremendous nights together after that, yet then his route changed & I’ve never saw him anymore. I’d like to thank him for such pleased moments of my life.

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  1. you deserve your husband to fuck 5 other beautiful girls for that. He should forget about you while doing it. You should pay those girls and, after, cook breakfast for your husband.

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