Second date so soon

It’s a Sunday night. My wife said to me that she would be late at home because she had a date with her new boyfriend. It’s enough to drive one crazy! How it’s possible so fast?

On Friday we went to her date. She asked me to be there because she would feel safe & calm in that way. She found this man on the one of the date sites. We decided to meet at a bar. He was young & handsome. It should be mentioned that night was a brilliant music there. I like to dance with my wife, yet that night she danced with him every fucking dance. They received closer & closer to each other. They had been charting & laughing openly, right in front of me. A couple of minutes after he put his hand on her ass & kissed her. He was playing with per panties & everybody on the dance floor saw them.

When they finally came back she said to me how it was fantastic to feel his complex erected dick & his hand in her panties. She asked me to buy some more cocktails for them. And when I came back they were kissing. I sat next to them & started to stroke her leg & feel her gentle skin & my fingers. She was going to take off right there. Then they decided to go to her new boyfriend’s place.

I followed their car. I could see her staying in different positions. When I came in to his flat I found them in the living room. My wife was staying on her knees in front of him, exiting getting his cock out. She started suck his complex fat dick, from time to time licking his balls. It was so hot that I was taken aback for a while. He lifted her right leg & asked me to take off her boots & panties. I removed her boot, the other boot, her jeans & her panties. Her pussy was wet & she was moaning.

It’s late. I’m sorry. If you want I’ll tell you this story late. Bye!