The first time my wife cuckolded me!

One day me and my wife were sitting and taking cocktails at the lounge. We were chartering about everything and I took deal with my cocktail. Then she told me that she needed to go to the toilet. When she came back she sat between me and handsome young guy who were about 25 and who had given her a look before.

They were smiling to each other and communicating. 30 minutes later she came to me and said that she and her new friend Hubert were going to our house for drinks. And I had nothing to do but follow them.

When we came to our apartment she asked me to mix up some drinks. I went to the kitchen to do. My wife and her friend were on the sofa in our living room. When I came back I saw them naked on the sofa, kissing and gently hugging one another. I was shocked….. They invited me to sit in front of them and watch. Before it I was a very jealous, but now… It should be mentioned that I liked what I saw tremendously. My wife and a stranger were fucking right in front of me and only for my eyes? The only wish which overfills your brain was to be invited to this action, but I wasn’t. My dick was going harder and harder. I thought that I could take off without a control.

Nothing can excite more than my delightful wife and this stranger. This horny slender lad simply drove my sex-crazed wife. She started licking his dick, which was so big and sweet that she could suck it for hours. Before pushing his long hard dick into my wife’s tight dripping slit he licked it making wet. They fuck each other in every possible position. Then she told me that they would go to the bedroom and she would have fun with him “privet”.

I was a good husband I was waiting for them hearing her sex screams. When they went downstairs she kissed him and wished him a good night. After his leaving she asked me to teas her clit and taste his cum. Frankly speaking I like it! It was hot and salty.

After that night I changed my lifestyle thanks to my wonderful wife. There were many nights after that… And my great wife knew how to make each of them more and more interesting. I was shocked and confused but I’m glad that it was happened.

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