Back to a Black Lover

My wife and I had been married only for seven weeks. And one day we decided to go to a party.
When we came in a big black guy came to us and kissed my wife right on the lips. My wife was twenty five and he was a bit older than she was. He had a few tattoos.

They started communicate staying right in front of me. They both ignored me. He asked her if she was a happy wife and she giving a glance to me said that she was married. After a few minutes he invited her to a dance. On the dance floor they were like lovers – they looked to each other, charted and got closer and closer to each other. Then they kissed openly and passionately. His hands drove on all her body. I was shocked because I saw them and they both knew it.
The hostess came to me and said that David and my wife were lovers until they had to part friends.

They danced there and after a half an hour they went to the bedroom without a door where he fucked my wife three of four times while I had to sit in the bar.

Her voice was audible to everyone in this house. She screamed having fun with his African lover. It was horrible because all bitches and guys there looked at me and smiled.

She came out in a three hours. She smiled. Her make-up was ruined and on her cloth everyone can see marks of hard sex. There were a few love bites on her neck and breasts.

She charted to a few people and left me humiliated in front of other guests. The hostess said that David was a very big bustard and he couldn’t to loose a chance to fuck someone’s wife.
She came home only at the next day afternoon

Ann continued to come to home with bites on her neck. He fucked my wife rapidly. Every day she went to his flat in Northwood Hills or to the Wine Bar. When he had to go to Largos he suggested her having fun with his cousin.
I can tell you more if you’d like.