Ultimate faithlessness experience

Have you ever thought approximately complex faithlessness experience?
As for me the hardest & horrible experience is unfaithfulness in the end of my wedding day with a band of black men.

I & my virgin wife would stay in our hotel room after the greatest day in our life. We were tired a bit & would be going to have a wonderful night. But in the next second a band of black muscled men would storm into our room. One of them would strike me on the face, undress me & tied me naked while my young wife would be fucked by others. They’d make me to look at them fuck my wife. Their black complex dicks would push into slut’s tight dripping slit again & again. They’d play with all her body – mouth, ass, pussy, breast… And my little cock would become harder & harder till I’d take off. Then they’d cover all her body with loads of cum. Oh my god! Cum was everywhere – in pussy, in her mouth even in ass…

Finally they’d leave us. My young wife’s pussy would ruin. And after 9 months she’d present me black twin boys.

Yeah! I know that this fantasy is very popular & old yet for me this story is the best one.