Sometimes you can find the right man to fulfill your every need

Sometimes you can find the right man to fulfill your every need. He’s perfect for you in every way! But the more common scenario is you can find a guy to only give you half of what you need. You find a man that is your perfect partner, but he stinks at sex. What’s a girl to do?

Find a bull! That’s what I did, anyway. A guy who had a rock hard cock and was able to fuck me like a slut just about any time I needed a stiff dick to ride.

As soon as he arrived, he could tell my poor little pussy hadn’t been fucked right in days. I was in desperate need! I nearly ripped his clothes off! I think my eagerness caused him a little rush of excitement, because his cock started to slowly rise to attention. Taking that as my cue, I happily wrapped my lips around the head of his thick cock and started to swirl my tongue around the tip. Pretty soon I was bobbing up and down on his cock, licking the shaft and stroking it as I worked up and down with my mouth. Once he was fully hard, he flipped me over to my back, and started licking my sweet pussy. Feeling his hot tongue on my very wet pussy lips and clit nearly sent me into orgasm first thing. I rocked my hips and raised my body off the bed, pushing myself onto his face more and more, harder and harder. His tongue felt incredible as it forced its way into my pussy, I could only imagine how much pleasure that big cock was going to give me! I begged him to shove his cock deep inside me, telling him how I craved it more than anything. He gladly complied…
Pushing my legs down and ensuring he could get as deep as possible, he fucked my sweet, wet pussy hard. I enjoyed every last minute of it, and of course he did – cocks don’t lie! 😉 So what do I love more than being fucked with my legs in the air? You guessed it, doggy style, guy fucking me from behind while my ass is way up in the air. My guy gets to hold my sexy hips and use the “handles” to push and pull me as he pleases. I’m totally in his control. Pounding me almost non-stop, my guy made sure I came quite a few times while fucking me doggy style…

All that hard work will wear someone out… so as he lay back down on the bed, I positioned myself to where my mouth wasn’t far away at all from his cock. I think it surprised him that I immediately started licking my own juices off his big cock, enjoying all of the different tastes and textures. What can I say? I love sucking big dicks, no matter where they’ve been. Within reason, obviously. 😉

Now, what horny woman can resist a hard cock just hanging around? You know I couldn’t! I climbed right on top of that stiff shaft and never flinched – I needed to have all of his dick inside of me! He was really getting into it too, and it seems like the harder I wanted to fuck him, the harder he ended up fucking me!

He continued with me on top for a good bit of time, bouncing up to meet me mid-stride, and then changing speeds a bit, before it got boring. I liked it when it was rough with me just a little bit, pulling my hair and holding on to my hips, using me like his little fuck toy. It makes me feel like he wanted to have complete control over a woman that cuckolds her husband. Quite the bull!

Finally he decided he’d had enough of my pussy. He orders me to get up on all fours again so he can plow in really deep with his big dick. Of course I did exactly as I was told, wanting to be very submissive to this bull. He kept thrusting harder and harder and my moans grew louder as well, until finally we both exploded into orgasm at the same time! Him, filling my slut pussy full with his hot, sticky cum, and my orgasm, which soaked the bed! Did I mention I squirt from time to time? 😉 It was an amazing experience, having a bull treat me like his personal slut, and being able to orgasm at exactly the same time. SO hot!

We both collapsed from exhaustion. Can’t wait for next time!