Cyndi, Mike and Johnny

The time of this story was when me and my sweet sexy hotwife Cyndi were living in North Carolina. My wife was a member of a full service health club, and our friend Mike was the manager. Mike and Cyndi had been just fucking around for two or three years at least. He had fucked my wife in his office, in the gym on the floor, in the stream room, about everywhere except the lobby.

They would also have sex at our house as well as his house and when they did they would let me watch, or listen, I would always get to go down on her afterward as they both laughed and teased me.

My wife spent really much time on tennis courts in the summer and was just dripping sexy in her tennis skirt and clingy thin sleeveless t shirts with her hard nipples straining to escape. One of the regular visitors, a guy named Johnny at the club started spending much time in conversation with her at every opportunity.

One day when she walked in Mike was standing there at the door talking with Johnny, as Cyndi walked in Mike greeted her and they kissed as they did Johnny couldn’t help but notice it was a deep kiss and Mikes hand cupped her ass briefly. After she had walked away Johnny said to Mike “She is so hot, I wanna fuck her” and Mike looked at him and laughed saying to him, “Thats the sweetest, hottest peice of pussy I have ever had”. Johnny was really surprised, he asked Mike isn’t she married and Mike said “yes she is and sometimes when we fuck we let her husband watch”.
Well, Mike asked Johnny if he really wanted to fuck her and the answer was yes. They were talking about something while walked out to the tennis courts and watched Cyndi play. When she finished, Mike started talking to her and they walked away from there. A few minutes later she and Mike walked back up to the place where Johnny stayed and Cyndi winked and said “see you tomorrow guys” and as she pasted Johnny she stopped kissed him on the cheek and said “Yumm you taste sweet, I can’t wait”.

Cyndi was agree to go out with them the next night and have a good time fucking both of them, and Mike told Johnny about that. The next night when Cyndi pulled up Mike and Johnny were waiting in Mike ‘s Dodge Ramcharger. When she got in the truck Mike started kissing her and feeling thru her clothes, pinching her nipples and rubbing her pussy outside her pants, she just moaned in his mouth as he kissed her. After they broke the kiss she turned to Johnny put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply when they broke their kiss she looked him in the eyes and said “I have been wanting to fuck you since the first night I seen you”. Mike said to her we are going to take you out in the woods and fuck you silly.

Cyndi said he drove her to a spot that undoubtedly he knew and when he stopped the truck he started kissing her and taking her clothes off. She got in the back seat and looked at Johnny and asked him, “Are you going to watch or wait outside for your turn” she said he mumbled he would wait and got out of the truck. Cyndi said that as soon as Mike got in the backseat she started sucking his cock and as she did she looked out the window of the truck and made eye contact with Johnny, she said that she was so turned on she gave Mike the sloppyest blow job she could just to turn Johnny on as much as possible. She has always said that Mike was the best fuck of all her fuck buddies over the years because he just fucked her like he owned her.