My first cucking… My story is all true.

Some time ago I didn’t realize it, but the girl who is now my wife was still fucking other guys when we just began going out. Why she wouldn’t have full sex with me? That was a mystery for me for the first time. She was previously married and I just thought she wasn’t ready for sex.

Time went quickly and she soon had me lapping at her VERY wet pussy. No doubt it was driving her crazy when I licked her to orgasm. I had never been with anyone so wet before!

Fast forward to a few years ago. She had become more imperious and I had somehow become much more submissive. My male underwear soon started disappearing and I soon started wearing sexy, lacy panties instead. My “man” underwear was almost nothing and I was wearing panties 24/7. If I ever wore man underwear, my wife would become agitated to the point I wanted to wear pretty panties for her. Soon, I couldn’t envision wearing anything else.

And that didn’t seem normal for me! My wife had me WANTing to wear sissy and silky things… Soon I found myself unable to control my sexual urges. On weekends I relished the time alone when I could wear more than just panties. I also wore bras, skirts, stockings and high heels. That was the exception but I always wore my panties.

Although I didn’t ever worried about my size, my wife confided during sex she had much bigger cocks. That instantly made my cock jump to attention knowing other men with bigger cocks got to penetrate her wet pussy. I was soon asking her how many men she has had, how big they were and if they were good in bed. Lying there is panties and hearing about other men enjoying her drove me crazy! I soon started wearing smaller panties and shaving myself with a small landing strip to feel appropriate.

I started to interest more and more about other men and cocks and her sexual fantasies. I admit I had stopped licking her pussy. She would remind me what a good pussy licker I was. I’m not sure why I had stopped but it just wasn’t the same. Not sure how it came about but I was shocked to hear an old secret…

While dating, my wife would see other men, get fucked and then go out with me. On top of that, she encouraged me to go down and eat her filled pussy. I was totally naive at the time and had no idea that her “very wet” pussy actually was full with cum from a previous lover. She was amazed at how eager I lapped and enjoyed eating her

I started thinking and eventually telling her that I wanted to eat her again – but I wanted her filled. She initially thought I would eat her after having finished. Of course, that was not the case. I started letting her know that I would love to eat her again and asked how she felt about letting me eat her like “old times”. She would get very wet just talking about it. Soon, we couldn’t have sex without talking about another man enjoying her body. Each time we both became very turned on to the point we would dream about it and then sex-text each other about it.

A LONG time passed with the same thing. Both of us wanting her to enjoy another man but nothing happened. She started thinking about it without me, dreaming and even shared her feelings with some of her friends. It was shocking for her to find out that many of them were married AND having sex on the side.

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