Now That I Can Handle

I can handle being your cuckold husband… most of the time. I can live with the gut wrenching pain, not physical, but mental. I know that you love me dearly and would never do anything to hurt me. But the pain is there nonetheless, a sort of self inflicted pain. But the pain I can live with.
But there is one thing that I just can’t handle anymore… helping you get ready for your date. I draw your bubble bath just the way you like it and then softly and gingerly wake you from your nap by sucking on your toes. You came in from the gym about an hour ago and announced that tonight was date night. Then you laid down for a nap and gave me orders about your bath and how to wake you. You needed the nap so that you would be vivacious and full of energy tonight. Your feet are still damp as I deftly remove your shoes and socks and then begin kissing them, soft, gentle, respectful kisses. At first. Then my wandering tongue begins to bathe those sweaty soles and explore the cleavage between your toes. The same toes that I polished last night with descending shades of blue, from Dark Midnight to Caribbean Sky Blue. Oh how I live to worship my Mistress’s feet. I know that soon those toes will be bathed in white sticky cum, but it won’t be mine. Oh how I long to release my pent-up seed onto those exquisite feet.
But, alas, it is not to be, because I am now guiding you by the hand into the tub where I will scrub you down and shave your legs. I know that soon those legs will be wrapped tightly around another as he pumps you to orgasmic heights that previously you had only dreamed were possible. As I towel you off I look longingly at your soft white hands, with fingernails painted to match your toes, and imagine them teasing my chest and abs. I imagine the contrast of your milky white skin as those little hands wrap around my throbbing cock and tease me to the edge of orgasm over and over. It’s true, those dainty hands will be stroking cock tonight, but it will be another. Oh how I wish I were he…
In the bedroom I stand back and admire you naked, my wife of 26 years. At 48 years old you still have a firm sexy body that any young stud would love to ravish. You carry 140 lbs. on your petite 5’3” frame, a lot of that having come after the birth of our three children (now grown and gone). Childbirth widened your hips and enlarged your breasts, but you maintain a small waist and that gives you the perfect hourglass figure. The magic moment is broken as I help you slip into a sheer black demi pushup bra and matching thong panties. Your erect nipples push against the tight fabric, seemingly defying gravity. I snap on a black garter belt and then roll those sheer blue silk stockings up your gorgeous legs. We ensure that your sexy blue toenails are still visible thru the stockings. You then step into a light blue chiffon mini dress and I pull it up around your shoulders and fasten the snaps. I look longingly at the dress that comes to mid thigh, just below the tops of your stockings. As you sit at your vanity mirror to do your makeup and hair, I am allowed to lie down on my back under your chair as you use my face for your footstool.
Finally you are ready and, with a raging hardon, I slip the 5” clear mules onto your dainty feet. The heels do nothing to hide your feet in all their glory, showcasing those perfectly pedicured toes, sexy arches, and perfect hourglass shape. I look up pleadingly as the Love of my life is about to walk out the door. You have gotten all dolled up, not for my pleasure, but for another’s. Your legs seemingly go on forever and your cleavage taunts me mercilessly. Tonight you will fill some lucky guy with lust and sex. Such is the life of a cuckold wife.
Ok, so I made it thru helping you prepare for your date. But the thing that I really can’t handle is driving you to meet your man…
I open the backseat door for my lady and you crawl in, flashing bits of upper thigh in the process. I close the door, get in and begin driving. I adjust the A/C and music to meet my lady’s taste. I am a slave to your every whim. The old familiar knot begins stirring in my gut as we pull up to the club and you get out and begin strutting towards the entrance. I am in a trance as I watch your hips wiggle underneath the tight dress, then you stop, turn around, and blow me a kiss and wave good-bye. The smirk on your face says it all and I know it’s going to be a long hard night.
All right, so I made it thru driving you to the club, but now I must do something until time to come back and pick you up, and that I just can’t take anymore. The sweet torture of knowing that my darling bride has entered a meat market and is sizing up some young stud less than half her age for a night of fun and adventure… it is more than I can take. But take it I must, because I now have the biggest most sustaining erection of my life. I ponder some mathematical concepts… we know that jealousy + passion = extremely horny, but is that a linear function or exponential? Judging from the size of my cock straining against my jeans I’m thinking the latter. But I am not allowed to relieve myself. I am on the honor system, but you will know if I do, you will know…
So I go get a bite to eat. Alone. Although I can’t really eat much, not with the churning in my stomach. Then I go watch a movie, half-heartedly. Alone. All the time my loving wife is dancing, laughing, and selecting. I cannot take it anymore, but take it I must. Around 10:00pm I head back to the club and wait in the parking lot. Presently you appear with a strapping young man on your arm, and what a prize he is. He must be 6’4” and 225 lbs with raven hair and strong arms. I marvel at how gracefully you walk in your deadly stilettos. I catch a glint of light from your blue fingernails as they massage his chest and abs. You never walk tipsy like the other women who exit this club, because you eschew alcohol. After all, drinking dulls the senses and you want to be wide awake to fully enjoy the pounding you will receive shortly.
Now comes the part that I just cannot handle anymore, driving you and your date back to our home. I open the door and usher the two of you into the backseat. You are all giggles and smiles as you quickly introduce me as your chauffer, but I can tell, I can see that familiar look in your eyes. You are almost too horny to even walk, and I know that soon you will be in the arms of your latest conquest and he will take you to that next dimension. But I at least expected you to wait until we got home! I eye you in the rear view mirror and see that you are making out. Your are engaging in oral intercourse with your tongues as you kiss each other deeply. His left hand begins to massage your breasts and I know that your nipples are responding. I hear the “whoosh” as his hand finds it’s way up your skirt, stroking those sensuous stocking clad legs. I can’t see this, but I imagine that as you begin to moan softly his fingers have reached your treasure chest and he is teasing your thru the thong panties. No doubt your panties are dripping wet by this point. Your musky smell fills the car and permeates my nostrils. I hear the familiar sound of a zipper going down and I know that those soft satiny hands are now playing with his cock.
We finally pull into the garage and I get out and open the back door. You look up at me sheepishly and straighten your dress as best you can as you step out of the car. We all walk into the living room and the two of you take you’re your passionate make out session to the couch. All the while I stand by awkwardly and watch. I have pangs of jealousy and want to scream at you to stop, to come back and be my wife, but the throbbing in my pants tells me otherwise. By this time you are sitting on his lap with your legs spread around his groin, your head is leaned back as he kisses your neck and cleavage, and I know what you want next. I slowly and quietly walk over and unzip your dress and deftly lift it over your head. This is the first time he sees you in just your bra and panties. Oh, and those silky blue stockings. And the garter belt. And of course the high heels. And what a sight you are! I carefully fold your dress and return to my chair. This chair is my prison as I watch a young bull ravish my Love’s tender body.
Presently you stand up, step back and twirl around so that he can fully appreciate your true beauty. You snap your fingers and I instantly crawl to your side. You tell me to get our young guest a soft terry robe and a drink. You, in the meantime, are going upstairs to freshen up and slip into something more comfortable. You cherish the horrified look on my face because I know what is coming next, and that I just cannot handle anymore. Please, no, don’t do it, just sleep with him if you must, but don’t do this! When a woman wears sexy lingerie she is stating in no uncertain terms that she is giving herself completely and unequivocally to her man. And baby, we both know that is your intention tonight. With a dryness in my throat I watch you slowly ascend the stairs and I want to go with your. Nevertheless, I comply with your orders and serve the young man, then walk quietly back to my seat of humiliation. His clothes quickly end up as a pile on the floor and just as he has donned the robe you walk back into the room. My heart nearly stops at the breathtaking sight before me, and our young friend responds in turn as I notice an incredible bulge beneath his robe. You have obviously chosen a newlywed fantasy for tonight’s adventure because you are wearing a tiara and bridal veil along with a short completely sheer white babydoll nightie.. A frilly garter adorns your left thigh and your precious feet are shod with white high heel marabou slippers. A glint of light flashes from the blue toenails on your now bare feet and legs. Your creamy white thighs end in a dark bush barely covered by white thong panties. Your dark nipples are clearly visible as they strain against the sheer white fabric. You walk over to your lover and enter into a long embrace as you once again explore each other mouths and tongues. You motion for me to leave and refresh the drinks, and when I reenter the room I see you, MY bride, on your knees in front of your man. You are passionately licking his cock and fondling his testicles. I watch as your tongue teasingly makes it’s way up and down his shaft and your hot pink lips engulf his head. After a couple of minutes you pull back and look back at me, silently mouthing “I love you so much”, as your left hand slowly jacks him off and your right hand plays with his balls.
This is the part that I just cannot take anymore. You have a technique that always works on young stallions to ensure that he will be able to pump you for hours to come. You call it your Jackie technique. It is important that he ejaculate early, because that means his cock will be somewhat desensitized for the rest of the night, which means that he will be able to drill you long and hard before coming again himself. With luck, he should be able to pump you to at least three orgasms before he ejaculates again.
You stop momentarily and snap your fingers, and I crawl to your side and hand you the warm bottle of babyoil. You liberally bathe his rigid member with the warm oil and then began jacking him off in earnest. He begins moaning as you take him to the brink of ecstasy a couple of times but you always know just when to stop. You switch hands and now squeeze his cock head with your right hand as your left hand works his testes. Within minutes his hips are bucking wildly upwards and the grimace on his face tells us that he is near. Part of me does not want to watch, but with a wicked smile you beckon me to come closer and watch you handle a real man. Those hot blue fingernails are just mere moments away from being glazed with his sweet release. You bend down to lick some pre-cum from his tip and then it happens, a huge eruption splatters all over your face, in your hair, even on your lingerie. Our guest bellows out his appreciation of your manual ministrations with a low guttural growl. You lick and suck the remaining sperm from his swollen cock and then rise to admire your handiwork. While he recovers you sip on a Coke and study his hard tight body, no doubt planning how to use it for your pleasure in the ensuing hours.
Somehow I made it thru your Jackie technique, but now comes the most dreaded part of the evening that I definitely cannot handle again. The next thing I know the two of your are walking up the stairs, hand in hand. He pauses at the bedroom door, picks you up and carries you across the threshold. I watch as my bride of 26 years disappears with her partner for a night of passion and fun. You leave the door open but I am forbidden to enter or even come upstairs. As I drift in and out of sleep on the couch I hear moans and squeals emanating from within your honeymoon suite. I try and keep up with your orgasms but I lose count after four. My own raging hardon begs to be relieved, but alas I must submit to my Mistress’s wishes and refrain.
Around 4:00am I hear a car pull into the driveway, no doubt a taxi, and the young man shuffles downstairs and out the door.
I awaken early and set out to please my Mistress before she gets up. I wash and vacuum your car, do the dishes and straighten up around the house. My erection painfully comes and goes as I replay the events of last night, but I am helpless to do anything about it. I just don’t think that I can take this lifestyle anymore. Around noon I fix a scrumptious brunch and carry it upstairs. I gently pull down the cum-stained satin sheets and gently wake you. Wake up…. wake up… wake up
I sat bolt upright, the warm Florida sun gleaming in my eyes.
“Wake up, wake up, wake up sleepyhead,” says my darling wife, giving me a little shake. “I’m back from shopping and I have some things that you are really going to love”. Her eyes twinkled as she looked down at me lying in the hammock by the hotel pool.
“It’s you,” I stuttered, reaching up to palm her face, “I mean, uh, it was just a dream. Baby, pinch me and see if I am awake”.
“Of course you’re awake, but you sure were snoozing when I walked up,” she said.
“Oh honey, I just had the most, the most… the most dreadful dream…” I began but could not even finish the sentence. A sudden chill shuttered my whole body, and then I flushed hot as the warm rays beckoned down on me. And then I realized, it was just a dream after all, I was not a cuckold husband and my darling bride had not just given herself completely to a young stud. I wanted to jump and shout! But then I was brought back down to earth quickly…
“A dream, huh?” she said, noticing the sizeable bulge in my swimming trunks. “Uh-huh, maybe more like you have been ogling some young bikini girls?” she queried.
“No baby, it’s nothing like that, it’s just that I’m so relieved, that, that…” and then I pulled her down and kissed her more deeply than I have ever done in my whole life. I nearly fell out of the hammock but at that moment I didn’t care. An old couple sitting near us began to chuckle and my bride stood back up and retored “What’s gotten into you ?”. However I could see her nipples begin to push thru the tight fabric of her sun dress.
“Now stop that,” she cooed, not really meaning a word of it, “and let me show you what I bought today”.
She blushed as the old couple were still looking our way, but still proceeded to pull out a little white nightgown.
She whispered, “Look, this is completely see thru!” and put her hand on the inside so that I could see the contrast.
I was staring at her hands. She had blue fingernails! I immediately jerked her hand up close for a better look. I then begin to kiss those beautiful white hands and those sexy blue nails.
“Oh yeah,” she said, “I also got my nails done while I was out. Toes too,” she teased as she kicked off a loafer and spread her toes. Blue toes.
I nearly fainted.
Reaching into the bag, she remarked, “Do you want to see what other surprises I have in here, or would you rather go to the room and let me model for you?” she teased.
I was so excited. My nightmare was just a dream and my real life wife was by my side. Our wedding vows are still being honored. The holy sanctity of our marriage has been sustained. Our love is deeper than ever. Plus, I am going to get her pussy as soon as we get to the room.
Now That I Can Handle…