It’s a cuck life

We were on one of these sites three years ago when we first started exploring the cuckold life style. I wrote about how my small dick could not satisfy my wife, I talked about how I wanted her to have mind blowing orgasms we even discussed a gang bang. We were posting rather regular until she snapped. Be careful what you ask for because you might get it.

We are at a new point in our cuckold life style, no we are not stopping but the last three years have been beyond intense. There were times I didn’t think I was going to survive. I will talk about the last three years as we go, like when she took me to the homeless shelter on Christmas and made me give everyone a blow job, or how on our wedding anniversary she had me gangbanged by twenty men, an event that lasted more than eight hours. In the end one of the men had to carry me to the car because I was so warn out I couldn’t move.

First I should tell you about her going off the deep end. Things were going well and she was getting laid two or three times a week. I would always lick her clean even after her 8 man gang bang. Then one night we were talking and she remarked that I had become quite good at sucking cock, mistakenly I told her that the sucking dick part was the worst part of this cuckold life style. I have no idea what happened because she exploded with anger telling me that if I was going to make her happy I was going suck dick and learn to love it.

The next morning we went to the local porn shop and she made me service the glory hole for three hours, while I was filling up on cum she was talking to the store owner setting up a regular visit from me to be the glory hole service man, they even promoted it so more men would show up. Suddenly every other day I was at the glory hole from 9 to noon, there would be a line of men lining up fifteen minutes before I got there.

She was still seeing various bulls I think she was seeing who measured up at the glory hole and inviting them over for more. Every day I would go home with a belly full of cum, the first scheduled day I got in the car with a belly full of baby batter and just sat there total wiped out, my jaw ached the back of my throat was raw and my forehead was bruised from her slamming my head against the top of the glory hole forcing cocks down my throat. She asked if I wanted anything for lunch and I just groaned. She stopped for fast food and when she started eating onion rings I puked all over the car, suddenly I was sitting in a pool of cum that had just moments ago been in my stomach, She wasn’t as angry as I had expected she just told me to make sure I clean it up when we got home. When we pulled in the drive there were 4 bulls waiting for her, she took them inside and told me to clean the car.

The next morning she woke me up early explaining to me that she knows that some smells make me puke and that we need to cure the problem, With that we got in the car and she drove me to the part of town where the homeless live, when she got there she said you are going to get a chance to get used to bad smells here cuck boy, She preceded to make me blow as many stinking nasty homeless men as she could find she even found two female and made me eat their dirty nasty pussies that hadn’t seen clean water in years. I puked several times when she made me suck three men’s cum out of a homeless woman’s ass. I don’t know how many times I puked that day but it was plenty.

There are tons of stories and several days I don’t even remember so I will get on with the subject at hand. I promises to reminisce in future posts just know the last three years were a lot like the first two days nasty and gross followed by her loving caring side making all better. I still to this day love my wife and would do it all again if she asked me too.

Now three years later we have come out of the worst of it, I just think she couldn’t think of anything more humiliating than what she has already done. We sat down and talked about what’s next, how were we going to keep this lifestyle going and how was I going to start bringing my share of money in to the house, after all I haven’t had a job in three years.

That’s when it came to us we needed to open a Bed and Breakfast that was exclusive to people who wanted to explore their sexuality. We opened the Cuck Inn 6 months ago. It is a invitation only B&B that has 16 rooms to rent and several play areas, we rent by the week and we are closed every other week to make sure the place is cleaner than you would want it to be. The wife makes me clean every square inch of the building. We have several ways of booking the INN sometimes we have four women and 12 men and once we had 15 men and one women it all depends on what the ladies want.

The first week we were open we had four ladies and 12 men not including my wife and myself, when they first arrived we let them alone so they can get comfortable in the surroundings, I am the cook, the maid and the cum dump so I have so much to do I wouldn’t have time to give pleasure to anyone that first day.

After everyone was checked in we had a meet and greet in the big room because it has the best bar and the room is so open that no one feels closed in. I explained that we would like everyone to get to know each other but to refrain from sex on the first night; I explained that everyone was there to fulfill a fantasy and that if we do it right we can full fill all fantasies and then just get wild. I also explained that my wife was available to join but unless requested she will be hands off. After I told them no cum leaves the building unless it is in me I gave them all a button that would activate a pager that I was wearing so that no cum would be wasted. Next I pointed out the wine glass that were positioned around the Inn just in case I can’t get there quick enough they are to deposit the cum in the wine glass and I would drink it up as soon as I could get to it. The only other rule worth repeating is that if a man upsets a woman he has to leave no questions asked.

They were all given a list of rules to agree too before they could make a reservation, rules like no man can cum in or on the cum dump for the first three days unless there is a woman touching him, In other words if you’re not pleasing a women you shouldn’t be getting off.

The first night went as planned and there were only a few cum loads that needed to be cleaned up.

The next morning I was cooking breakfast when one of the men came in to the kitchen with a huge hard on it sort of got me excited to think I might get some of that. But as the rules state we would need a woman if he was going to cum in me. I have to admit at this point over the three years I did learn to love sucking cock and the feeling I get when one is deep inside of me. That said he was stroking his hard cock and looking for relief when I reminded him of the rule If asked if there was a loop hole because all the ladies were sleeping. I told him that there is one way around it, he could cum in the blue coffee cup, he did and I was surprised as hell when he filled the cup more than half way full with his huge cum load. Just about then another fellow came in to the kitchen with the same problem I gave him the same advice. Finally I lady came in to the kitchen wanting to know if she was the first one up, I told her she was the third, then asked her to put a little coffee in the blue cup and hand it to me, I received a cup full of cum and coffee from the lady no rules broken here.

After we all ate we gathered in the big room to see how the day was going to play out. I got out the fantasy list I preceded to read the fantasies not telling which fantasy went with which person.

Fantasy number one is a lady who wrote,” I love to give head and want to blow at least a dozen men in a row, the problem is I don’t like to swallow can you help.” As you can see we a blowjob chair on the other side of the room so this lady can have maximum comfort while she gets everyone off. I will sit next to her and she will snowball me so that she doesn’t have to swallow. I suggest that this lady go first only because every man has been holding his load and she will get the biggest loads of the week.

Fantasy number two is from a lady who wants to be doubled pumped at least three times without stopping.

For fantasy number three we have a lady who wants to have a gang bang with as many men as she can until the cum pours out of her pussy like a fountain.

After reviewing 6 fantasies we all agreed the lady who wanted to give all the blow jobs should go first. She climbed in to the chair so that her belly was on the pad and her head hung of the end right above the other half of the seat where the first man was sitting. When she looked down his cock was poking her in the eye and then she got busy sucking and rubbing that cock like she was starving. He blew his load in a matter of minutes and she held every drop in her mouth until she kissed me and cum poured from her mouth to mine; I licked her mouth clean before each new cock filled it back up again. This went on until she had given 16 blowjobs and I swallowed each and every load.

I know you can’t all sit here and read my stories all night so I will stop here for today. Please cum back and read more I will post more memories like the guest who wanted to see how much cum her ass would hold I swear it took me almost twelve hours to lick all the cum out of her. Of course I will only write when my wife will allow it. I know she will because she wants me to tell you about how she humiliated me the last three years.

Who ever thought that being a cuckold husband could turn in to a full time job, not me? Got to go the bull just finished filling her and I need to clean her up before we go to the store.

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