Getting to know the neighbours

In my case it happened at a Halloween party. My wife Kelly and I went to our neighbours Halloween party and she was brilliant. I’ve been cuckolded for about 10 years, 2 years before we were married. My wife dates 1 or 2 times a month and we have remained fairly discreet. She usually comes home and tells me about her date while sitting on my face while I wank, but does sometimes bring guys home and lets me beat off and watch her get fucked , while she laughs at me for being her “slave”. We have lived in our current neighborhood for 3 years and have become good friends with the couple, Rich and Cathy, who throw a party every year. The last 2 were pretty wild, but nothing like this year.

She had a very hot costume of “the farmer’s daughter” and I was dressed as the farmer. The party was really crazy with lots of flirty people and plenty of booze. And things got out of hand whe it was after nearly everyone else left. There were two couples left who we know pretty well also, and the four of us. My wife was in the hot tub with Cathy and Rich and I was on the deck with the other couples. I wasn’t facing the deck, so I wasn’t initially aware of what was going on until my wife called out to me. I turned around and saw Rich sitting up on the side of the tub, with Kelly and Cathy in the tub on either side of him. My wife had a hold of his huge cock. My wife then yelled out Cathy told her she would share Rich’s cock with her since she didn’t have anything nearly this nice at home. Cathy then says “she told me about your little dick and the agreement you to have, so I hope you don’t mind. Then they both took turns sucking Rich’s cock, and he just looked at me a shrugged his shoulders.

My dick raised instantly and I was dying to beat off. Cathy then said something to my wife while laughing which I couldn’t hear, but then my wife said “come on over here baby, Cathy wants to see you play with your little dick like you do at home”. I didn’t hesitate for a second, went over to the hot tub, undid the overalls I was wearing and started stroking my already hard dick off. I looked over at the other couples, and they looked like they were enjoying watching this unfold. It has been a few years since my wife has done a threesome like this in front of me, but I always find it 100x hotter being humiliated by her in front of another woman.

After a while, stopped sharing Rich’s cock, Cathy jumped up, kissed her husband and ran into the house. She returned quickly with a condom in her hand, gave it to my wife and said she should go ahead and get the full treatment since she obviously had no chance of getting a good fucking at home tonight. My wife immediately agreed and walked to the opposite side of the hot tub and bend over so she was about 2 feet from me. Rich then put on the condom, got in the hot tub, walked over behind my wife and started fucking her. The look on her face was great, and I had to slow down stroking or I would have come. Cathy told her husband” come on baby, fuck her harder and make her come, we have to be good hosts and make sure our guests enjoy themselves.”. She then said” judging by her husband’s little stiffy, he is certainly enjoying the show”, which cause my wife to laugh as well. Kelly then commented how I never got that hard when she used to let me fuck her, its only when I watch and beat off does my dick get really hard. My wife starting moaning, when Cathy pulled her head back by the hair, told her to “let it out and enjoy herself” then stating making out with her while she came on Rich’s cock.

After she came , my wife said she wanted Rich to come in her mouth, so she turned around, got back on her knees and took the condom off. She started sucking him, then Cathy grabbed it and said” here baby, let me do the honors. You just stick out your tongue and open wide” She then started jerking off her husband aiming right at Kelly’s mouth. Cathy then started glancing right into my eyes and laughing while she jerked off her husband, and I could barely keep from coming. Rich then exploded into Kelly’s mouth and on her face. Cathy then gave me the most amazing stare and wicked grin, which caused me to feel the most humiliated I think I ever felt. She then bent down and started making out with my wife, the whole time not taking her eyes off f me as I shot my load all over the deck. It was absolutely amazing.

Once we went home a little later, I went down on my wife while jerking myself off again.