Pathetic Cuckold (part 3)

i woke the following morning to my phone ringing, good morning cucky, get your sissy ass into my bedroom right now, Lynn barked into the phone and hung up. as i climbed out of bed i was reminded of the chastity device i was locked in. when i arrived in Lynn’s room Tim was on top of my wife, her legs wrapped around him as he fucked her hard and deep. Kneel over here and watch a Real Man fuck your wife, when he is done i need you to clean his cock and then you can clean my pussy, it’s got lots of cum in it. Lynn said laughing. Yes Mistress i said, as i knelt by the bed looking at Lynn.
Her body was rocking as Tim slammed his cock into her over and over. Lynn grabbed Tim by his head and layed a deep kiss on him then said fuck me baby, shove that big black cock into me. fuck me harder. Tim slammed into her hard, you like that you white trash whore? Lynn screamed out Yessss, Oh MY God Yess, harder, give it to me harder, fuck me good and hard. Tim fucked her as had as he could his pace began to quicken. Lynn’s eyes rolled back as Tim pounded his massive cock into her over and over. There was no way that i could even get my wife to a state like that, i could not believe the endurance Tim had. After what seemed like 10 minutes Tim let out a deep grunt and emptied himself into my wife. Yessss baby cummm, give it to meee, Lynn yelled. Her body was shaking as as she yelled out Oh God Yes, i’m cumming again.
They stayed togther for several moments before Tim pulled out of her. He climbed off the bed and walked to me hold his cock. Ok wimp, time for you to get to work, lick me clean. He stood over me, dropped his cock to my face and said, clean it you fucking wimp, put your arms behind your back and clean this cock that just fucked your white trash whore wife. His cock was drenched in a mix of their juices. i placed my arms behind my back and began licing his cock clean. As i licked him his cock moved all around my face smearing me with a mix of there cum. Tim grabbed my head, pulling me into him he said, get my balls too. i ran my tongue around his balls as he held my head.
He held me there for a few minutes then released his hold on me. Get you fucking cum dump cunt over here so your wimp husband an clean up that dam fuck hole of yours. Lynn postioned herself by the side of the bed, her legs spread wide open. Her pussy was swollen form all the fucking and cum was leaking out of her. Ok wimp get your sissy mouth down there and lick up all that cum that Tim left in your wife. Tim pushed my face right into her and yelled get to work wimp, lap up all that cum i left in that fucking cunt. Get that tongue in there deep and clean that fuckhole. i licked away, i could taste his cum and Lynn’s pussy juices as well as smell the heavy scent of sex. Oh cucky, you will need to do better then that, you’ll need to suck on my pussy some, so you get every drop out.
Lynn held my head betwwen her legs until she was satisfied that i had done a decent job. When she let me up she began laughing. You should see your face, it’s covered with cum juice. Keep it there for now, it will help remind you of what a pathetic wimp you are. Go make coffee, we will be down in a few moments, and get your pink slipper on sissy. Yes Mistress i said as i got up and left to room.
Lynn and Tim walked into the kitchen about 10 minute after the coffe was ready, they were both naked. Pour us both a cup and bring them over here to the table. As i walked over with the coffee, Lynn reached over to my babydoll nightie, lifted it up, smiled and said, i just love seeing your pathetic little dick locked up like that, it looks so cute on you. I said nothing, i just haned them their coffee. As i began to walk back to the coffee to get mysel a cup, Lynn said, where do you tink your going wimp? i looked over to her and said, i was going to get myself a cup of coffee Mistress. Oh no, sissy, you can have coffee later on, after we are done. Come over here and let me put this lipstik on you. As she put it on she told me, for now you need to get under the table and kneel down between Tim’s legs. I want you to suck his cock nice and slow while he enjoys is coffee.
i said nothing more then yes Mistress and when she was done, i climbed under the table between Tim’s legs. Lynn was holding his cock out, shaking it at me like it was a special treat. Take hold of this and get your sissy cocksucker lips wrapped around this cock. i didn’t say a word, i simply took hold of his cock and began to suck on it. Yes sissy suck my cock nice and slow, I want you to learn how to be a real good sissy cocksucker for me and my friends. Hearing that, my mind began to wonder what was in store for me, what friends was he talking about. It was not long before Tim’s cock began swelling in my mouth. I wondered to myself how can this guy do it, how can he be getting hard again?
Are you still sucking that cock my sissy wimp? i stopped and replyed yes Mistress. Well come out from under the table for a moment, we need some more coffee. Yes Mistress. i climbed out and poured them both more coffee. Lynn told me, when your done putting the coffee back come back here so i can do a touchup on your sissy cocksucker lips. As she was putting the lipstick on me she said, you’re going to have to learn how to put on your sissy cocksucker lipstick by yourself. You need to keep these cocksucking lips touched up at all times, she told me. She went on to say, you’re going to make a great sissy cocksucker by the time we are done with you.
Tim stood up and walked over to me holding his cock out. On your knees bitch, get those sissy cocksucker lips on my cock. He pushed down on my head with his other hand. As soon as i was on my knees he pulled on my head so his cock was at my mouth. Open up you sissy cocksucker mouth, get those sissy cocksucker lips around my cock. i opened my mouth and took in his cock and began to suck on it.
In no time Tim was rock hard. He grabbed my head and forced his cock all the way into my mouth. Deepthroat it bitch, open out and take it all ocksucker.
He held me there gagging for air, let me up long enough to get air, and then forced me all the way don on it again and again. Lick my balls bitch, open that mouth wide and lick them with your mouth full of my cock. i was gagging as i tried to get my tounge to his balls. Lynn stood put and got behind me and began forcing my head up and down on his cock. I could barely get a breath befor she would force it all into my mouth again. Suck it you fucking sissy cocksucker, she barked. Suck that cock, all of it.
i began to cry as Lynn over and over shoved me down on that massive cock. Get that cock in your mouth. Show Tim what a good deep throat sissy cocksucker you are. my body was going weak from the mouth fucking i was getting. After what seemed like a lfetime Lynn et go of my head and walked in front of me. Look at me, are you a sissy cocksucker? Yes Misteress i replyed. Say it she said, say i am a sissy cocksucker Mistress. i answered, I am a sissy cocksucker Mistress. Look at Tim and tell him I am a sissy cocksucker and I beg you to please cum in my sissy cocksuker mouth. i was willing to do or say anyting that would prevent me from another round of forced deep throating. i looked at Tim and said, i am a sissy cocksucker and i beg you to please cum in my sissy cocksucker mouth.
Lynn smiled and said, very good my sissy cocksucker, now get those cocksucker lips and that cock and get back to your sissy cocksucking. i took Tim’s cock into my mouth and began sucking him. Rub his balls as you suck his cock Lynn instruced. i softly rubbed on his balls as i continued to suck his cock. Are you close baby Lynn asked. Tim replyed oh yea, real close. OK, then I want to jerk you off and see you cum in his waitng mouth. Open your mouth sissy she said. Open your mouth wide and keep it open. Lynn took Tim’s cock and began to jeck him off. After a short time he grunted and began shotting his cum ito my mouth. Lynn pumped him more and it shot on my lips and face. When he was done she took her camera phone and took some pictures of me, my face and mouth filled with cum and Tims black cock by my lips. When she was done i was then allowed to swallow the cum in my mouth.
Tim walked away telling Lynn he was going to take a shower. He said to her, I know you have things you want to do yet. i coud only hope that whatever she had to do did not involve me. Lynn told me to stay right there and walked away. She was gone for a few minutes and when she returned she had a wicked smile and 2 packages. She handed me one and told me to open it, it was a tube of KY jelly. i looked at her confused but said nothing, from the wicked smile on her face i was certain i didn’t want to know. She handed me the second package and told me to open it. Inside the box was a black buttplug. I didn’t say a word. Lynn was laughing as she said that’s right my sissy cocksucker, that buttplug is for you. Now come with me and bring the things with you.
i felt so ashamed as i followed her. She led me to the spare bathroom. Get out of your clothes, there’s something we need to do she said. As i removed the nightie she said, i’m going to tell you this right now, you’ll do exactly as i tell you without any back talk. If you give me any lip, I’m sending the pictures of you to all of your friends and family. Do you understand me? i felt a shake in my body, her tone was serious, yes Mistress i answered. Get the slipper off and get over here and get in the tub. She pulled the shower curtain back and that is when i saw the enema bag hanging from the shower head.
i looked at her as if pleading no, not that. She laughed and said get your ass in there on all 4’s and face that wall. n the wall was a black suction cup dildo. As i began to climb in the tub she said, on all 4″s and get that cock into your mouth ans suck it while i clean you. i felt so humiliated as i got on all 4’s and took the dildo in my mouth. Lynn wasted no time at all and pushed the enema tube into me. i felt the warm liquid going into me. In no time i felt some of the liquid leaking out. Get out and get on the toilet she barked. i was out and seat in no time at all and my body emptied.
i was made to repeat the same process over and over until i was completly cleaned out.
When she was done i was instructed to bath nad shavemyself all over. When your done, dry yourself off and put this scented oil on. Then you can come down naked, in you slippers and meet me in the living room. As she walked out she took the lube and buttplug with her. i took my time cleaning upand shaving. i was in no hurry for what i knew was awaitng me.
i walked into the living room to find Tim and Lynn watching the news. i noticed that there as a towle placed in the middle of the floor along with the lube and buttplug. Well it took you long enough Lynn said. Get your ass over to that towel and get on all 4’s facing away from us. Yes Mistress i answered, with a tone of shame in my voice. Once i was on all 4’s Lynn said, now place your face on the towel, open those legs wide and reach back and spread you ass wide open. Yes Mistress i mumbbled as i did as instructed.
The 2 of them were laughing as i remained there exposed. After a few moments Lynn walked over to me and asked, do you know whats in store for you my sissy cocksucker? Yes Mistress i shamefully replied. Not satisfied with my humiliation, she said, tell me what is in store for my cocksucking sissy wimp. i remained quiet, to ashamed to speak. Tell my now or i’m sending the picutres. i shamefully told her, you’re going to put that buttplug in my ass. Laughing she said, yes I am but first I want my sissy cocksucker to beg for it. Tell me, i am a sissy cocksucker Mistress and i want a buttplug up my sissy ass. Worried about the pictures i said, i am a sissy cocksucker Mistress and i want a buttplug up my sissy ass Mistress.
I was instructed to continue saying it over and over. Lynn took the lube and butt lug and walked behind me. She ordered my to spread my cheeks wider. i then felt her lubed finger pressing into me. She worked it in and out, got more lube and did it again. i kept saying, i am a sissy cocksucker Mistress and i want a buttplug up my sissy ass Mistress. She then placed the buttplug to my hole and began pressing it in. i felt it strecing me as she pushed more into me. i felt like i was being torn open.
Tim was laughing as he said, take it out of that sissy and the push it back in. Do it till that opens up and lets it slip right in. Lynn repatedly pulled it out and pushed it back into me. i tried to hide the pain as i kept saying, i am a sissy cocksucker Mistress and i want a buttplug up my sissy ass Mistress. i could hear a camera licking as she worked the plug in and out of me.
i was made to stay on the floor for some time with the buttplug in my ass. OK sissy she said, go get your cocksucker lipstick and put in on. When you’re done, come back here and bring the lipstick. Yes mistress i said. As i stood and began to walk away, i felt to plug moving in my ass. In the bathroom i took the lipstick and put it on as best i could. As i walked back into the living room Lynn siad, look Tim, look at our wimp cocksucking sissy, locked up and his ass full of buttplug. He’s even walking like a sissy now that his sissy ass is plugged.
Come and sit over here by the computer Lynn said. When i sat on the chair, the buttplug seemed to go deeper into me. ynn noticed the expression on my face when i sat. Oh Tim, i think the sissy cocksucker is learning to enjoy that plug. Spread your cheeks on that seat so you get the real full feeling. She was right,as i spread my cheeks itentered me even more. Here this is for you. She opened a shoe box and took out a pair of Red High Heels. Give me your foot, I want to see how well they fit you. Lynn put the shoes on me and connected the ankel straps. Stand up and walk around the room.
The heels were much larger (5″) the then slipper, i felt very unbalanced in them. Walk around sissy, get use to them, that is what your to wear from now on. Tim was laughing a i tried to walk around in the heels. Keep walking around the room and say i am a pathetic wimp cocksuckig sissy who is caged and buttpluged by my Mistress wife and her Boyfriend Master.
The 2 on them spent a while watching me as i walked around the living room saying, i am a pathetic wimp cocksuckig sissy who is caged and buttpluged by my Mistress wife and her Boyfriend Master. Tim said, look bitch I’m horny, get on your lnees and suck my cock while the sissy cocksucker walks around the room. I want him to see his wife sucking cock while he prances around the room like the cocksucking wimp he is. Lynn smiled and went right to her knees and began sucking Tim’s cock.
After a while Tim orderd Lynn to get up on the sofa ad kneel ass out. He stood behind her and began fucking her, slapping her ass as he used her. As they fucked i could hear Lynn’s moaning. Tim looked back at me and asked, are you watching this? I’m fucking your white trash whore wife while your walking around the room locked up, in heels and a puttplug in your ass. my head was down as i responded with nothing more then Yes Sir.
They fucked for a while more before Tim told Lynn, stand up bitch. He Stood up behind he and lifted one of her legs high in the air. Her pussy was fully exposed and still open from the fucking she had received. He looked ove at me and said, get over here sissy, get over ere and put my cock into this white trash fuck hole. Lynn and a nasty smie as i walked over to them. Yes sissy, put his Big Bl;ack Cock into your wifes pussy so my boyfriend can fuck me.
Once he was back inside her, i was made to kneel in front of her and lick her cockfilled pussy as Tim fucked her. As i was licking, Lynn reached down and pulled my head deeper into her. Lick my and his cock as he fuckes me. They fucked in the sanding position for a while, then Tim plled her back to the sofa and sat. He never took his cock out of her. His hand kept her leg up and out. They continued to fuck as i as directed, licked away at at her pussy. Lynn was moaning and yelling as he continued to fuck away at her. When he grunted Lynn went wild, she was screaming Yesss Cumm Baby, give it to me.
When they stooped, they stayed together for a few momments and then Lynn took his cock out of her and pointed it to me. Lick it and suck it sissy and when it is clean you can lick my pussy clean. i never got out the words, Yes Mistress, my mouth was filled with his cock. I licked and sucked his cock and balls clean and was quicky made to lick Lynn’s pussy.
Ok, I’m clean, you can get up and do more of your of your walking now, Lynn said. Walk around the room and get use to those heels, and keep saying what i told you. I walked around the living room again saying, i am a pathetic wimp cocksuckig sissy who is caged and buttpluged by my Mistress wife and her Boyfriend Master. They watched me fro a few moments and then left the room.
The 2 of them came back dressed. Lynn had a mirror, the didlo, and lipstick with her. She went over to the computer as i continued to walk around the room. Come over her she said. At the computer she told me to sit down. Lynn took a tissue and had me wipe my face. Your going to learn to put your cocksucking lipstick on properly. She applied the lipstick and had me take the tissue to my lips and press downon it. See, thats is how it is done she said. Now, i want you to suck on this dildo. When your cocksucking lipstick is messed, i want you to reapply it. While you’re sucking your didlo i want you to study this information on the computer. It’s all about how to suck cock, something you need to learn well. i was left at the computer, Tim and Lynn departed to do some shopping.
It was now late afternoon, as i heard them leave. i wondered what they might be up to. i had no desire to practice sucking on that dildo. As i relfected on what had taken place over the last 24 hours i began to cry. i knew i was trapped, there was no way i wanted to be ina courtroom and have peope hear about how small i was and see anyof the pictures that had been taken. At the same time i did not want what i was getting but could not figure a way out.
About 40 minutes later the computer beeped indicating that there was mail. i open the message an was shocked. The first thing n the message was a picture of me with cum on my face and Tim’s cock at my lips. The message read – To my wimp sissy cocksucker, you better be doing as i told you. I have all the pictures loaded on Tim’s computer and we can send them out anytime you get out of line. We will be back later on, I’m certain Tim will want to test out all the new sissy cocksucking skills that you have learned.
i sent off a quick Yes Mistress and hit the send button. i could not believe it, they were finding ways to humiliated and degrade me even when they were away. i felt more of my manhood slip way as i began suckig on the dildo, reading about how to properly suck a cock. As instructed i’d sucked on it for a while and then touched up the lipstick. While i read and sucked my mind kept wondering if Lynn would really send those pictures out if i tried to put a stop to this. Clearly i was not going to test that option.
Sometime after 6 PM i heard them return. Lynn called out, come here and give us a hand my sissy cocksucker, and make sure your sissy cocksucker lipstick is neat. After touching up the lipstick, i met themin the kitchen. There were several packages sitting on the table. Take these and put them in the living room, don’t look inside and thn come back here, she told me. My mind raced wondering what was in the packages but i dared not look. Once back in the kitchen, Lynn handed me 2 more packages. Lets take these to your room right now.
Once in my bedroom Lynn began taking things out of the bag. Here these will need to be displayed on you dressing table when they are not in use. She place 2 black dildo’s, 2 large vibrators (1 pink, 1 black), and 2 buttplugs on the table. In one of my nightstands she placed batteries, an odd looking hose that had some type of ballon at the end, and 2 more tubes of lubricant. She then placed several DVD’s by the TV. These are for your sissy cocksucer study time she stated laughingly. She then handed me a box of secented wipes. You’ll need these to keep your bottom clean and fresh. Now, bend over the bed, I want to get out your buttplug. Spread those ass cheeks for me like a good little cocksucking sissy wimp. With my cheeks spread, Lynn pushed up on the buttplug several times before removing it. A moment later, after relubricating it she pushed it back in. Laughing she said, look how easy that went back in there for you sissy. She took a secented wipe and used it on my bottom. Lets go she stated, by now, Tim should be waiting for us in the living room.
We walked into the living room Tim was sitting on the sofa watching the TV and sipping on a beer. Stand right here for a moment, Lynn told me. As she walked away from me she said, Tim and I were talking and we decided that you need to be made to become more sissy like,so we did some shopping just for you. She sat down next to Tim and began looking into the packages i had brought in earlier.
Turn around so your back is to us yu fucking sissy cocksuking wimp Tim barked at me, you don’t need to see what she is doing. Yea, have that cocksucking wimp husband of your’s put these on for now Tim stated, while laughing hard. In my mind i was thinking, oh no, what do they have in store for me now. Honey, I have something for you, turn around so you can see some of the cute sissy cocksucker things we got you.
When i turned around i saw sitting on the coffee table a number of ladys underthings. Lynn took her time to point out each items. Look here, we have sissy pink stockings, a very sexy pink lace bra, and matching garters. Lets get you dressed sissy, i can’t wait to see you in these. Lynn took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen. Sit down and take off your heels so we can get you in these stockings. When the heels were off, Lynn took one of the stockings, roll it up like this, slip your toes inside and slowly roll them up your leg. Yes Mistress i said as i did my best to follow her instructions. Lynn was laughing as she said, don’t worry in notime at all you’ll get the hang of this as you will be earing them all the time from now on. After the stocking were on i was made to put the heels back on. When done i was made to stand up. She put the garter arounf my waist and showed me how to connect them to the stockings. OK sissy, now you do the other side. It took me a bit to can them to stay connected. Now comes your bra, hook it up in front of you like this. Now you turn it around, put you arms in here, Lynn said. Lynn walked around me and adjusted the straps and the position of the bra. That’s the proper way to wear it, she stated. Alright, this will do for now, wait here until i call you Lynn said. I could here them luaghing in the living room and then it went quiet fro several moments. Ok my cocksucking sissy, we need you in here now. When i walked into the living room Tim was sitting on the sofa naked, Lynn was still dressed. Tim laughed when he saw me, aren’t one you pathetic sissy cocksucker all dresed in your pink sissy things. Walk around the room again and say that phrase you were saying before. Yes Sir i responded and began walking around saynig, i am a pathetic wimp cocksuckig sissy who is caged and buttpluged by my Mistress wife and her Boyfriend Master.
When i had done a number of laps around the room Tim stood up. Get over there and fix your lipstick he demanded. With out a word i began to walk over to the computer to fix my lipstick. Tim barked, what no Yes Sir to me? Before i could finish getting the words, Sorry Sir, he walked over to where i was. He sat in the chair and said sorry is not going to cut it you fucking cocksucking sissy. Get over here and bend over my knees right now. Lynn was laughing as she said, oh my i think sissy is getting a spanking.
Mover your ass up higher on my lap he demanded. As soon as i was in position his hand came down hard on my ass. You fucking sissy you are going to learn your place and behave like a proper sissy cocksucker when I’m around he barked as he slapped my ass over and over. He used one hand to hold me down as the other slapped my bottom over and over. Tim stopped for a moment and then sad, with each slap i want you to say, thank you Sir, i am sorry Sir. He spanked my bare bottom over and over as i repeated, Thank you Sir, i am Sorry Sir. Lynn was getting a good laugh out of this, Spank that cocksucking sissy, spank the sissy but good. As he spanked me i began to cry, both from the pain and the humiliation of the spanking.
When it was over, Tim asked me if i had anything i wanted to say to him. Still bent over his knees, all i could think of was to say, Thank you Sir, I am sorry Sir. And what are you going to do to show me you are really sorry you worthless sissy cocksucker.
I knew what he wanted me to say but held of saying it and asked, Sir what would you like me to do to show you i amd sorry. You know damn right well what I want, now tell me or we can go back to more spankings. i swallowed hard and mumbled, my i suck your cock to show you i am sorry Sir? What was that sissy?. I didn’t hear you, say that aging so we know what you are saying. In a louder voice i again said, my i suck your cock to show you i am sorry Sir? They both laughed.
Get off of me and get into the center of the room you sissy cocksucker he yelled. i got up and walked to the certer of the room. On your knees he yelled. Looking at Lyn he said, I want lots of pictures, this fucking cocksucker is going tobe a webslut if I am not happy. He walked up to me and demaned that i beg to suck his cock. Now beg he yelled.
I wasted no time saying Yes Sir. Sir my i please suck your cock Sir. i want to suck your cock Sir so i can show you i am sorry. My i please suck it Sir. Are you a sissy cocksucker who wants to suck a Mans cock and balls and have a Man cum in your mouth. Yes Sir i am Sir. then say it he replied. Sir i am a sissy cocksucker who wants to suck a Mans cock and balls and have a Man cum in my mouth. Tell me how much you want to wrap your cocksucking sissy lips on my cock and suck it to please me. Sir, please let my wrap my cocksucking sissy lips around your cock, please let me suck your cock Sir.
Tim stepped up to me, kiss my cock and tell me how much you like it. I kissed the head of his cock and said Sir i like kissing your cock. Keep kissing it he said and tell me how it is so superior to your tiny little dick and how much you want me to be the on who is fucking your wife because you unable to satisfy her. As i kissed his cock all over i told him, Sir i enjoy kissing your cock, your cock is so much bigger then mine it is far superior them my tiny little dick. Please Sir, i want you to be the one who is fucking my wife because i am uable to satisfy her.
Lynn was standing over me watching and listening as i begged and kissed his cock. She took hold of his cock and said nothing more then suck it you sissy cocksucker. i took him in my mouth and went to work sucking him. Nice and slow Lynn told me. Use the cocksucking skills you were reading about, use lots of tongue. The 2 of them were looking down at me as i sucked away on Tim’s cock. Time began pumping his hips. He took hold of me head and began mouth fucking me. Take this he yelled as he shoved his whole cock into my mouth. He told me, suck it and use your hand to strock it at the same time. i did as i was told and said Yes Sir without stopping for even a moment. Lynn got behind me and started pushing on the buttplug, push release, push release.
Yea that’s it cocksucker, suck that cock like a good sissy cocksucker. As i sucked i could tell he was getting ready to cum by the way he was pumping his cock into my mouth. Tim took hold of my head again and again started fucking my mouth. He humped my mouth like a dog in heat. He held the back of my head and shoved his length into my mouth. He yelled, oh yeaaa. I felt him swell as he dumped his cum down my throat. After the first few blasts he let go of my head and pulled back a little. i did my best to swallow all of it.
When he was done he pulled out of my. We will pickup on this training in the morning. I’m done with you for the night, time to take advantage of your wife. As he walked away he told Lynn, see you in the bedroom, I’m taking your white ass tonight so be ready.
Get up sissy, Lynn stated, I have some some more training for you. Go over to the arm of the sofa and bend over and spread your legs. Yes Mistress i said as i got up and went to the sofa. Once i was bent over she ha me reach back and spread my cheeks open. With that done,she took hold of the buttplug and began sliding it in and out of me, pulling it all the way out, pushing it all the way in. Laughing she said, just think, your getting your ass fucked now and I am getting a good ass fucking later.
When she was done she slapped me on my ass and told me, go back into the tub and wash yourself out again. Do it 3 times and then you need to plug yourself for bed. For tonight i want you to sleep in these things so you’re going to have to dress yourself after you douch, shower and reoil yourself. From now on, when you have to do pee, you are to sit on the toilet. Only real Men get to stand and piss and you are not a man your are a cocksucking sissy.
Yes Mistress i said as i got up. As i began to walk away she said, while your in bed, i want you to think about your day today. I’ll expect a report on all the things you learned today. By the way she added, I called your office, you have the next 2 weeks off, that will give us lots of training time. As i expected, you’re turning into a good little cucksucking sissy wimp.