Repeat cuck?

I suppose my wife may be on the brink of cuckolding me one more time. We married over 12 years ago. She’s very beautiful, & what impressive black hair she has…. When we had been married for just 18 months, she started a two year affair with a much older man. She thought I didn’t know approximately it, yet nothing could have been further from the truth. I knew of the affair almost from the beginning.
He wanted her to leave me for him. And that was the only reason she ended it. The only way she could obtain him to stop trying to make her leave me was to obtain involved with yet another guy.
The first man received jealous so he came to me to tell me not only approximately him, yet the other man as well. It was a total shock in his eyes when I told that I knew approximately their affair all the time long, yet wasn’t aware of the other guy. I told him I wasn’t surprised though because I knew what she was when I married her. You see she was married when I started sleeping with her. Sleeping around behind her husband’s back was what she did for excitement. He told me I should leave her. I told him not a chance.
She hasn’t ventured out into that world for approximately 7 years since that. When all that happened the first time she started going to church & has really tried being faithful. Now however she has started hanging around with a man from our church & it is very obvious she likes the man a lot. He’s tall & makes her laugh a lot. I’m average height & she never has liked my sense of humor. Every time the three of us are together. Anywhere they carry on like I’m not even there.
We were all at the store together the other night. My wife was putting something back on the shelve & as she was trying to relocate where it went he said “right behind you babe”.
Before I stop the story I should moreover tell you another thing. We all jog together (that’s how this whole thing started). When we stop to catch our breath he likes to pull his silk shorts up around his chest to be funny. When he does you can clearly see the full outline of what must be an 8″ cock. As much as my wife likes sucking cock, I know she takes a look.
I guess if cheating is in your blood it’s in your blood.
I really love my wife for the woman she is.