The Chronicles Of Shaun Part Two: Sarah

After leaving Liz’s house I rented a flat and spent some time on my own, getting myself into a normal, everyday routine that pretty much just involved going to work each day and relaxing in the evenings. I certainly wasn’t ready to jump into a new relationship straight away although I did start doing the “nightclub routine” at weekends and had my fair share of gropes and blowjobs.

Then in early ’92 I met Sarah, she was 20, very tall (5’11”) with long strawberry blonde hair with legs that just went on forever, wide child-bearing hips and a big ass.

Sarah worked in the kitchens of a Marines Barracks part time while also studying for her Nursing Degree at the local Uni.

To begin with she was very hesitant about sex, she’d undress with the light out and I’d have to initiate everything, I enjoyed this as it (for once) put me in the driving seat and allowed me to control the pace, in other words I was the man – for a while.

Once again I found myself performing oral to completion more than we had full sex – much more.

I got the feeling that Sarah was beginning to yearn for a hard fucking and that my licking was now becoming just the appetizer, I knew that if I didn’t begin fucking her regularly and soon she’d begin noticing other guys despite her obvious love for me – I didn’t have long to wait.

One evening I went to meet her in the pub where she’d usually have a drink or two after leaving the Barracks and saw her sitting at the bar with a guy sat next to her, I held back and looked in through the window and watched them talking, he was gently stroking her thigh as he chatted to her, I could see his hand moving slowly up the inside of her leg under her skirt but not quite high enough to touch her pussy.

Sarah looked like she didn’t know quite what to do, seeing her like that she looked so cute and fuckable, I could see he was sweet talking her and clearly part of her loved it while another part was perhaps feeling guilty.

I walked in and she immediately came over to me, an expression of relief was on her face and she made a big play of holding on to me tightly, the guy at the bar she was talking to stayed for a bit then got up and left, I noticed that as he walked past Sarah his hand gently touched her ass through her skirt – she pretended not to notice.

That night a huge change came over her in bed, she was much more assertive, holding my head tightly to her cunt as I ate her, after she’d orgasmed once she begged me to fuck her, I just shook my head and carried on licking her gently.

As I licked her I stopped and looked up at her telling her I would let her do anything she wanted, if what I did for her wasn’t enough.

Sarah’s face was flushed red and she looked down at me as I licked her juicy twat, she didn’t say anything, she didn’t need to, she just looked right at me.

I said, “but you have to tell me everything, no secrets Sarah”, and I went back to gently licking her again.

The following morning as she got dressed for her shift after her shower I slipped my hands up her skirt and pulled down her panties, I told her that from now on she’d not be wearing any ever again, I held them up in front of her face, this made her flush bright red.

That evening I was working till late and when I got back to the flat Sarah was already in bed, I jumped in the shower not wanting to wake her and before long she joined me – this was a first, she’d never showered with me previously.

She washed me and I played with her, she was very responsive, I asked if she had anything she’d like to tell me, she said, “in a minute, when we’re in bed”.

Sarah was very reluctant to come forth with the information when we were in bed so I helped her by going down on her, I told her to start with exactly what happened when she left for work that morning, right after I removed her panties, I began licking as she began talking, I told her that if she stopped talking I’d stop licking.

Here’s where the story begins..

Sarah had been, for a while, talking to one of the Marines and confiding in him, Rich was 8 years older than her and he was the guy who I’d seen chatting to her in the pub the day before. She went on to explain that Rich had befriended her after finding her crying one morning while in the kitchen stores and she’d admitted to him that she was very frustrated sexually, with her boyfriend (me) seemingly deliberately not fucking her.

This morning Sarah had gone into the stores on her break and the combination of my licking the previous evening and feeling fresh air around her knickerless pussy had made her feel very horny, she’d been playing with herself and didn’t see Rich watching her from the door which she’d negelected to close.

Rich came into the store and told her to give him the key, Sarah handed it over and Rich locked the door then put the key on a shelf high up behind him, he told her she could go once he’d “taken care” of her problem and not before. Sarah said she looked at him with a red face and “nodded” to indicate she knew what he meant.

Obediently, Sarah stripped off in front of him and then, once she was naked, Rich instructed her to undress him and fold his clothes neatly and place them on an empty shelf. Then he told her to ask him if he’d please fuck her, Sarah said she had difficulty asking because she was very embarrassed so Rich gave her some encouragement, he slapped her hard across the face.

Sarah said it took three hard slaps which made her cry, but then she asked him politely if he would “please fuck me”.

As I licked her dripping pussy Sarah approached orgasm several times, I did not let her cum, I’d stop licking and let her fire die down before resuming again, I wanted the whole story and not to be interrupted by her come-down from cumming.

Rich instructed her to suck him, so she dropped to her knees and held his cock to her lips, he slapped her hard again and she fell backwards, he said, “use your mouth and your mouth only”, so she did what she was told and sucked him properly.

After 5 minutes or so Rich grabbed her hair and yanked her to her feet, he made her bend over a large crate and look back at him, he made her beg to be fucked, at first she again found it difficult but a few hard ass slaps soon put her right and she then begged to be fucked.

Sarah said that he wasn’t gentle, rather he forced his thick cock all the way into her in one hard shove of his hips, she said it hurt but it felt good, she said she felt she belonged to him.

I enjoyed hearing this.

She said he fucked her entirely in that same position until he emptied his balls into her, then he told her this would be a regular occurence every day, she was told to come into this storeroom during all breaks and lunch breaks and “take what was given to her”.

Rich made her dress him and thank him for fucking her, Sarah was by now very compliant and kissed him deeply thanking him over and over.

As he unlocked the door Rich told her that he’d be informing the rest of his squad, a group of 14, that he’d fucked her, they had a bet within the squad on who would fuck her first, when asked by any of the squad about Rich’s claim she must tell them the truth, Rich asked her if she understood, Sarah said, “yes my love”.

She was hooked.

During the course of that afternoon she was asked by five squad members if Rich had fucked her, she simply replied, “yes, hard”.

I sat up in bed beside her and told her I was very proud of her and loved her very much, she cuddled into me and I held her close all night long.

The next morning Sarah showered as usual and as she got dressed I took her bra from the back of the chair, I told her that from now on she’d not be wearing a bra ever again, then I had an idea, Sarah had a knee length white coat that she was supposed to wear all the time while on the Barracks but never did. I made her put it on, just the coat and nothing else, at first she complained and refused to wear just the coat and nothing else onto the Barracks…SLAP…hard with my palm across her face, the reminder was all it took and she obediently did up the metal popper buttons.

I told her that while she was on the base she was Rich’s slut, anything he wanted her to do was ok with me, she looked at me with a mixture of thanks and fear it seemed.

My mind was racing with thoughts of what she’d be doing that day, the time seemed to drag eternally but eventually it came time to go home and await Sarah.

I actually went to the bus stop to meet her, a rarity for me, and walked her home with my hand firmly on her ass, knowing she was naked underneath.

Again she asked if she could take a shower with me, and again I obliged her.

After our shower I again began licking her, this time I could tell she’d been fucked hard, her lips were still red and swollen and her anus was no longer the usual tight puckered bullseye, it was puffy and slightly swollen.

I made her begin as she walked onto the base..

She said she felt very sexy, very aroused at being naked under her coat and felt sure other people knew. As she cleaned up the breakfast plates some of the guys in Rich’s squad were watching her, they were grinning and whispering amongst themselves and it was clear to her that they knew what had happened the day before.

Sarah said her eyes were constantly watching the clock, her first break was at ten o clock and she knew she had to take it in the storeroom and await whatever Rich had in mind.

To get to the stores area Sarah had to walk through the dayroom where the guys had a tv, video, tennis table, pool table etc, she said four of them were watching her intently as she walked past them on her way to the store.

Women were strictly off-limits on the base, anyone found bringing an “unauthorised person” onto the base would be in deep shit, in other words the guys were sex starved and absolutely gagging for a piece of ass.

Sarah opened the same storeroom door as yesterday and went in, she said she kept the light off just in case any of the other kitchen staff noticed it on through the crack in the door and decided to investigate.

She didn’t have long to wait before the door opened and in came four guys, who they were she couldn’t tell, not because of the dark, but because they were all wearing their “gas-mask” head gear.

Her coat was unbuttoned while they all stripped, they made comments about her being naked under her coat and she said this seemed to really excite them since they knew she was ready to fuck.

Sarah said the masks really turned her on, she dropped to her knees and lovingly sucked each cock before being roughly manhandled and made to stand up straight against the shelving, the guys took turns fucking her from the rear, a bit of wrestling broke out as one guy announced he was going to “pop her ass cherry”, the others had also wanted to be the first to fuck her ass and as three of them fought for her, the remaining guy slid his rock hard cock into her anus.

Sarah said it hurt but she let him plunder her bum as she was under instructions from both myself and Rich. The others soon stopped their squabbling as Sarah’s moans grew ever louder and they pushed the ass-fucker out of the way and someone else took his place, this became the way of her gangbang, after 5 minutes or so the guy fucking her would be pushed out of the way and the next guy would do her.

After 45 minutes they were all done and Sarah was dripping with cum from both holes, she dressed and went back to the kitchens where her boss, a mature overweight woman with an ugly round face, called her into her tiny office and closed the door. Margaret asked Sarah where the hell she had been for 45 minutes and what she’d been doing, unable to think of anything plausable she said she’d “fallen asleep” in the stores.

Margaret told her she was a liar and that she knew “exactly what the little whore had been doing”, because she’d gone looking for her and had heard her getting fucked in Storeroom #3. Margaret then reminded Sarah that her contract expressley fobade “any sexual relations between Base Personnel”, and breach of this rule would be instantly punishable for dismissal of civilian personnel and a Courts Martial for any of the Marines.

Margaret looked Sarah up and down from behind her desk, she was a small, fat woman, 56, never married, only about 5 feet tall, “are you wearing your standard issue blouse under your coat?, take it off and let me see”, demanded Margaret.

Sarah said she was unable to do anything but take off her coat and stand in front of Margaret naked but for her shoes and socks.

“You little fucking slut”, said Margaret, “now the question is what am I going to do with you, you know I should fire you on the spot don’t you Sarah?”.

“Yes Margaret”.

“Get over here and bend over my knee”.

She told me she bent over Margarets lap and was spanked hard but that wasn’t the end of it, Sarah said Margaret began feeling her pussy, commenting on how moist and sticky her lips were, she said she could tell by her voice Margaret was getting turned on by touching her up. Margaret slipped her fingers into Sarah’s cunt and began to frig her hard, Sarah felt herself building up to yet another orgasm that morning and a gush of hot pussy juice blasted out of her all over Margarets white coat, Margaret then told her to “clean up her mess” so Sarah got on her hands and knees and licked her own cuntal fluid off the coat.

Margaret told Sarah that this wasn’t the end of her punishment, not by a long way, it was only the beginning and with that she made her stand back up and put her coat back on and told her to, “get out of here and get back to what you were supposed to be doing you little cunt”.

One o clock soon came around, this was Sarah’s lunch hour and she made her way to the storeroom, once inside she turned on the light and locked the door, when she turned around she saw stood in front of her, Rich and the remaining squad members who’d yet to fuck her. Nothing was said, they just got her out of her coat and started fucking, all they were interested in was emptying their balls into her after fucking her as hard as they could.

At 2pm she was allowed to return to her duties but Margaret had again been listening outside the storeroom door and had overheard everything, Sarah was soon naked inside her office once again, bent over her lap getting a hard finger fucking and more verbal abuse and hand spanking.

At 3.30pm Sarah had her last break, she was about to make her way to the storeroom but Margaret took her into her office instead.

“Get that coat off and get up on my desk, make sure your ass faces my chair”, barked Margaret.

All the time Sarah had worked there she had believed Margaret might be a dyke, and now she knew for sure as Margaret brought her chair up close to the desk and began feasting on my Sarah’s well fucked cunt.

And that was Sarah’s description of what had taken place that day.

I was very proud of her and told her so, I said that whatever happened at work was ok, and she was not in any way to try and back out of sex with anyone who expressed an interest in her. Sarah red-faced again, nodded and we cuddled up with her head against my chest, her story had me very hard and after a while of stroking her hair I pressed her head down and she sucked me, the thought of her lovely lips sucking over a dozen cocks earlier had given me a massive boner and I soon emptied my balls into her mouth and down her throat.

The same pattern continued at work for Sarah with her lunchtimes being gangbanged by the guys wearing their gas masks in the storeroom and her snack breaks being punished/frigged by Margaret, I was happy with the change in her, she’d become more confident and more open, many times I’d catch her blatantly eyeing up other guys as we walked around town hand in hand on a Saturday afternoon, even if their wives/girlfriends were with them.

It was time to take Sarah to the next level, I wanted her fucking at weekends and after work and told her so.

Our flat was in a large house that had been converted into 4 flats, we were on the 3rd floor with a single guy above us, another single guy below us and on the ground floor was the owner of the house – a widower in his 60’s.

We were on reasonably friendly terms with everyone in the house so I set Sarah a challenge, I wanted her to begin fucking each of the three guys, including the owner, she could start with whoever she wanted but she’d have to be fucking one of them every night of the week, at weekends she could work her way through all of them.

Sarah relished the challenge and decided that to begin with she’d target the young Asian guy upstairs, she had fancied him for a while and I’d caught her chatting to him quite often as he came into the house in the evenings from work. I told her not to wait for me to get home if I was working late, she was to take the opportunity when it presented itself, turns out it didn’t take long.

I came home one evening around 7.30, Sarah wasn’t in our flat but upstairs I could hear Lee’s (the asian guy) headboard whacking against the wall and the unmistakable sound of Sarah getting fucked.

Lee’s bedroom was right above ours so I lay on the bed wanking slowly while listening to them going at it, while it was horny when Sarah told me of her gangbangs at work, there was something special about being able to actually hear here getting fucked.

I was impressed with Lee’s stamina, he was only 18 or 19 but could fuck like a porn star, he kept her up there till gone 9pm and most of that time he was fucking her hard.

When Sarah eventually came down she showered and afterwards I asked her how she got it started.

Sarah said she’d been looking out of our lounge window into the street below and when she saw him walking along she went upstairs and sat on the stairs outside his flat, she was wearing a t-shirt and nothing else, she was playing with herself as Lee walked up the stairs, his first sight of her would’ve been looking right at her fingers slopping into her juicy twat.

Apparently this did the trick and he was all over her, he got her inside his flat and they went at it, that was about 20 mins before I came home.

I was proud of her and told her so, next on the list she said was Mr Cairnes, the owner of the house. The next day was a rent day and Sarah normally took the rent money down to him, many times she’d come back up saying he wanted her to “sit with him” and have a cup of tea but she’d always declined.

I asked her if she wasn’t sore with all the fucking she was getting but she said she got so wet and turned on that her pussy wasn’t sore at all, but her asshole did get sore sometimes.

I picked out a little dress for her to wear, summery and light and very short, I told her to make a lot of noise when he fucked her as this would let the guy who lived below us (Steve) know that old man Cairnes was fucking her and that he must fancy his own chances with her.

I sent her down to Cairnes with the rent money/book and after 15 mins or so I could hear the familiar sounds of Sarah moaning and groaning, she was really going to town, I thought even Lee upstairs must be able to hear her. Cairnes didn’t last long and I heard her saying goodnight to him and heard her begin to come back up the stairs, then something unexpected happened, Steve opened his door and invited her in, I could see her lifting up her dress to show him her shaven well fucked cunt, he didn’t need any more invitation than that and grabbed her, dragged her inside and slammed the door.

Off she went again and Steve’s bed was singing, Sarah was again screaming the place down and after an hour or so when he finally shot his load she came back up, only this time Lee had heard her and was waiting for her right outside our flat door, not wanting to reveal that I knew what was going on I closed the door which I’d opened slightly and heard Lee slap her ass or thighs and off they went up to his flat for yet more fucking.

When Sarah finally came back down she was almost asleep on her feet, I took off her dress and put her to bed, her pussy looked so succulent I couldn’t resist it and went down on her, I just had to suck her and clean her out. When I was done she went to sleep and slept solidly till the alarm woke us the next morning.

Sarah’s ability to fuck constantly remains to this day the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced, most girls would complain of being too sore or tired or both, but not Sarah, she was a fucking machine, gangbanged daily at work and each evening fucking three guys with me licking her till she practically passed out afterwards.

We were together for 18 months or so, we had a great time but in the end I think I had too much control over Sarah which didn’t suit my nature. It was always me who pushed her into doing things which wasn’t really my thing – I’m always happier when my girl takes the initiative and starts fucking without my having any say in the matter.