Holiday romance

Lia is my girlfriend and I’ve been going out with her for 9 months now. She’s been introduced to the porn collection for some 2-3 months. I knew she had a prudish reputation but we were pretty frantic and crazy in bed and while we didn’t do much extravagant, I hoped that my movies would maybe spark an interest. Actually I always wanted to see a gf with another man, preferably black and v hung. I hadn’t talked about it this with her, far from it, but a good first step is fact she enjoyed a good sesh of fucking watching porn.

The second step came even quicker than I thought. We were looking for the place of our first summer hol and chose Cancun for its famous party lifestyle. I’m 28 and Lia is 23, so we have two things in mind when choosing holidays abroad – sun and partaaaaay!

The first week went greatfully. We had awesome holiday but nothing spectacular sexually. Then one day we booked a day trip on a drinky cruise to a neighbouring island. We made for the beach at 10am for a taxi out to the main boat. The taxis were jet skis and while neither of us had been on one before, the waves and current made it a bit of a fearful one as we saw couples crash over the waves. Lia has contacts and was worried that she would loose one if water splashed her face. She explained this to one of the jet ski crew, a 30 something black lad, decked out in black shorts and a yellow lifejacket.

We decided that the ski would be more stable if Lia would go out separate rather than hitch 3 of us. She set off and after the 5 min round trip I hoped on and we made off for the day.

It was a long day, we were drinking drunk soooo much on the boat, with music blaring. It was 7pm by the time we came back, and we got really tired. We made it back to the room and scooted under the sheets, the cool air con chilling us back down.

Lia was horny. I knew it when I was ready to drift off when a hand started stroking my bum. I rolled over to see her semi tanned body lurch towards me, her face sucking at mine, frantically kissing and reaching for my cock to jerk it off. I rummaged between her legs and sunk my fingers inside her. She was soaking, like really wet. I love tasting her when she’s like this, so I ventured south and lapped her hot salty bits as she panted on my face pulling at my hair and rubbing her boobs.

Were ten minutes in and she’s close to cumming when she starts mumbling. I couldn’t make it out at first. Then she repeated.

‘Ive got something to tell you’

‘Don’t stop’ – so I carry on

‘When I got on the jet ski and set off, he touched me up’

‘As we drove upto the boat, he reached a hand behind and dug it into the front of my bikini’

‘I had my arms wrapped tight on his chest and my face in his back for fear of falling off or getting splashed – I didn’t know what to do. He just wouldn’t stop till he settled a finger in me, whipping it out as we approached the boat an smirking to me as he led me aboard’

‘Im telling you now because I liked it, it got me really horny and I’ve been thinking about it all day. Would you be mad if I went out on the jet ski again tomorrow?’

She was cumming loud and spasmodic before I could say a word. I knew I didn’t need to. We fucked like rabbits and without a word being said we knew the plans for the next day were set.