I told my wife that I want to watcher her get laid and then lick and suck every inch of her body (Part 2)

I promise to keep you up to date & today we made some progress.

We had talked approximately this situation at length for days now & it seemed that my wife was most concerned that she would be fucking this huge nine inch bull & screaming & scratching & Cuming like a porn star, when she would look over & see me crying in the corner unable to full fill my part of the deal. She figured when I saw a tremendous huge cock blowing it’s load anywhere near me I would take off running. I agreed that seeing how I have never had a cock in my mouth that we couldn’t tell for sure how I would react.

I then agreed that I would meet a man for a one on one just to see if I could suck a cock in the first place. I know I love the taste of cum so I figured at worst I would donate him a hand job & lick his cum from where ever it happened to land. Most likely the palm of my hand.

So going on the AFF web site I arranged a hook up, it took less than a week to set it up & a failed connection on the first try yet my first complex throbbing cock was scheduled.

I made arrangements for him to come to our house early in the day even though my wife was going to be at her volunteer thing & the kids had a half day from school. I arranged enough time to donate & obtain head & if it was going well to obtain a satisfactory complex pounding in my ass that had never been touched by a real cock ever.

We received lucky though my wife received the day off because of the weather & she was going to be home to watch. If not watch then to at least be nearby just to assist me feel at ease.

He showed up right on time. My wife was in the shower when he received here & even though I had seen him the day before I was thinking he was better looking before. I had to obtain out of my head or this was never going to happen & my wife would never obtain the satisfactory long deep fucking she deserves.

I told him that I was a little nervous & that we need to obtain to it. I asked if he wanted anything to drink & he declined, then we went upstairs to the bed room. He undressed & laid back across the bed as I told him to do. It was at that point I paused for a second thinking here I am in the bed I have only ever shared with my wife & I am approximately to suck this dudes cock. A moment after I pushed it out of my head & received down to sucking his cock as I had planned.

At first I was surprised because he had said his cock was average length & thickness. I purposely made sure I didn’t obtain a huge monster 8+ inches cock because you have to learn to walk before you run & I hadn’t even began crawling yet. I was surprised when I put his cock in my mouth because if he was average I was long. I think we all know my short cock started this whole thing in the first place.

I was kneeling there with a cock in my mouth for a reason & I was not going to stop until I had the taste of his cum in my mouth. I licked & sucked like I was trying to eat an ice cream cone before it melted. It wasn’t long & he was approximately to cum. I slowed down because my wife was still in the shower & I wanted her to see this. After what seemed like an hour of sucking his dick my wife finally came in to the room.

My wife coming into the room set his orgasm back a little bit so I started using my face to fuck him as complex & swift as I could, I wanted my wife to see him all the way up to his balls in my mouth. He was so short that I only gagged twice the entire time.

He motioned for my wife to join us & in a heartbeat she did, I was so excited when I felt her weight come on to the bed I came in my shorts. He started sucking on her 38 D tits & rubbing her body making her moan a soft sexy moan. I reached out & started rubbing what I could reach & she pushed a little closer.

It seemed surreal that I was sucking a cock & caressing my wife’s thigh in our marital bed. I quickly suppressed that thought & positioned my wife so he could eat her pussy while I sucked her ample bosoms.

The attention my wife was receiving brought her to a climax & we were on our way we were going to full fill at least one of my fantasies today. As we were both using our tongs to the best of our ability making her cum one more time, it was at that point I said you have received to fuck her now. He looked at me & I looked her & no was saying no so I repeated that he needed to fuck her now.

He then positioned himself to fuck the woman I love; he was rubbing his throbbing cock on my wife’s pussy lips getting her ready to receive his love muscle. Moments after he was inside of her, there I was watching another man fucking my wife & all I could do massage her tits & watch. He came all most as swift as I do & looked at me saying “are you ready?” Now my wife hadn’t even begun breathing complex & he had already shot his load.

I was not going to waste the opportunity that was before me & I quickly positioned myself between her legs, at first I scooped up cum as it was starting to ooze out of her pussy & spread it all over her snatch. Then I started to lick up all sticky sweet cum I had been spreading on her pussy. As she drained her cunt on my face I licked, slurped, & sucked up every little bit of cum that was in & on her.

My wife seeing him standing there told him to fuck me up the ass; he said he would be glad too. I positioned myself so my ass was in the air & continued to eat her pussy. After a while my wife said he needed some assist & told me to suck him complex so he could fuck me. I did as I was told & took his sagging member in my mouth & started, sucking, licking, & nibbling in an effort to obtain this cock ready to go in my ass. Fifteen minutes after he still wasn’t complex enough to push his dick through a donut.

I have a rule that I try things three times before I make a final decision as to my level of like or dislike. All I can say is it’s a satisfactory thing or all this would be over & this would be the last blog post.

It might be the first of the year before we obtain a second chance yet we are going to make sure we make a better choice of partner next time. The satisfactory news is that there will be a next time because seeing another man fucking my wife was thrilling & I loved it, the cum was satisfactory moreover yet there wasn’t enough pussy juice mixed in.

I promise to tell you all approximately it. Now how do you select from the sixty people who responded that they would like to see me eat their load out of my wife?