New Bull

I’m here on this site to tell you my story. It’s gonna be in 2 parts. 2 serious things happened to me last month, & I was thinking approximately it that weekend. Even though I’m married, I’ve been a bit of a playa over the years. I hold a senior position in a Wall Street investment firm in NYC. So I go out to dinner a lot with clients, investors, & analysts. I never have & never will play around with business associates, yet after a nice dinner & drinks & the party breaks up I have a few places I like to go for drinks & the casual party atmosphere. Sometimes I meet a woman & hook up with her for the night. What’s best is being near Times Square where there are tons of tourists. I’m enjoying this life, anyway.

Well I’m at a bar with a man I work with approximately a month ago. We both decide it will be pleasant to hit on 2 women & see what happens. So we make a move on these 2 women who were chatting together. Everything goes well, yet it starts to obtain late & we all need to obtain home. The woman I’m talking to is of Italian ancestry, approximately 5’5″, & a little heavy yet quite pretty. She lives in Long Island & I live in NJ. So I call a car service, & drop her off at Penn Station before I continue on my ride to NJ. We made out all the way to the train station. We’re both wearing wedding rings so before she gets out of the car she says to me “so I assume you’re not the most faithful man in the world.” I just reply “nope & I assume you’re not either.” She tells me her husband is the “understanding” type. He gets off knowing she’s out with another guy. I’m rad with that. So we exchange business cards & promise to talk some other time. This is why I LOVE working in NYC!

I’m Afro-American man, 43 years old, 5’11”, 180 lbs & I’m no athlete, yet I am in very satisfactory shape. I’m very business-like & articulate so I have no problem in a variety of social circles. That’s been my strength my whole life. I have a real weakness for white women so I’ve given up on even trying to resist. Their skin is so soft & smooth & sexy. Plus I love freckles & long soft hair.

Getting moved to part 2 of my story, last Monday night I went out to a sports bar with some co-workers to watch Monday Night Football & see the Giants beat Dallas. The group started to break up after half time, so I went to one of my hang outs to watch the end of the game. I grab a seat at the bar next to 3 women who are chatting & drinking. I’m scoping them when paying half-hearted attention to the game. But, to my disappointment they settled their tab & left.

Suddenly, 2 women came in after 5 minutes & sat next to me. They were clearly buzzed & chatty. We started talking right away. They were both blond with blue eyes, in their late 40’s. They were both attractive, yet the one closest to me (Stella) was more interesting. We keep drinking & talking until approximately 1 AM then we talk approximately going back to their hotel for a last drink. We obtain a taxi back to their hotel, have a drink in the bar then Stella’s friend excuses herself for the night.

After one more drink Stella & I go up to her room & we’re naked before the door was completely closed. We strip & obtain in the bed & I lick her clit while she finishes taking her bra off. It’s getting so hot as she comes so complex while holding my head. By then I have to obtain on top of her & slide my dick so deep in her. I loved the surprised look on her face as it went in so deep that I can feel my head entering her uterus. It’s like a 2nd penetration. So I’m hittin that pussy & she goes “I gotta obtain a picture.” What? She says she wants pictures of us fucking. So she jumps up & gets the camera from her bag & holds the camera to snap pix while I’m sliding in & out of her.

By the time I came she came again. This time harder. I pulled off my rubber & shot all over her cute little tits. She has me take pictures of her cum covered tits while she plays with it. That was sweet. I ask her why she wants the pictures. She says they’re for her husband. I’m like obtain the fuck outta here. She swears he wants to see her getting it on with a black guy. I’m alright with that. I ask what he does with them. She says that she doesn’t care what he does with them, yet if she brings pictures he won’t donate her shit approximately staying out all night. Cool. We exchange phone numbers & email before I wash up & leave.

Is that at all usual with cucks?

Last Wednesday I obtain a call from the Long Island woman. She asks if I want to go out one night next week, so we made plans to obtain together for drinks on Wednesday of next week. During the conversation she asks if I am much of an exhibitionist. I told her I am much more of an exhibitionist than a voyeur. She says that’s good, yet wouldn’t say anything more than that. Think she’s setting me up for something?

I haven’t had any experience as a bull or with cuckholding at all. I do have a few fetishes, yet never explored anything like that. These 2 experiences made me think a lot more approximately it — well I’ll see what happens on Wednesday. But I came across this site & read a lot of the posts out of curiosity. I had no idea this was such a huge deal. I’m curious approximately the practices of wives & husbands that enjoy this lifestyle. I know my wife would never do this, yet I don’t mind being the bull.

I’d welcome any feedback. If there’s interest I’ll let you know what happens next week.