I told my wife that I want to watcher her get laid and then lick and suck every inch of her body

I told my wife that I want to watcher her obtain laid & then lick & suck every inch of her body. I had been thinking approximately this for a long time & I was afraid she would think I was gay.
Yesterday when I finally blurted it out she was like “Really you think I need a huge dick?”
then I explained how I know she hasn’t had a shuddering organism sense we received married (except for the time she left me for another man for 6 months). My 5 inch cock will never satisfy her because she has had 8 & 9 inch partners in the past, I will never obtain that deep.

She asked me how far I was willing to go. I told her if it makes her cum more than she ever has before than there is no limits, she said if some man cums all over my face will you lick it off? yes. If a man cums in my mouth will you take it & swallow it? (She won’t swallow.) Yes. If I obtain DPed will you lick the dripping cum from my ass hole? Long pause……… Yes if it will make you cum. Then she said if I want you to will you take it up the ass? I said as long as you’re sitting on my face with a pussy full of cum yes.

Today I started the search for a bull to fill my wife & she found out I was talking to someone already & received hotter than ever.
Then she spread white frosting on her face & had me lick it off of her as if it was cum. I am so complex now I have almost 5 whole inches throbbing in my pants.

More than anything I want my wife to obtain fucked so well that she rips the sheets off the bed, then I want to bury my face in her snatch & lick her dry. I am not a sissy man nor is my wife a slut, If we find the right combination of men we will have a steady diet of the same men.

My wife is an angle & is deserving be treated with respect & some people may see me as a sick nut job yet the first time I had sex I ate cum out of someone without knowing approximately it & loved every second of it. I spent years trying to obtain that taste again even when I ate the same lady again she didn’t taste the same. That’s when she told me she had just been filled only moments before I received there. Nothing finer than tasting the fluid created when someone reaches climax.