Have you ever wondered what it’s like…?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to watch someone whom you’re deeply in love with, have passionate sex with someone else? This unchartered sea happened upon me a few weekends ago.

Meeting this delightful human being

It all started when I met this most breathtaking woman, just over two years ago, at a dinner party arranged for single parents. Lisa was one of the organisers and was definitely the most attractive woman I had laid eyes upon. She was wearing a thin floral skirt and I could just discern the outline of her wonderful shape under her body hugging garment. I was mesmerised by her lovely form and delicate looks; watching the faces of the other men there, I gathered they were too. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it was at that early stage that I became infatuated; I felt my emotions getting the better of me, with a wave of warmth flowing through my being. Earlier in the year, my wife and I had separated, she had moved away from our family home, leaving me to look after our three children.

During the evening of the dinner party, the conversation seemed to flow smoothly, despite most of us being strangers. Lisa somehow had a quality about her that I have rarely seen in a person before, oozing class and with an abundance of spirit and life. Halfway through the evening, she came and sat next to me; this being her task to help make her guests feel genuinely welcome. She seemed interested in me, which was unusual, given the fact that I’m an immigrant and my strange accent and dissimilar mannerisms seemed to hinder me socialising.

She asked me about my life abroad and the time I had spent in the forces; she also wanted to know if I liked living in this country. I felt really at ease and we seemed to have lots to talk about. Lisa’s job was to make her guests feel special and she fulfilled her duties with me magnificently.

I went home love-struck and finding sleep elusive, I resolved to find out her surname, contact her and ask her on a date. I managed to get a message to her, informing her of my intentions. I then received a reply with a telephone number; after a considerable amount of anxiety I decided to call her. With my heart pounding, I called her number and asked her if she would like to go on a date she said she would enjoy that; together, we decided on dinner and the theatre.

We made the arrangements two weeks ahead, as Lisa has a busy social calendar – so much so that weekends were out and so we met up one night during the week. Before I hung up the call, I asked her what her surname was, she declined to tell me saying that she didn’t know me well enough and one can’t be too careful. I stored her surname in my phone under “X” only many months later, finding out her surname and quite by accident too.

We met on a number of occasions during the next few months, for coffee at our favourite bookshop, or the theatre enjoying each other’s company. She considered me to be just a companion and told me that she was seeing other people. Lisa started to confide in me as one would to a friend, when she realised my intentions were honourable.

Startling News

We met for dinner in a village pub one night and during the course of the evening she told me that she had been in a “ménage-a-trois with two men whom she was seeing. I wasn’t sure how to respond; after all it’s not every day that your date for the evening tells you something like that. Aghast, I responded that she must have been really confident and extremely brave to do such a thing. Seeing that I was not judging her, she went on to tell me all the details of her evening of passion with these two men, one of whom was married. She told me how much she enjoyed the experience and how special she felt receiving the attention of these two men. Although they didn’t use contraceptives, she told me that she had made sure they were both safe and clean. I guessed that she obviously knew them both well.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but realised that I probably didn’t have a ghost of a chance with this wonderful (and brave) woman. She seemed happy with the two of us being just friends, and she being able to date other men who were fulfilling her needs as a woman, although they offered her no long term attachment. I doubted that she was looking for any commitment and was just enjoying her freedom after a mostly loveless marriage. I on the other hand was looking for a relationship, but didn’t feel at liberty to make my intentions clear, as I didn’t want to scare her off.

The Rocky Road to Christmas

By now, Christmas was fast approaching; we continued to see each other on the odd occasion when she had time and a free social calendar. One day, I decided to throw caution to the wind and invited her to our company’s office Christmas party; I had attended the party alone the year before and as I felt quite spare going on my own, I asked Lisa to accompany me. The event was about 6 weeks away and her calendar was free that particular night, so she agreed to go with me.

Due to her commitments, we didn’t see each other much between then and our actual night out, having but one informal evening arranged where we would be able to spend some time together. She was meeting with friends earlier in the day and would call me when she returned. I would then come and visit her at her home. I had bought treats for our evening together and decided to park in the shopping centre’s car park near her house, while I waited for her impending call. After what seemed like an eternity, I decided to give her a call, but only received her voice mail; I then drove the block to her house in order to see if everything was in order. Although her car was parked outside, there was also a another car there, with a Scottish insignia on the registration plates. I thought the whole scene was unusual, as her house was in darkness, and her phone was still only going to voice mail. I decided to call once more. This time my luck was in, Lisa answered, but told me that she was exhausted and would like to call off our arrangement; I drove home devastated.

The Masked Ball

I’m not sure how, but I got over the devastation and eventually the night of my company’s masked ball arrived. I went to her house to fetch her with my party mask on, she looked at me aghast. I had spent the afternoon painting an exact replica of the party mask on my face. When I removed the mask, my painted face looked as if I still had the mask on. I won the prize for the best mask; Lisa seemed pleased for me, especially as the prize was a bottle of wine, which I don’t drink and she does. We had a good time dancing most of the night. During the course of the evening, her demeanour and how she looked at me seemed to alter. During the long drive home Lisa asked me to stop the car along a deserted country road so that I could make love to her. In the total darkness, I had a real challenge getting my rather large and aroused member into her tight womanhood, while in the cramped car, but after what seemed like an eternity and much persistence, we were eventually united as one.

I hoped then that she may have possibly felt something for me. Lisa was going on holiday with her family. I had promised her that I would get her home so she could get to the depart for her vacation early in the morning.

She sent me messages while she was on her cruise and returned home on my birthday two weeks later. She was too tired to visit that day, but said that she was going to try and arrange to see me the following day. I told her that I would postpone my birthday dinner for the next night and then she could join us for dinner.

In the kitchen window

After the children had gone to bed, we sat in the kitchen chatting, Lisa told me that she had visited one of her lovers earlier that day and that they had some amazing sex, with him ejaculating twice inside her. This made me quite hot and bothered and we started kissing in the kitchen. Soon after her skirt and knickers dropped off and she straddled me on the kitchen chair. Sliding inside her was now effortless, as she was very moist from all the semen already inside her. What an amazing sight, her perfect rear reflecting in my kitchen window – I had waited so long to see and feel this terrific moment.

We became an item soon after that and she told me that she was in love with me just a few weeks after my birthday – those words were the best birthday present I had ever received.

The Others

Lisa later told me that she missed seeing the other men in her life and wasn’t sure how she was going to cope in a relationship. She also often talked about her threesome and how much she enjoyed the evening saying that it was probably a once off event, but that it was amazing and she had fond memories of it.

She told me that her friend from Scotland still kept in touch with her and often sent her pictures of himself in intimate situations with other women. Initially these pictures seemed to make her jealous, but she went on to tell me that if we asked this Steve to join us in a threesome “he would be down like a shot”. I wasn’t sure either I, or our relationship would sustain such a ‘climactic’ event, but about eighteen months later, I asked her if she would still be keen to do it with Steve as they were still in touch on an almost daily basis. She told me that she would really like to and contacted him straight away to make the arrangements.

Making Preparations

Lisa booked us a hotel room in the city with three adult’s beds and his flight. We fetched Steve from the airport. Bizarrely, in a packed arrivals hall, I somehow recognised him, even though I had only seen pictures of his manhood. We drove back to the hotel so Steve could shower and then we went out for dinner. Lisa wasn’t wearing underwear and sitting in the restaurant, I could feel her amazing feminine curves under her clothes. I could tell she was extremely aroused and couldn’t wait to be with Steve again after nearly 18 months apart.

Doing the Deed – Our Tryst

After dinner, we went back to the room, Lisa removed her skirt and top and stood naked in front of both of us, she immediately reached out for Steve and they held each other in a passionate embrace, he fully clothed and she completely naked. I wasn’t sure what to do but just stood in the room, feeling like a voyeur, all the while wondering how come this never took off as a spectator sport.

I detected the passion between these two people who had been apart from each other for so long and could immediately discern a history between them. I watched the outline of her nude body in the soft glow of the candles and saw his hands clutching and squeezing all her nakedness. After what seemed like an eternity, Lisa lay on the bed, spreading her gorgeous thighs. Steve and I looked at her beautiful feminine form as she lay there enjoying us relishing her womanhood. Lisa asked us to take off our clothes; this I started to do, but Steve wasted no time being naked in a flash, his throbbing manhood ready for action. His member was rather large with a bulbous red shiny head (not so easy to miss in a crowd). He moved it straight for Lisa’s quivering womanhood. Obviously, the concept of foreplay hadn’t yet caught on north of the border, as he made a straight lunge inside her crown jewels.

With a gasp, she took all of him inside her and started to moan in ecstasy soon after. He seemed to be quite rough with her, humping like a farm animal only let out of its pen but once a year in the breeding season. Lisa was really enjoying his coarse and rapid rhythm inside her wetness, screaming loudly as she had orgasm after orgasm with Steve making loud growling sounds each time he thrust himself deep into her feminine wetness. Her face was a mixture of sheer agony and deep ecstasy. After what seemed like an eternity, he ejaculated deep inside her and slumped on top of her, the two of them a heap of sweating, gasping naked flesh.

They both looked extremely satisfied, having really enjoyed their union. Lisa’s was wet with perspiration. Steve clambered off Lisa’s naked and wet body, as she stayed in that exposed position, her thighs wide apart with big blobs of his fluid oozing out from her enlarged and gaping feminine regions. She looked at me and said “C’mon darling, it’s now your turn”.

I slid myself inside her, but as she was so full of Steve’s fluids and so stretched, there was not much sensation for me. My passion for her and the overwhelming emotions rushing through me made it memorable. Steve and I each made love to Lisa twice that night; by the time we lay down to sleep, my manhood was covered in Steve’s juice and Lisa was absolutely drenched with both of our fluids, oozing over her thighs and running down the tight bottom slit between her cheeks.

Day 2: 21st August

The next morning, Steve and Lisa slept in as they were both off work for the day; I unfortunately had to accept an urgent, overnight delivery due to arrive before eight. I arrived at the office just in time to see the courier stacking the boxes by the front door.

That day was surely the longest of my working career. I sent Lisa numerous texts but only received a reply much later in the morning, “We have just woken up and Steve has put another load in me! “ (Friday Aug 21st – 11:14am), was her first response.

After work, I rushed back to the hotel room and meeting them in the bar lobby downstairs. We went to our room, and I showered and changed before going out for dinner. I came out the bathroom naked, Lisa noticing my aroused state, asked me if I was up for it. I nodded yes; she said that she was also very keen and asked Steve if he wouldn’t mind joining in. He didn’t need a second invitation and had his erect rod out in a flash, waving it about like a lethal pink truncheon.

Lisa climbed on the bed on all fours; she was so hot that Steve just slid straight into her wetness and started pumping away like a piston engine. Lisa took me in her mouth and started to caress my aroused member with her soft tongue. She stopped soon after and told me that Steve was hurting her, I asked him to slow down as there was a real and present danger that her teeth would do damage to my incredibly erect, but extremely delicate manhood. He slowed his pace enough for Lisa to relax and continue her task on me. Steve shot a sack load inside her and told me to see how wonderful she looked in that exposed position. We both stared at her bottom transfixed, admiring how tight it was and how it seemed to be looking back at us, with semen oozing out her quivering and wide open spaces.

Day 3: Caught on Camera

I took pictures of the two of them in a moment of passion. I then went down on her and gave her two deep and loud orgasms, after which we kissed avidly. Steve, wasting not a moment, saw his gap and thrust his distended organ deep inside her. Twenty minutes of loud effort on Steve’s part and three loud orgasms later on Lisa’s, he sent a pouch full of his home-made fluids deep within her womanhood.

I saw his juices dripping out of her exposed and stretched feminine parts and I’m not sure what made me do it, perhaps the passion of the moment, but I went down on her and with my tongue scooped up a load of his manly fluid and moved to kiss Lisa. On my way to her mouth, most of it slid down my throat. Lisa and I then made passionate love and kissed each other with abandon, both having the taste of Steve’s juices in our mouths and me having a whole load in my stomach. Steve lay next to us on the bed just watching the two lovers enjoying each other. I turned to look at his overworked manhood and saw a whole stream of his love juice dripping down from the end of his member. I reached my hand over and scooped it all onto my fingers and placed them in my mouth. I started to enjoy this unusual feeling within me. Lisa looked at me and said you have Steve’s juices all over your lips, she also had it around hers and we giggled together.

Stroll by the canal

On the Saturday afternoon, we strolled along a canal and stopped at a charming little country Inn along the banks. It felt unusual being in public all the while knowing that both Lisa and I had Steve’s juice in us. They both had a number of drinks on the sunny terrace overlooking the canal, but I was driving so couldn’t join them. I decided to go on my own for a walk along the canal with my camera and let them chat intimately among themselves. By the time, I returned the two of them had each had about 6 drinks and were both really happy.

We spent four hours at the Inn and only left as the sun was going down. I drove back to the hotel where we showered and changed for dinner. By now, we were all relaxed and caught up in the moment, casually walking around the room naked without a care in the world. We had reserved a table at a quaint cosmopolitan restaurant within walking distance of our hotel. We walked there hand-in-hand, with Lisa having a man on each side of her – this attracted a few glances. Lisa and Steve continued to drink, with Lisa having consumed at least two bottles of wine since the mid- afternoon, she was feeling really festive and very eager for yet more intense loving.

Day 3: The Proposal

As soon as we got to our room, Lisa undressed and lay naked on the bed. Steve stood next to her and pushed his distended member into her mouth. I climbed on top of her, all the while watching his long thick red shaft going all the way in and out of her mouth. To me, Lisa looked a real picture of womanhood and feminine beauty. I was madly in love with this woman and wanted to be with her for eternity. I then did the daftest thing one could ever imagine, I proposed to her right then and there, with his huge shaft all the way down her throat. Lisa of course couldn’t respond to my proposal, merely moving her eyes to look at me, her one cheek all pushed out by his distended manhood and smiled at me with her eyes. If Steve had been a member of the clergy, I would have got him to marry us right there, even though his huge member was in my new fiancés mouth.

Day 3: The Lover’s All Together

Lying on top of her, I entered Lisa’s wetness and started to make rhythmic movements while her mouth continued to move up and down his manly swollen organ. After about 10 minutes of this she stopped and with one hand she pushed his red hard member towards me and told me she wanted to watch me go down on Steve. I managed to get most of his organ into my mouth, with his large red head almost down my throat. I moved my lips up and down with vigour and soon after Steve started groaning loudly. Lisa and I started kissing with his massive shaft still deep in my mouth. It was quite surreal sharing this monster organ with my new fiancé. I caressed Steve’s engorged sacks, while I devoured his swollen member, at the same time, I moved rhythmically inside my darling’s soaking womanhood.

Steve shot a bag load of his love fluids into my mouth and Lisa and I vigorously shared it between us. I orgasmed inside Lisa just a few minutes later. We all relaxed in a heap and fell asleep.

Day 4: The Aftertaste.

In the morning, Steve ravished Lisa once again, putting another homemade pouch load deep inside her for her breakfast snack. Lisa and I both had the taste of his masculinity in our mouths, which lasted for a few days. I was sad to think that our long weekend was over and didn’t want to put my clothes on again, even drinking tea in the nude, with both of them fully dressed and waiting to go.

Steve was to spend four days with us and he and I ravished my darling a total of 19 times with Lisa having more than 30 orgasms in that time. We both said goodbye to Steve and went back home, exhausted, but with smiles on our faces and Steve’s semen in both our stomachs. It was an amazing few days that I can’t stop thinking about it. I asked Lisa if she knows anyone else whom we can arrange another get together with, she responded nonchalantly, “yeah, quite a few”.

To be continued…