My Wife and a young man

I must explain the scenario before I tell you a story approximately my wife slept with a young man. I am 37 years old, & my wife is 36. I was teaching a young guy. We were very close, I mean close like a father & a son. He is 20 years old, & his name is Vincent. My wife is 5’2 120lbs with blue eyes & blond hair down past her shoulders. Vincent is 6’1, & 190lbs with brown hair & green eyes.
The time goes swift & Vincent started hanging around at my house. My wife has been talking to me, telling me how hot he is, & how he’ll make some woman happy. Seeing her attraction for him, i decide i’ll have some pleasant in bed, & arouse her fantasies. I commence to tease her while making love, that I want her to fuck him, because he is young & probably needs a satisfactory fuck from a mature woman.

And this fantasies became a requested repeated sex scenario while having sex. My wife I always believed was too conservative to actually do such a thing, although the thought aroused me.
Some months back at we all were at a party, & I could have sworn I saw them kissing, yet they said that they were just talking at a close distance, due to the loud music. I thought nothing of it & went on.
But my suspicions were confirmed last week when I was introduced to a scene of tremendous sex which i thought i’d never seen before.

Vincent usually visits us for Breakfast, as he lives in the apartment buildings next to our house. Last week was like every other morning, he came over & we had some french toast. It was a rare occasion, in which he was not going into work, yet still came for breakfast. We talked & the time flew by, before i knew it I only had 10 mins to obtain to work.
So I told Vincent that he could let himself out when he was done his coffee, & not to worry locking the door, because my wife was still home in bed. I rushed into the bedroom to kiss my wife goodbye. She was spread out in her sexy silk night gown. As I go to donate her a kiss, she began trying to make out with me, & pawing at my crotch, being in a rush I denied her & told her Vincent was in the living room.

Suddenly I found out that I left my blackberry in my room, I started to walk towards the stares & could hear voices, so I slowly creeped up the stares to hear what was being said. I reached the ledge of the floor, & could see into the living room, & I’ll never forget that scene I saw that moment.
I saw my wife & Vincent sitting on the couch, as they both make out passionately, I notice her hand down his pants & see her rubbing around.

My wife then gets down on her knees, & takes out his cock, which must be approximately 9-10 inches. She doesn’t wait even a second to start sucking it, which she told me she didn’t like to do. As she sucks his cock, he starts to fondle her tits, & reach around & grab her nice firm ass. not even caring approximately time, I sit owed & watch with anticipation. Vincent & she both stand up, & take the clothes off. Then my wife lays down on the edge of the sofa, & Vincent begins to lick her pussy, & fingers her. I can see my wifes face, I can see the pleasure, & I become horny too.

He asks my wife “Do you have any condoms?”. My wife then replies with “I dont care, just put that huge dick inside me!” She then pulls him inside of her & gasps. He pounds away for approximately 15 mins, & she is screaming in pleasure at this point. After a while she tells him to sit back, & feel a real woman fuck him. She mounts his cock & rides it for a satisfactory 20 mins, I can see the scratches already appearing on his chest. Vincent Asks my wife “Can I Fuck You DoggyStyle?” she relies with “Fuck yes, I thought you’d never ask”
Vincent continues fucking her, grabbing her hair & slapping her ass, they both moan after approximately another 15 mins or approximately that, he gasps out “I’m gonna cum!” My wife says, dont take it out, oh my god I want your cum inside me!”

And so he does, they both lay, pulled into eachother, dripping with sweat. I start to slowly sneak down stares, realizing the time that has passed & the things that just happened, the last thing I hear my wife say is “My God We Have To Do That Again”

So that’s all, I hope you enjoyed, because I didn’t really.