Brotherly Love

My wife & i were married sometime ago & i was the only person to have fucked her while talking one day i asked her would she like to obtain fucked by someone with a bigger cock she said she would’nt mind if i was o.k with it, i knew that my younger brother dean had a huge cock & he moreover had the hots for angie my wife i was always catching him staring at her tits & backside i moreover knew he had seen up her skirt when she had no knickers on,so i told angie if she could seduce dean into fucking her i would’nt mind yet dean was not to know that i would be watching,so one evening we invited dean out for a drink in our local pub, we had quite a lot to drink & made our way back to our house i told dean he was welcome to spend the night on the sofa after a while i made my excuses & went to my bedroom,angie came in & i told her to obtain ready for bed & go back out to assist dean make up the sofa for him to sleep on angie alter into the shortest nightie she had & went back out she knew i would be watching from the window above our bedroom door & could see into the living room at first i could’nt see anything apart from the glow of the t.v then suddenly i could see my wife slowly lying down on the floor then my brother was in view he put his head between angies legs & was sticking his tongue right up my wifes cunt i could see her squirming he suudenly stopped & he lifted her legs up in the air it was then i saw his cock it was massive probably 10 inches or more i could see angie open her legs wider dean was holding her ankles he started to pound angies cunt i could see her raising her arse off the wooden floor as dean hammered her willing cunt i have never seen a woman enjoy getting fucked so much
he fucked her twice more that night before she came back to our bed, it might seem strange to some other men out there yet to watch your wife getting a satisfactory complex fuck & then sucking her well fucked cunt is the best feeling i have ever had & i want her to do it again

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  1. i would love my wifes tight pussy to get fucked into a wet cunt like that !!!

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