Just one phone call

Me and my beloved wife married when we studied in college. People around told us that’s not the best idea, they said that it was too soon. But I didn’t listen to them, I loved my girl. Her name’s Tonya. She’s very beautiful, 5-3, 115 lbs. brown eyes, brown hair. It was our freshman year in college when she consented to marry me and become my wife.

Our wedding was large and great. We never were so happy. The right thing to do for us was not to leave school. So we didn’t. She got a work in a clothes store at the mall and I worked in a drug store. Everything was great. By the way, we decided not to change just because of getting married. This meant we still allowed freedom to each other. We trusted each other and going out with friends alone was not a problem.

So, one night I got a phone call from Heather, Tonya’s best friend. She hung out with us very often and I knew her very well. She told that I should come to one of her friends house party and get Tonya of there. Heather didn’t tell any details. I just got dressed and went where she told me to go.

It was a typical college party: cars everywhere, loud music, drunk people. I went inside the house and met Heather. She was sitting on a sofa and seemed to be really overdrunk. I’d never seen her so much drunk before. So, I asked her what happened and where Tonya was. Heather looked a little scared and said “Tonya got really drunk tonight, I tried telling her to slow down but she just wouldn’t listen.” I said “OK, just tell me where she is”. Heather said “she’s upstairs in one of the bedrooms with a guy. I went up to her after a while but they didn’t let me in to see what’s going on. You should get her.”

Heather took me upstairs to the bedroom where Tonya was. I met a guy outside the bedroom. Seemed that he was keeping guard. I told him that Tonya is my wife and I want to see her. After that he looked confused and then he said “OK, fine” and got out of there. I opened the door and a moment after I wished I didn’t. I saw Tonya naked on the bed with one guy fucking her while she was sucking another guy’s cock. When they saw me the guy fucking her mouth said “hey, were not done yet. wait outside”. At first I couldn’t say anything. Tonya was sucking his dick. She wasn’t being rapped, she was letting this guy fuck her while she was sucking this other guy’s dick. Finally I said “that’s my wife”. That’s all I could say. At that the all stopped and just looked at me. Tonya just looked confused and the guys just looked a little pissed off. The guys hurried to get out of the room with their clothes.

I asked Tonya what was going on. Tonya just laid naked, and after a while she said “I’m sorry, but I was just having fun”. I asked her to get dressed and she did and we left the party. I asked her one question only: why? She just said that she was drinking and having fun. And then a couple of guys began hitting on her and she got horny. Then the guys led her to the bedroom. I told her that I want to know everything what happened after that. Tonya looked at me as if to ask are you sure. I said yes.

She began telling this story, “well when we got upstairs I let one of the boys kiss me. Then he began to rub my chest and I got even hornier. The boys then just unzipped their pants and started to suck their dicks. When one of them was done he left the room while I was still with the other boy. Then another boy came in and took my clothes off. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to but he didn’t ask, he just took my clothes of and put me on the bed. Well he fucked me and other boys just kept coming in and fucking me too. I’m sorry. I really didn’t know how to end things. I hope you don’t hate me.”

I had no words really, I didn’t know what to say. If you were me, what would you do? I was extremely angry, but also very disappointed.