My Wife Dena’s First Affair

My wife Dena is a very sexy blonde – 5 feet tall, blue eyes. Recently we moved to a new neighborhood. After a neighborhood party she kept talking approximately our new neighbor & how she thought he was sexy. She would even joke approximately having sex with him & cheating on me. His name is Danny. Recently when clearing her throat I jokingly called her a cum guzzling queen – & she said, “You’ll have to ask Danny approximately that!” I had urged her to open up sexually & she finally was starting to be real playful.

The other night I received home & came in to kiss her satisfactory night. She was lying on the bed, her hair messy & she looked worn out, her new shoes on the bed. I asked her if she had a complex evening & she said I had no idea. She asked me to come & sit next to her & that she had something to tell me. I sat as she started to talk – her voice shaking.

“After you left tonight to go out I opened a bottle of wine & had a couple of glasses – I was feeling tipsy & started to run a bath. I received undressed & put on my silk pajamas. Just then, the doorbell rang – it was Danny. He was looking for you & I told him you weren’t home. He said he just wanted to check something out on your stereo wiring upstairs yet would stop by tomorrow. I told him to come on in – that I didn’t know anything approximately it yet he could look at whatever he wanted. He said playfully, “Anything? Hmmm…..” – It made me blush a little – I offered him a glass of wine – he took it & I poured another for myself & we headed upstairs to the media room to look at the stereo.

I couldn’t obtain the lights to come up all the way so it was kind of dark – he was trying to see the wiring as I leaned over him – as I crouched down holding a flashlight, he turned to me & just started kissing me & took my glass of wine & set it aside as he lay me back on the floor. We kissed for a few minutes with him on top of me until I pulled away. He started apologizing & saying he didn’t know what came over him yet admitted he had a bit of a crush on me. I told him I thought he was sexy yet that this was wrong since I was married. He said he should probably go. As I walked him down stairs, he turned to donate me a hug goodbye – as we hugged he suddenly grabbed me & we started kissing passionately again. He cupped my bottom & squeezed as we made out – tongue in tongue – he pinned me against the wall & we made out for a few more minutes. We stopped & he took my hand & led me to the bedroom & closed & locked the door. I told him that I didn’t think I could do this & he said he had to have me – I was so wet. He continued kissing me as he unbuttoned my pajama top & I willingly let him undo it & take it off me.

He kissed down my neck & began massaging & kissing my breasts – I ran my fingers through his hair as he did it & I received even wetter- I was afraid my wetness would show through as I was cleanly shaven & not wearing panties. As he kissed his way down my naval & kissed my belly button, he slowly pulled my pajama bottoms down as he looked up at me – it was so sexy & I knew I would let him do anything he wanted to me at that point. As he pulled my pajama bottoms to the floor, I stepped out of them knowing that I was going to let him fuck me. He pulled me close to his face & began licking me up & down, especially my clit & I was approximately to come. At that point, he stood up & gave me a deep kiss so that I could taste my own juices. He looked deep into my eyes & put his hands on my shoulders with a little pressure. As if in a trance, I knelt down, completely naked, feet behind me, on my knees. I unbuttoned his shorts & slowly unzipped them. I pulled his pants down & I began to rub him before completely pulling down his boxers revealing a huge dick. I pulled it out & immediately engulfed the head with my married mouth – it felt so satisfactory to have another man’s dick in my mouth- I wanted him to cum down my throat right then yet it received even harder & bigger.

I could barely obtain his dick in my mouth because it was so huge – I sucked him complex yet only approximately half of it would fit in my mouth. He held my head still while he pivoted his huge dick in & out, fucking my mouth. I gagged on it a couple of times before he pulled me to my feet & led me to the bed. I received a condom out of the nightstand & handed it to him – he tossed it on the bed as he laid me down & helped me put on my new high heels I had lying on the floor. He lifted me onto the bed & I spread my legs for him. I reached down & spread my wet pussy lips open as I awaited his dick He received on top of me & started rubbing the head of his bare dick up & down my wet opening & slowly started to ease the head of his huge dick into my pussy – I said, “Danny, stop – put the rubber on first! Please -” yet he ignored me & kept pushing his bare dick further into me – it was so huge it injure at first. He held my hands above my head & pinned me down as he worked his huge dick slowly in & out of my pussy – I was so wet yet he was so huge he literally had to stretch my pussy. I kept thinking that my husband will surely notice my stretched pussy the next time he fucks me yet I didn’t care anymore – I kept saying, “Danny, stop – I can’t do this, stop – I’m married – please don’t do this to me – you’re not even wearing a condom – I can’t fuck you – you’re stretching me…please don’t cum in me – please, at least put the rubber on before you fuck me!!!” – But he held my hands tight to the bed above my head & ignored my pleas as he worked his bare dick deeper & deeper into me. It started to feel really satisfactory & I really wanted to be fucked by Danny complex – I dug my heels into his back pulling him deeper inside me.

I whimpered yet shortly my pussy stretched to accommodate him & it felt incredible. I started telling him to fuck me – that I needed him. As he fucked me deeper & deeper I screamed “Fuck me Danny – You own me now – you own my pussy – fuck it – stretch it & fuck it” He continued fucking me until he received his entire dick in my pussy – I came twice before he even received his whole dick in me. He grabbed my ankles & put my feet in the air & spread my legs as he fucked me deeper & deeper. He slipped off my heels one at a time & licked my feet & my toes. I told him I loved his dick & told him he could fuck me anytime he wanted – that my pussy now belonged to him. He made me promise that he could come over every day & fuck me – I promised him I would fuck him any time & anywhere. He made me promise that I wouldn’t tell my husband yet I knew you’d find out the first time you fucked me because of his size. He made me promise that when he called to come over that I would greet him at the door without wearing panties & that I would suck his dick anytime he wanted & anywhere – even if you were home. He was fucking me complex & deep – I was being fucked by another man & I loved it. I screamed “ Fuck me Danny! Cum in me – you own me – cum deep in my pussy!” He couldn’t take it anymore & came a bunch in my pussy – his dick throbbed as he filled me full of cum – I was full of his come – it leaked out of my pussy & dripped onto the bed as he pulled out of me.

After we laid there for a few minutes & I caught my breath, he told me to obtain him complex again & I leaned down to suck his dick. It received complex quickly & he started saying things like “I own you now Dena – I own your pussy. If you don’t continue to have sex with me I’ll have to tell your husband & everyone else what happened.” That made me almost cum. Soon, he flipped me over on my tummy & worked his dick into me from behind – he grabbed my hips & started fucking me deeper & deeper – it felt so good! He reached around me & grabbed my tits as he fucked me – Cum was dripping out of me as he fucked me until he shot another huge load of cum in my pussy spurt after spurt – I just screamed as I came, “Fuck me Danny – fuck me baby – I belong to you!”. He lay on top of me until he went soft, cum dripping out of me & then he pulled out. He told me to clean him up so his wife wouldn’t catch him – I went down on him again & licked & sucked him clean. He gave me a kiss goodnight & said he would see me tomorrow. He left me laying naked on the bed, worn out, well-fucked & breathing heavy – cum dripping out of me – I was shaking from cumming so complex – my pussy stretched & throbbing.

As she began to apologize & started to cry I held a finger to her mouth to quiet her – I hugged her & as we embraced she looked up at me with a sorrowful, apologetic look. I couldn’t assist myself – I grabbed her by the back of the head & started kissing her deeply. I could taste his cum as I made out with my wife- she shoved her cum-covered tongue in my mouth & swirled it around. I reached down her pajama bottoms to feel a very wet, very well-fucked pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen & slick with cum. I pulled her bottoms off & smiled at her – as I kissed her, she put her hands on my shoulders & pushed my face down to her naval. I kissed & licked her tummy as she arched her back & pushed my face down to her sticky pussy. She told me she wanted me to eat her out & swallow all of his cum in her pussy. As if hypnotized I went down on her. I began licking her pussy up & down – it was completely full of cum. I began to feverishly eat her pussy & suck the cum out & she was bucking on the bed & finally yelled “fuck me”. As I received on top of her & entered her, my dick went easily in. Her pussy was slick with come & very stretched out. I kept thinking, “I’m getting sloppy seconds with my own wife!” As I lifted her feet in the air & kissed them as I fucked her, I came deep inside of her – adding my cum to Danny’s. As we laid there she told me that she would like to keep her promise to him to let him fuck her everyday & to suck his dick. She told me that she promised to fuck me more if I let her fuck Danny. She told me I could have her after him anytime she fucked him yet that she would insist that I clean her up after one of their “dates”. “Once you clean all of the cum out of me, I’ll let you fuck me next. I might me a little loose or stretched out yet I will be ready for you to fuck me.” Upon hearing this I received complex again & she pushed me down to clean out her pussy again – “After that I will let you fuck me.” We did 2 more times before falling asleep together.

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