A day to remember. And repeat.

Had an extremely tremendous liason on the weekend, a B-day present for my wife.
She turned 44, is still very hot, exercises all the time, & turns heads
wherever she goes. Although she doesn’t think so.

We have been together more than 25 years & have a tremendous life, tremendous family
and tremendous relationship. She had been with 1 man, or boy, before we received together,
but that has been it, at least until we started
getting into this lifestyle. Although, it is hardly a lifestyle, just a little
fun out on our own, & a playmate for her. Also, neither of us are into
humiliation or any other than pleasant together with a third.

3 years ago we did it for the first time, it was good, yet not really.
I did obtain to watch her obtain well fucked & suck a lot of dick, yet the bull
could not keep it up when putting on a condom & we were careful enough to
make sure he wasn’t going to fuck her without one.

The other side, he did not cum the whole night, yet did cum in her mouth
the following morning. Initially she told him he could not cum in her mouth,
but to cum on her tits. He had a lot of sex the previous 12 hours & like I
said had not cum yet, so he really had a satisfactory build up. He was standing on
the side of the bed fucking her mouth. He asked if he could cum in her mouth,
and that is when she told him “no, cum on my tits.” When he was ready, he sent
a couple ropes of cum onto her tits, then grabbed her head & forced his 8″
cock into her mouth. He completely filled her mouth & it dribbled out. She
got so turned on when he forced it into her mouth, that she came also. Then
after cleaning his cock off & swallowing all that she could, she took her
fingers & sccoped the cum off her breasts, looked him in the eyes, & began
to lick his cum off her fingers.

So all in all, it turned out alright, yet she really didn’t obtain a long hard
fuck from a biiger cock, so it left us both a little wanting.

Fast forward to last weeked. We received together with another bull in a nice hotel room.
We left the kids at home & went into the city to celebrate the wife’s B-day
for the weekend. She suspected, yet didn’t know for sure that I had set something
up with another guy. Finally when I assured her I did, & that she would be more
than pleased with my choice, she immediately received very nervous & told me she was
not sure she would go through with it. In fact, she maintained that right up until
the morning we were set to meet. Although she said she was not sure, her reactions
told a different story. We had tremendous sex the night before, fantasizing approximately what
might happen, & then on Saturday morning, her schedule was basically revolving
around getting ready for him.

She looked absolutely astonishing that morning. She wore a black boustier,
garter & stockings & then a very light wrap that did little to cover up.