Sweet Heidi.

So, here’s my story. I’m in my early thirties and built like a brick shit-house.
Heidi is a barmaid in my local pub, she’s just eighteen and she is fuckin beautiful!
She’s not tall, 5 foot four, slim, but with an awesome ass and beautiful blue
eyes, sweet blond hair and great small tits. We always have a nice chat but the
thing is every time I set eyes upon her, I just get this raging fucking hard on.
Trouble is, she has a boyfriend Tom, who is the same age as her. They are
clearly very much in love, at least, I thought they were so. Anyway, we became
‘facebook’ friends, and we had the odd chat on there about this and that.
One day, I just asked her to go out. I know how crap it is asking
someone out online – but I couldn’t ask her out in the busy pub in front of her

I thought she would just ignore my message, but she replied within minutes –
‘yeah, sure, I’d love to go for a drink with you, but not in our village,
Tom might get suspicious, by the way, I think you’re really hot!’

So I met up with her in a pub a few miles away from our village.
Still couldn’t believe she actually came to meet up with me.
Jesus she looked amazing – she was wearing a really thin white blouse,
which left her torso and belly-button exposed, and a short black silk skirt.
Her legs were perfect, and to top it off she had shin-length black leather boots.
When she smiled at me and said ‘hi’ I really felt my heart throbbing.