My true story

The size of a dick doesn’t really make sense, if you’re a bull or cuckold.
I am about 7-1/2 ” x 1 7/8 ” thick. And I’m really confident in myself.
A male, less confident, could have a 12 ” cock, and still be a cuck.

For some months I had been friends with a couple. And one day I had been asked over
for steaks on night. Delicious dinner, some wine, good calm music. And he
excuse himself, to lay down in a room off the living room, because he had a headache.
She excused herself, and returned in a little nighty. She wanted to make out,
and as we did, I was conserned about him waking, so she told me she would check.
“He’s asleep for the night”, she reasured me, then led me to the bedroom.

I laid on the bed, she unzipped my pants, and slowly licked my cock, from my
balls to the hard purple head. Then very slowly slipped my cock into her wet
warn mouth, slowly at first, then increasing, moaning slightly, almost
a whimper. I had my eyes open, in the dark room, but then closed them as
I held her head, and fucked her dirty mouth.

Then suddenly I felt really weight! I tried to get my body up, but my cock was
still in her mouth, her hand pushing my chest down. I strained to see a figure
behind her, holding her hips, fucking her from behind. No words spoken.
I relaxed, her mouth never stopping, one hand on my swollen balls, one
stroking my cock, her mouth never off my cock. With a wisper of a warning,
“I’m about to cum”. She buries my cock in her throat, as stream after stream
of my cumm, coats her mouth, and eagerly she swallows every drop. My cock limp,
she lets it slip from her mouth, and breaths deeply a few minutes, before
resting her head on my stomach, and saying “Thanks! That was great!”. Her
husband moves from behind her, and turns on a small lamp, before sitting on
the bed, and telling me that they had planned this for weeks!

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