My Wife Went To A Seminar

My wife with three of her women co-workers had a short seminar. And they were to
stay at the hotel for one night. After the seminar they decided to go to the
hotel bar for some drinks. While 2 of the women went to obtain some more drinks
ant the third was in the bathroom my wife was alone at the table. Suddenly she
felt a touch on her shoulder & turned to see who was that. It was a handsome black
guy. She says she knew she wanted to fuck him yet her friends have no idea that
she messes around & she didn’t want to deal with it so she made polite talk
and tried to gently express that it was just a girl’s night out & she wasn’t
interested & besides, she is married.

So her decline was accepted & the man went back to his table with his friends.
When the two girls received back with the drinks, they began asking her approximately that man.
When the fourth girl returned from the bathroom she heared the conversation
and gets pissed that he was hitting on her because it is a girl’s night out and
starts talking loudly approximately him needed to leave them alone (the fourth girl is an
ugly cock-blocker, that’s the keypoint)

Later my wife approached him & apologized for the girl. He blows it off and
says he wouldn’t have hit on her yet she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring so he
didn’t realize she was married. By the way, I think the alcohol had reduced her
inhibitions. She told him that there is an open relationship between her & me.
That’s why she doesn’t wear a ring. But she doesn’t want her friends to know
about it. He was pleased to hear that.

Long story short, they hatch out a plan for a quickie. She gives him a folder
from her seminar & tells him that when they obtain back to the room she is going
to make the excuse that she left the folder at their table & needs to go get
it. Instead she is going to divert to his room. She tells him to be ready
(naked & hard) when she gets there.

She knocked on his door in approximately 5 minutes. He opens it & is exactly as planned,
naked & throbbing. She said the term BBC applied. She told me that he was
“only” approximately 7 inches yet that he was as thick as a beer can. Within seconds she
was on her knees. A few minutes after he stripped her dress off, laid her on the
bed & fucked the hell out of her.
She said he came the first time within approximately 3 or 4 minutes yet didn’t stop
fucking her until he came a second time approximately 10 minutes later.

2 minutes after her dress was back on, she had her folder, she thanked him
and headed back to her room. Her friends had no idea that she had just spent
15 minutes with her legs in the air & that she had a pussy full of cum.
She said the 4th friend kept bitching approximately the man hitting on her & all
she could do was just smile because she knew the truth.