Her best friend’s husband

My name is Sam, I’m 25, 5 feet 9, 180 lbs., I have black hair and I’m in a rather
good shape. And girls find me really attractive. My wife’s name is Nicole,
she is 24, 5 foot 5, 125 lbs. long black hair, blue eyes, very pretty.
I met her in college. We both studied to be accountants, and we became accountants.
My wife and her best friend – Veronica, also met in college. They were also room mates.
I still remember Veronica wearing just panties and a t-shirt, when I went over to
pick up Nicole. That made me crazy, she’s so hot! Veronica is 5 foot 4,
brown hair, green eyes. She looks like the girl next door you want to fuck!

We became really good friends because Veronica and Nicole were always together.
We saw each other less since we graduated, but we still lived in the same city
and still hung out together a lot. When we got married, Veronica was the maid of
honor for Nicole, and then at Veronica’s wedding Nicole was her maid of honor.

Veronica married a policeman. She was always a bit more crazy than Nicole. Her
husband was a nice guy, tall, muscular, but a little bit cocky. I never felt
comfortable around him because he was a cop, despite we hang out together and I liked him.

So, one night when we had a party in Jake and Veronica’s house, Nicole and I
drunk really much, much more than usual. At about 11 we were still drinking,
while all the guests had already gone. At about midnight I thought that we
should to go home and told Nicole about it. But Jake insisted that we stay
the night. He said he wouldn’t feel right if we left and got hurt or arrested
for DWI leaving their home. We were really drunk too much and Nicole agreed.

Jake said “Great, but we’re almost out of beer. I’m going to the store to get
more before they quit selling.” Veronica said “o, good idea, get me some
sweet liquor.” Jake said “Ok, how about you Nicole, what do you want?” Nicole
said “I don’t know, I’ll go with you and just see what looks good.”

I was actually stunned for a second, Nicole told me after. I wanted to say,
No your not! But I didn’t really nerved. Nicole was wearing a real
beautiful dress and tank top, and before I knew it she was going to the store with
Jake. Big strong handsome Jake. Great.