I’ll take you and your bitch!

You’ll sit and watch like a pansy pervert while I fuck your bitch with her
wrists tied to her ankles, in a doggy, pull her hair and slap her ass. Then I’ll let
you lick up my cum from the crack of her ass – you’re just a fuckin queer.

The next your bitch is going to do is to slurp on my balls and asshole while I
sit. Now I’ll fuck her in a spoon position and make her do it so my body keeps still.
I don’t wanna hear you, fuckin cocksucker! You know where you gonna bury your face –
right in my ass crack!

Better do what I say or I’ll kick your pasty white ass. Don’t even think about
touching me with your sissy hands! You are to put your face in my ass and lap it up.
You sucker can’t lick your bitch’s pussy in front of me. So after I cum she will
scoop it out and feed it to you with her fingers. And the same about my cock –
no sissy faggot gets to suck it.

5 thoughts on “I’ll take you and your bitch!

  1. Yes Master, Please subdue me and take my wife as your fuck toy. I am a sissy cross dresser and want only to see my wife being fucked by a real man. Ash x

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