Now that she’s started, I wonder how far she’ll go..

I recently posted something in the personals section about helping to get my
wife into some erotic chat, I never saw things happening this fast…

For years, I had fantasized about my beautiful wife taking a lover.
Though we had talked about it in bed a few times, nothing more ever came of it.
A few weeks ago, the company we both work for installed Instant Messager on our
computers (she works in the office two days a week and two days at home).
A few days after we got IM, a coworker began sending her messages.
It started innocently enough, but the first day after that she worked at home,
his messages turned to asking if she was home alone. She got nervous and backed
out of the conversation. That night, I assured her that if she wanted to enjoy
some erotic chat, it would not only be ok with me, I’d be turned on at the idea
of having a hotwife at home.

A few weeks later, I could tell she and the coworker had been getting closer.
Despite her telling me that she didn’t find him that attractive, the number
of times his name came up in conversation told me otherwise.

Last night, she told me that if I took our daughter out to play for a few hours,
I could lick her all I wanted later. Before I could leave, she couldn’t keep
quiet any longer and sheepishly admitted her talk with J had turned dirty that
afternoon. While I was gone, they continued and I had to wait patiently until
that night to hear the details. She told me all she could remember little by
little as we took our time making love. Perhaps the biggest surprise (other
than the fact that she’d gone this far), was how assertive and evasive she was
while leading him on. When he teased her about being old (she is 36, he is 25),
she replied that with that age came a lot of experience. She hinted that she
affairs on me in the past but refused to give any details or let him know if she
was serious (she wasn’t, she hasn’t ever been with anyone but me). We talked that
night in the afterglow about whether I’d really be ok with her taking a lover as
she was seriously thinking about it.

I awoke this morning feeling aroused, a bit disbelieving that we had gone so far
so unexpectedly, and a bit scared wondering what the future held for us.
We cuddled tenderly for a while before she whispered if she had known how much
it turned me on, she would have cheated on me a long time ago. The weight of
that sat on me heavily as she had always professed her faithfulness to me.
As long as I had dreamed of her cuckolding me, I knew the most powerful part
would not be any of the hundred things I fantasized about, but the things I had
not predicted and had no control over. Every update she has given me sends
a rush of adrenaline and excitement not knowing what she will say next. I still
don’t know where this will lead, but it will be fun finding out.

Update: I wrote the above part yesterday morning but didn’t have time to post it.
A few updates since then… she came in the office today even though she could
have worked from home. She showed me his messages teasing her that she came in
just to see him. I am trying very hard not to ask her a million times, “what is
going on now”, but their conversations take place throughout the day and with the
speed things began, I am wondering what progression is taking place. We talked
over lunch and I told her I wouldn’t pest for details as long as she kept me up to
date. She also promised to cut and paste any juicy messages to me. I reiterated
to her that I was more than ok with what she’s done so far. I just asked that if
it were to turn physical to allow me to know in advance and be able to enjoy the
anticipation with them, at least the first time, I joked. At lunch, she also told
me that she couldn’t get to sleep last night so she went to the living room and
texted him for a while. Tonight, she told me she upgraded her cell texting plan
this afternoon so she’d have more free texts to send to her niece, mom……
(grinning), him.

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  1. This was an enjoyable story and I’m sure will end with her having lots to tell her cuckold.

  2. Auntie Ann – I knew you two were a good looking culpoe these pictures captured a stunning bride and a very handsome groom and most of all a beautiful day you shared together and with your families. Congrats to the photographer. These pictures are awesome I am looking forward to seeing all of them. Love to you both!The Rubin’sOctober 23, 2008 5:21 pm

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