Excerpts from the Life of a Superior Black Man.

Intense public humiliation, brutal physical punishments, total financial dependence and of course, strict sexual chastity for women and castration for white bois, these are the tools of the BlackDom. Wielding these tools deftly, the Dom can turn any white girl or boi into a submissive, obedient cock slave to the Black Man’s every will. —Black Daddy Derrick

The following is reprinted from Issue #14 Vol. 7 of Black ‘n White Magazine (Fragment missing)

While Black Daddy Derrick’s many white slaves have nothing but a life of humiliating Black service and sexual degradation to look forward to—often involving prostitution, cuckoldry, domestic service and of course a brutally repressive system of financial and sexual reparations—Black Daddy Derrick leads quite an enviable sex life, often laying up to 10 different girls in a single month.

Some of the girls to have come forward and admit having a sexual relationship with Derrick include numerous college freshmen from around the country, several dozen fashion models and a handful of the world’s most beautiful actresses. Names linked with Derrick’s include Amanda Bynes, Scarlett Johansen, Hillary Duff, Kristen Dunst, Angelina Jolie and Ellen Page.

Although most Hollywood actresses have remained relatively tight lipped about the details of their affairs with Derrick, Scarlett Johansson and Derrick have both commented openly on their sexual relationship, all this despite the fact that Ms. Johansen is currently married. Despite the rumors of midnight seduction of the young impressionable newlywed, the couple has insisted that it was in fact Ms. Johansson who originally sought what she calls “A sexual-business relationship.”

When pressed for details about her relationship with the large intimidating Black man, Ms. Johansesen has said “I can’t go into too many details but I will say that I was very satisfied by our business relationship (Smirk)” Interviewer: “You say it’s a ‘business relationship’ but you have insinuated elsewhere that your relationship with Black Daddy Derrick is closer to that of a paid sexual transaction, can you comment on the rumors that you paid Derrick a not insubstantial amount of money for certain sexual favors?” “What favors” “Well, especially, Scarlett that you paid Derrick to accompany you on your honeymoon and that while in the Caymen islands you and Derrick engaged in lewd and sexual behavior on the beach including oral sex and…I don’t know how else to put this other than to say that—at least according to one witness—Derrick relieved his bladder on your face and in your mouth while you lay sun tanning in a bikini.” “(Laugh) Yeah well, I can assure you, I don’t know anything about that, but I am also not going to deny that Derrick and I have been seeing each other sexually for some time and it would be useless at this point to deny that Derrick has benefited financially from that relationship.” Interviewer: “Are you saying you paid Black Daddy Derrick in exchange for sex?” Scarlett: “Let’s just say I paid for services rendered (Wink).”

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