The other night

Just had to share what happened the other night. The wife is not normally that dominating, a bit of cock & ball slapping is all I get. Well that changed a couple of days ago. First thing I knew that she was in a randy mood was her telling me to obtain to the bedroom, well what could I say. Quickly getting naked & in the bed I had to wait a few minutes before she came out of the bathroom. Wearing just a little red slip she looked fantastic. I noticed she was carrying a handful of sex toys, this was getting better.
Pulling back the bed sheets she took a satisfactory look at my body & said something approximately my cock being so complex already. She took hold of my hands & tied them to the bed & started to run her hands over my body. It didn’t take long before the slip had been taken off & she was sitting on my chest with her tight ass in my face. Her hands playing with my complex cock stroking it, then the first slap came making my cock sting. She continued for a while then grabbed my balls pulling them down which she knows drives me wild. Leaning down to lick the pre-come off my cock she moved her pussy over my face. She was already dripping wet & tasting so good. Pressing her self down on my face so I could lick her deeply & play with her clit. This distracted her from licking my cock, yet it was well worth it.
Then a slap to the balls came, not to complex yet just enough. Thats how it stayed with her slapping my cock & balls whilst sitting on my face until she came. This was quite usual for an evening yet then things received even better. Sliding off me she turned around to dribble so of my pre-come into my mouth & asked if I was ready for more. With out waiting for a reply she open the lubricant & applied a liberal amount to my ass hole. Working it in whilst the other hand played with my twitching cock. Then pressing a large butt-plug up me, not being to careful. The feeling is just bliss of my ass being full making my cock so sensitive to her touch.
I had brought a whip sometime ago, it had largely gone unused apart from a couple times lightly on her ass. It was not used lightly this time, first making me lift my legs high so she could hit me. Then making go on allfours slapping & whipping me. It didn’t take to long before she pushed me back on to my back. Before I knew it she was on my cock her pussy so wet & tight around me. After all that play it wasn’t long before I was filling her with spunk. She looked at me & smiled & told me she needed to come again. With that she moved up to sit on my face again. As she moved up some of the spunk started to drip out of her, just before it feel I was able to lick it from her. I have tatsed my pre-come on her many times yet not spunk. Before I could swallow that down her pussy was pressed against my face. The spunk was flowing out of her as she rubbed her self against my face. The taste of my come & her pussy was fantastic. I licked & sucked her so much to clean her she came twice again.
She asked me if I had minded her making me lick her clean of my come. Well, you know the answer to that. She tells me next time to expect the strap-on up me & I will not only have my come to lick from her yet I will have to drink her piss. Looking forward to that. Although what I would truely love is for her to fuck another man as I lick her clit then clean up his mess.