Korean woman who had been separated from her husband (by Hotnhung)

Several years ago in Venice Beach I met a 45 year old Korean woman who had been separated from her husband for a few years,and she was just adorable-I was playing the guitar

with some other musicians,and she stood there for the longest time listening with a beautiful smile on her face-The next afternoon ,there she was again,so i approached her,and she told me how much she had been enjoying our music-She seemed very excited and kept chuckling-Then she asked me if i liked Chinese food-“Yeah,everyone loves Chinese food-

me too”” –” Well then ,come with me, I take you to out to eat”-and we spent a couple of hours chatting at the table -I learned that she had been a traditional Korean housewife from Seoul ,had been here for a number of years and lived in Little Korea.Her husband of 15 years had left her for a younger woman.and she was a single mother ,raising her older

teenage child.I began to spend time with Choe,finding her to be delightful.I also realized that her husband was a self -centered jerk,who didn’t realize what a little jewel she was-

One night we got caught in the rain ,a heavy downpour near my place ,so I invited her to spend the night I promised not to molest her,and said that she could sleep on my couch-

A while later there she was by my bedside,in bra and panties saying that the couch wasn’t comfortable-soon we were cuddling,and she was smooth as butter-i began to melt with desire,nibbling and licking her neck.She began to moan quietly and undulate her hips-at this point her sexual experience was primarily provided by her small penised,non

oral and quick to come husband-I knew i was going to take her to Heaven-She looked like a buffet to me-I was blessed with a nice thick 7″ cock that stays erect for a very long

time .Soon we were wrapped in the throes of lust and desire-I threw her down on her back and tugged her panties off ,And began to kiss and lick my way up her 5′ body-

She had virtually no body hair and when I got to her chubby little peach I saw that it too,was devoid of hair-Her inner lips were small and coral pink,And I pushed her legs apart

and began to feed on her-She was delicious,her sweet cunt nectar thick and fruity ,with a hot ,musky,fuck me flavor-I ravished her to her unending delight ,causing her to have several

powerful orgasms,flooding my sucking mouth with her mouth watering pussy juice.At one point I rolled her onto her belly and pushed her legs apart ,and looked down at her

scrumptious little bottom,and it was a long time before I removed my face from her sweet ass,and all during my lustful licking,lapping sucking and tongue fucking

her body was writhing around in ecstasy . moaning her pleasure Then I fucked her soft and sweet, then pounded her hard and fast,then cowgirl,missionary and doggy style,sometimes talking piggy to her-

I’ve never been with some one who stayed in such a continual state of excitement.At one point i told her to come sit on my face,and she didn’t seem to comprehend-“Come up

here Baby and put your legs over my face,so I can lick and suck you all over while you’re all opened up-“You a very naughty man”,she said ,Then straddled my face for more

slobber-sucking ,chewing and licking,and more soft moans-“Fuck my Face ,Baby,slide your fat little cunt back and forth,pushing down while I eat you-She caught on right away,

and both of us were insatiable -Finally,my balls loaded and starting to ache,I decided to squirt in her while she bounced up and down on my thick cock-I cupped her fat little buns and

started to drive my prick into her ,hard and fast and deep ,leaning forward to slurp on her jiggling,bouncing titties-I felt the tide rising and began to spasm and then felt the total release

as I began to pulse thick streams of jizz into her her little,sucking peach-She lay astride me for along time ,our genitals soaking in our mutual spendings-Then,I really opened

her mind-“Here,Baby,come sit on my face again so I can clean you up”–“Oh no,I all messy down dere”–“That’s my favorite dish ,Little Girl,It’s called Creampie,and many men are

addicted to it “”Really,You very naughty man””Be a good girl for Daddy-Feed me,there ,that’s just right”as my thick cum began to drool into my nursing mouth,filling me

with lust’-Baby girl was pumping away,sliding back and forth in the juicy mess,Finally we collapsed in each others arms,sated and exhausted,and in love-She told me,grinning-

the next morning,”You make me feel like virgin”-That was 4 years ago,and since then we’ve had a number of lusty an lascivious adventures-

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  1. Super hot little blog. I found another great new blog. It is a young woman documenting her adultery and her eventual evolution into a mistress/femdom. Looks like it is going to be very compelling!


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