Pathetic Cuckold (part 1)

For me the the life of cuckold started 5 years ago. At the time we had been married for just over 2 years. From the time we first met my wife was the take charge type. She would decide where we would go, what we would be doing, who we would visit with, exactly what I would wear, and so on. I never really minded her making the decisions however at times in public some of her comments were viewed by others as belittling.

One day while getting ready to do some laundry, I happened to notice that the panties, my wife Lynn, had left in the basket were cum stained. I knew we had not had sex in a number of days. Over the course of the next week I made a point of checking the laundry each day when she was not around. All but one day produced stained panties. I decided that I was going to confront her and find out what was going on. That turned out to be the turning point in our life.
That night when I arrived home I collected up some of the stained panties, placed them on the table and waited for Lynn to come home. Lynn came strolling into the house around 6 PM. As soon as she walked in I asked her “what is going on, I noticed your panties are cum stained and we have not been having sex, are you cheating on me?” Lynn looked over at the panties on the table and smiled. She looked over at me and said “well I think you already know the answer but if you need to hear from the answer is Yes I am and I’m going to tell you right now I have no intention of stopping.” I’m sick and tired of bad sex, and you are way to small to satisfy me or any other woman for that matter, she added. Lynn grabbed her purse and looked at me and said, as long as you know you may as well decide what it is you want. You can either accept that this is the way it is going to be or we’ll get a Divorce. To show you I’m serious, I’m leaving for the night, and yes I’ll be with my Boy Friend for the night. You and your pathetic little dick can stay here and think about what it is you want. She grabbed her cell phone a moment later she said, hey it’s me, on I’m on my way over and I want to spend the night with you, I just had a fight with noddle dick and don’t want to deal with his crap tonight. She looked back at me said, see you tomorrow, you have some thinking to do and walked out the door.
I stood there speechless as she walked out the door. Once again my wife had turned things around and made me out the bad guy. She had totally humiliated me. The tears were building up in my eyes as I heard her car pull away. As I walked to the living room her words, pathetic little dick and noddle dick kept ringing in my mind. While I had heard those words several times before from other women, Lynn had never said that to me.
Sitting in the living room I tried to collect myself and get my emotions under control. After a while I picked up the phone and called her. When she answered I asked, perhaps even begged her to please come home so we could talk about this. She would have no part of it and started right in on me all over. Look, I gave you your options, now figure out what it is that you want, she said. She added, I tried to be faithful to you but honestly, I can’t deal with not being sexually satisfied and I’m sick and tired of having to use a sex toy to get myself off. Don’t be calling me and whining all night because I’m not going to answer your calls, figure out what you want and we’ll talk tomorrow evening, and then she hung up.
All night long I thought about what had just happened and what my wife had said about me. My mind went back to some of my past experiences with other women, the ones that laughed at me when they saw me naked. I remembered this one girl Patty who, when she saw me undressing laughed and said my little brother is bigger then you. She then put her clothes back on and left. Three times I tried calling my wife to beg her to come home, true to her word she never answered her phone. All night long I tossed and turned.
The next morning I called in sick to work, there was no way I would be able to work in my frame of mind. After some coffee I took a shower, as I dried myself off I looked in the mirror. There was nothing that I was going to do to change things, my penis was small, there were no pills or anything else that was going to change that. In the bedroom I looked over at the bed and tried to picture my wife laying there naked however, my mind quickly remembered where she really was and what she was most likely doing. I spent the day puttering around the house, doing laundry, doing my dinner dishes from the night before and some minor house cleaning.
Lynn arrived home early the next evening. As soon as she walked in she dropped her purse and keys on the counter. She looked at me and asked, well what’s it going to be, what have you decided? My first attempt was to ask her not to do this, my wife would not hear any of it. She snapped back saying, I can can leave again if you want, if not you need to tell me right now what it is going to be, are you willing to accept that this is the way it’s going to be or do we get a divorce. She stood there clearly knowing she was in charge and held all the cards. I stood there looking at her for a few moments as tears built up in my eyes. Well she barked, are we just going to stand here or are you going to answer me. I could not believe how low I felt at that moment, my head dropped down and I softly said, fine I accept it. Her response to me was, what was that, speak up, don’t mumble, say it again so I can hear you. I felt so humiliated as I repeated in a somewhat louder voice, fine I accept it. As I said it, it felt as if some of my manhood was draining away. I was telling my wife I was willing to accept her fucking other guys.
Lynn smiled and laughed a little as she walked up to me hugged me, kissed me on my cheek and said I knew you would and now you are my little cuck husband. Smiling she took me by the hand and said, Okay cuck, lets go, follow me, we have things to do, first stop is the bathroom.
As we walked to the bathroom Lynn said to me, after I got fucked for the third time last night I was thinking about you and this moment, for some reason I knew you would give in and realize that your better off as a pathetic little wimp dick cuck then getting divorced. I wanted to say something to defend myself but could not find the words, she was right I was a wimp who was willing to accept this rather then getting a divorce.
As soon as we were in the bathroom she ordered me to strip. I didn’t even question her, I just did as she said and began to undress, not knowing or caring what she had in store for me. As I was undressed she began telling me about her lover Boy Friend, how much of a Real Man he was, how nice his cock was and how good he was in bed. As I removed my underwear she took them from me and tossed them in the trash. You don’t need these, cucks do not wear boxers.
Once I was naked Lynn told me to face the wall and spread my arms and legs. She took out the hair clippers and told me, stay still so I don’t cut you, cucks don’t have body hair, that’s saved for real men. Once she was done with the back side she had me turn around and started with the front of me.
When she got to my pubic area she began to laugh. She took my cock in her hand and said, wait till you see his, then you will get to see what a Real Mans Cock looks like, it is so much bigger and thicker then this pathetic little thing of yours. I felt so ashamed I didn’t say a word as she removed my pubic hair and the remaining hair on my body. Once she was done with the clipper she told me to get in the shower and rinse myself off. Once that was done she had me stand there as she used shaving cream and a razor to remove the stubble that remained from the clippers. She told me from now on I would be expected to keep myself smooth by shaving myself as often as needed. Once that was done she had me rinse off again.
When I stepped out of the shower she handed me a pink bath towel and said, here you go, use this pink one, it will get you in a good sissy cuck mood. When I heard the word sissy I look up at her and in a pleading voice ask what was that, why did you call me a sissy. Lynn smiled and laughed and told me that is exactly what I want for you honey, I want you to be my nice little sissifed cuck.
She went on to say that this is all part of what you are accepting, if you can’t or will not accept it there is always the divorce option. As if things weren’t bad enough, now I was going to have to accept this, I thought to myself. Again I felt that felling of manhood being drained from my body, my now totally shaven body.
When I was finished drying off, Lynn handed me a bottle of her scented body oil. Put this on for now, I’ll get you your own scent in the next day or so. Once your done, meet me in the bedroom. As I took the bottle from her she asked, did you hear what I said? I responded by simply saying yes. Lynn said, from now on I want you to respond with either Yes Mistress or Yes Dear, are we clear? Yes Dear was all I said.
As I spread the oil over myself, I felt humiliated and degraded, knowing I was not man enough to put a stop to this. She was right, I was a wimp. It felt so strange putting the oil on my hairless body. As I was finishing up, I wondered to myself what other things she had in store for me.
As I walked into the bedroom she took a picture of my naked and hairless body. She said we would have it to look back on some day. Lynn tossed me a pair of pink lace panties. Put these on for now, they are a pretty sissy pink a nice color for my new sissy cuck. With my head down in shame, I reached for the panties saying nothing more then Yes Dear and then put them on.
As I slipped on my panties, Lynn took another picture. Laughing she said, oh don’t you look so cute in your sissy panties, your going to make a really good wimppy sissy cuck. By the way she added, tuck that pathetic little thing of yours between your legs. As I did it I answered her Yes Dear. I didn’t say another word, I stood there listening to her, my head down in shame, as she informed me that from now on I was never again allowed to wear any male underwear inside the house. She took every pair of my boxers out of my dresser, cut them up, and tossed them in the trash.
When she was done Lynn said, come over here sissy I want you to see something. As I walked over she began to undress herself, she told me she wanted me to get a good close look at what her and her Boyfriend had done. As she removed her bra, she told me to kneel down in front of her. As she slid her panties off she showed me how she had trimmed her pussy hair down close. She told me that he had her sit on the sofa with her legs spread out as wide as possible. He took pictures of her nude and then tossed her a trimmer and told her to cut the shit down short for him.
With her panties off, Lynn place a leg on my shoulder and said, look at my pussy. Look how swollen my pussy is from all that fucking, that’s what a Real Man can do to a woman when he knows how to fuck. She was right it was puffy and swollen. Lynn pulled my head to her pussy, kiss it my sissy, kiss my boyfriends fuckhole pussy and make it feel better for your Mistress. As I kissed it I could still smell the odor of their sex. Can you smell him down there my little sissy cuck, can you smell the scent of my boyfriends cock in and on your wifes pussy? I felt so humiliated as i answered Yes Dear I can smell it. Good she replied, now make sure you kiss His Fuck Hole all over. Make sure you understand, it is His Fuck Hole now, not yours. She pulled me in closer and told me, lick it sissy, lick your wifes well used Fuck Hole. She ground her pussy into my face as I licked her. That’s it my little sissy lick me good, I’m a whore for him.
As I licked her, I wondered to myself, how many other men would do this? Clearly she was enjoying degrading me like this and i was doing nothing to put a stop to it. She made me lick her for about 10 minutes, then she pushed her panties into my mouth and said keep them there until I tell you that you can take them out.
Lynn laided back on the bed and grabbed the phone. She proceeded to call her boyfriend and tell him all about what had happened from the time she got home. It was clear they were both getting a godd laugh out of it. I heard Lynn say oh yes Sir my legs are spread wide open like a whore as I am talking with you. They spent time talking about the night and day of fucking. Lynn tood him how much she enjoyed it when he fucked her in her ass and how her pussy was already missing his big fat cock. She looked at me and said, that’s right my little sissy cuck, I let HIM Fuck me In the Ass, something I never let you do. Then to my shock, Lynn said to him, listen sweety, why don’t you come over tomorrow evening, you can spend the night here with me. They chatted for a short while longer, it was clear that he was giving her some type of instructions.
Once she was off the phone, she came over and took the panties out of my mouth. Looking at me she said, I was going to wait a bit before inviting him over but I think we are on a roll here with your sissy cuck training and I don’t want it to stop. She then said, feel lucky, I could have asked him to come over tonight.
Lynn went to her closet and came back with a pink satin robe. She told me to put it on and then go get her a glass of wine and meet her in the living room. She told me to put it on and then go get her a glass of wine and meet her in the living room. Lynn sat naked on the sofa, her legs spread wide open, I was made to kneel in front of her. Lynn told me it was time to go over some rules. She said from now on all household chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry were now my responsibility. I was told that there would be times that I would be made to bath her and help her prepare for her dates. When she brought a date over to the house, just as she was they were my Superior. If the date was coming over to see her, it was my job to answer the door and bring them over to wherever she might be waiting.
When we were done talking she said it was time for bed. As we walked to the bedroom Lynn told me she would be waking me early so I could get the house completely cleaned before her boyfriend arrived. She told me that I would be made to bath her and shave her remaing pussy hair off because he told her that that is how her wanted her to keep it for him. I was handed a pink satin nightie and told to put it on. Lynn said, from now on it’s nighties for me.
When we climbed in bed, Lynn hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. She wispered in my ear, I know you have a lot on your mind my little sissy cuck. Tommorrow is going to be a big day and night for you. Your going to get to meet my boyfriend and be there when he fucks me but good. You’ll get to see a Real Mans cock in action. By the way she added, you will have to make up the spare bedroom because he will be sleeping in here with me tomorrow night. With that she rollled over and went to sleep.

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  2. If my woman did this id knock her teeth down her throat seriously raise your hand and smack that bitch around she def needs a beat down

  3. I dont understand the negative comments, not only the humiliation of being a cuckold but truly humilated by being made into a sissy wimp. She needs him for financial and domestic reasons, so banked on him agreeing to her demands. I’d love it. So does he, really.

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